Recover Deleted Data From Oppo F9 and Oppo F9 Pro

Learn Effective Solutions To Recover Deleted Contacts, Photos, Videos, SMS, WhatsApp Chat History & More From Oppo F9/F9 Pro!

Overview: If you have accidentally deleted or lost data on your Oppo F9 or Oppo F9 Pro that you wish to recover, then just relax. Read this tutorial and follow the solutions to recover deleted or lost data from Oppo F9/F9 Pro.

Expert Tip: One of the best solutions to recover deleted data from Oppo F9/F9 Pro is to use Android Data Recovery which is reliable Oppo F9/F9 Pro Data Recovery software.

With Android Data Recovery Tool, you can:

  • Efficiently retrieve erased, lost, missing, disappeared, deleted files from Oppo F9/F9 Pro.
  • Recover files such as photos, videos, audio, contacts, call history, text messages, WhatsApp chat conversations, voice memos, notes, documents and much more.
  • Retrieve data that accidentally get deleted or lost due to factory reset, forgotten screen lock password, water damaged, screen crashed/damaged, SD card format, ROM flashing, OS update, virus attack and so on.
  • Preview recoverable files within the preview screen of the software before you proceed further to save them on your computer.
  • Support all models of Oppo mobile phones, including Oppo F9/F9 Pro, A37, A37F, F1S, R9S, R17, R17 Neo, R17 Pro, F9 Starry Purple, Oppo Find X, A7, A5, A3, etc.
  • 100% secure and easy to operate.

Free Download Trial Version/Buy Now Oppo F9/F9 Pro Data Recovery Tool


Oppo Electronics Corp. is brand company that is popular for making and marketing smartphones known as Oppo Smartphones.

The company has already sold many smartphones and now it has recently launched another two wonderful smartphones named as Oppo F9 and Oppo F9 Pro.

Both phones have this tagline – “5-minute charge 2-hour talk. Industry leading VOOC technology, supported by over 500 patents, uses low voltage and high current charging solution. This makes it possible to charge F9/F9 Pro for 5 minutes and receive 2 hours of talk time”.

Beside that phone comes with 25MP front camera with Sensor HDR, Powerful performance, long lasting battery and much more.

But just like other Android smartphones, loss or deletion of data also occur in Oppo F9 and F9 Pro smartphone. For example, just imagine a below-mentioned practical scenario.

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Practical Scenario: A User Accidentally Lost All Photos On Oppo F9

Deleted all photos from gallery by mistake how could I recover it. I use Oppo F9

My friend bought a new Oppo F9 smartphone. He has clicked so many photos from his Oppo F9 phone. But last night her girlfriend has accidentally deleted all photos from his Oppo F9. What worse, he do not have any backup? How to get back all those deleted photos from Oppo F9?

Just like above example there are many Oppo F9 or F9 Pro users out there who experience data loss problem. There could be various reasons for the loss or deletion of data from Oppo F9 or F9 Pro.

So, let us first learn common reasons for the loss or deletion of data that occurs on Oppo F9/F9 Pro.

Reasons: How Data Get Lost or Deleted On Oppo F9/F9 Pro?

  • Deletion By Mistake: This is one of the most major causes. People sometimes mistakenly delete important files while deleting unwanted files.
  • Restoring Phone To Factory Reset: Sometimes users have to factory reset their phone dues to some reasons, and if they restore their Oppo phone to factory reset without backup then all data will get erased stored within the phone.
  • Forgotten Screen Lock Password: In some rare cases, users also forget their Oppo F9/F9 Pro screen lock password, PIN or pattern lock and thereby they can’t access their phone and data saved within it.
  • Virus Attack: When virus infects your device, then it can easily corrupt all files stored within the device making them inaccessible and finally you lose them.
  • Other Causes: Other several causes for the deletion of files from Oppo F9 or F9 Pro device could be water damage, ROM flashing, rooting, OS upgrade, broken phone, screen smashed/damaged, black screen error, system crash, stuck at Oppo logo, etc.

In any of the above-mentioned cases, you may face deletion or loss of data on your Oppo F9 or F9 Pro phone.

So, now the question is – how do you recover delete data from Oppo F9/F9 Pro?

Just Relax!

You still have the chance to get back lost data from Oppo F9 or F9 Pro mobile phone. The solutions are mentioned below.

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Solution 1: Restore Deleted Oppo F9/F9 Pro Data From Local Backup

Note: This solution will only work, if you have previously taken a local backup of your Oppo F9/F9 Pro data.

Here follow the steps to restore lost data from Oppo using local backup:

Step 1: On your Oppo phone go to Settings> Additional Settings> Backup and reset> Local backup. Alternatively, you can go to Tools> Backup and Restore. Here you can see the backed-up data.

Step 2: Look at the date and size of the each backup file and select the most relevant backup files that you want to restore on your Oppo. Finally start the restore process.

