Use Phone Camera To Detect A Product Is Chinese Or Non-Chinese

How To Check A Product Is Chinese Or Non-Chinese By Your Phone’s Camera

Use Phone Camera To Detect A Product Is Chinese Or Non-Chinese

The recent events in Indo-China border have started a wave of tension all across the country. The abysmal hit to the country’s arm force shook Indians to the core giving rise to trending slogans such as #BoycottChina, #BoycottChineseProducts, #BharatUnitedAgainstChina, etc. While these hashtags are making rounds around the social media platform, people are abandoning the use of Chinese products.

In this purview, multiple Chinese products have seen a decline in demand.

In case you are wondering how much of the world’s products are made in China, the country accounts for 28% of global manufacturing products.

People are removing Chinese applications from their smartphone in support of this wave. But how do you know if a product is made in China?

Here, we have a solution for you to detect the same. Using this application and a simple trick, you will be able to detect which products are Chinese and which are non-Chinese.

How Can You Tell The Difference Between Chinese And Indian Products?

how to identify chinese products

You can install an application called “Made in India” that allows you to get answers to queries like how to identify Chinese products. The application was released on June 12 and was published by The91apps on Google’s play store. With over 1,000 installations and a user rating of 4.6 stars out of 5, this ‘Made in India’ application claims to detect Chinese products by scanning the China barcode country code.

You can use your phone’s camera to detect the same. Further, look at the steps mentioned below and learn to find Chinese products using this easy to use application.

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How To Tell What Products Are Made In China?

  • Firstly, go to Google Play store and search for an application named “Made in India“.

How can you tell the difference between Chinese and Indian products

  • Open the application and grant permission to access the mobile phone’s camera.
  • Locate the ‘Scan now‘ option and tap on it, followed by adjusting the phone’s camera so that it scans the product barcode.
  • You can also choose to input the code number manually in the ‘Search‘ option.

Can you tell country of origin from barcode

  • You can locate the barcode on a product’s packaging (Usually in the backside) or on the product itself.
  • As soon as the application finishes scanning the barcode, it displays the origin country of the product.

Can You Tell Country Of Origin From Barcode?

Every product gets a unique barcode which is integral for its identification. This unique barcode specifically comprises of –

  1. Country code
  2. Code of manufacturer
  3. And the product code assigned to them by the manufacturer.

India barcode country code

The first three digits indicate the country code. For instance, 690 to 695 are for China and 890 for India. So, if a product barcode has first three digits between 690 and 695, it indicates that the barcode has been originated in that country. It is to note that the product’s origin can’t be determined using this.

The following 4 digits indicate the manufacturer’s code followed by 5-digit product code and