Recover Data From Oppo F9 or F9 Pro Using Local Backup

Step 3: Now wait and allow your device to complete the restoration process. Once the restoration process gets complete you will have all the deleted data back on your Oppo F9 or F9 Pro.

Note: During the restoration process do not switch off your device. This process will help you to restore Applications, your personal data like photos, videos, messages, etc, system data like settings, notification settings, clocks, etc.

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Solution 2: Retrieve Lost Files From Oppo F9/F9 Pro Using Cloud Service

Before data deletion if you have synced your Oppo F9/F9 Pro phone with Google Drive, then you can easily restore the backed-up data from the Google Drive Cloud backup.

Here follow the steps to recover data from Google drive cloud backup:

Step 1: Open Google Drive app on your Oppo phone. If you do not have the app then install Google Drive from Play Store on your phone.

Step 2: Sign-in to your Google account with your Gmail id and password.

Step 3: Once you signed-in successfully, you can see the backed up files.

Step 4: Now select the files that you want to restore and download them on your Oppo F9/F9 Pro phone.

Restore Photos From Google Drive Backup

Now the question arises – What if you do not have backup of your Oppo F9/F9 Pro? How to recover deleted or lost data from Oppo F9/F9 Pro without backup?

Well, continue reading the article to find out the Oppo F9 data recovery solution without backup!

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Solution 3: Recover Deleted or Lost Data From Oppo F9/F9 Pro Without Backup

In case, if you have not backed-up your Oppo F9/F9 Pro phone data, then it is highly recommended that you must try world’s most popular and widely used Android Data Recovery which is perfect Oppo F9 or Oppo F9 Pro Data Recovery software. This software will help you to directly recover deleted, disappeared, missing, erased or lost files such as photos, videos, contacts, text SMS, call history, WhatsApp messages, audio, documents, notes, calendar, voice memo, voice recordings and much more from Oppo F9/F9 Pro smartphone without backup.

The best part about this Oppo F9 Data Recovery tool is that is available for both Windows and Mac computer. This software also retrieve inaccessible data from factory reset, screen smashed, locked, water damaged, virus attacked, ROM flashed, rooted and broken Oppo F9 and F9 Pro smartphone. This Oppo F9 Pro Data Recovery tool comes with preview feature that allow you to preview the recoverable files within the preview screen of the software so that you can easily check each files before final recovery.


Note: Stop using your Oppo F9/F9 Pro phone after deletion or loss of data on it, because if you add any new data on it, then existing data will get overwritten and you may lose the chances for successful recovery of files.

Below follow the tutorial guide on how to recover lost data from Oppo F9/F9 Pro without backup using Android Data Recovery software.

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Steps To Directly Retrieve Lost or Deleted Data From Oppo F9/F9 Pro Phone

Step 1 – Connect Your Android Phone

Download, install and launch Android Data Recovery on your computer and then select “Recover” option.

Android Toolkit

Now connect your Android device to your PC with the help of USB cable. Make sure USB debugging is enabled on your Android phone.

If your phone is running on Android OS 4.2.2 or higher version, then you will get pop up message on your phone, simply tap OK to allow USB debugging.

Once your device gets connected, you will see the screen as shown below.

Step 2 – Select File Types For Scanning

Once, your phone gets connected, Android Data Recovery will display the file types that its support to recover. By default, the software has check marked all the file types. Here you can select the file types that you want to recover and then click on “Next” to proceed further with recovery process.

After this, the software will provide two options (only for non-rooted device): Scan for deleted files and Scan for all files. Scan for all files will take longer time, but it will scan your device thoroughly. Now click on “Next” to continue with the data recovery process.

The software will analyze your device first.

Android Data Recovery software will now scan your device to recover lost/deleted data. This process may take few minutes of time. Just wait for scanning process to get complete.

Step 4 – Preview and Recover Deleted Data From Android Devices

Once, the scanning process gets complete. You can now preview the recoverable files one by one. Select the files that you want back and then click on “Recover” button to save them on your computer.

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Bonus Tip: Backup & Restore Oppo F9/F9 Pro Smartphone

In order to prevent data deletion or to deal with data loss situation, you must backup Oppo F9/F9 Pro phone data to PC with the help of Android Data Backup & Restore software.

This is a suitable Oppo F9 or F9 Pro Backup and Restore software that will allow you to backup all types of data such as pictures, videos, contacts, SMS, contacts, call history, documents, audio, app and apps data.

Here find out step-by-step on how to back up and restore Oppo F9/F9 Pro data.

Alternatively, you can also backup your phone data to local backup your or other cloud services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive and so on.

Wrap Up

In this tutorial guide we have explained some effective solutions that will help you to recover deleted data from Oppo F9 and F9 Pro phone. However, in absence of backup, it is highly recommended that you must try Android Data Recovery software.

Beside that we have also mentioned the bonus tip that tells you to backup your Oppo F9/F9 Pro data to PC by using Android Data & Backup Restore software, so that you can easily restore data from the backup when you encounter any kind of unexpected data loss.

If you have found this article helpful, then please share it as it might help other users.

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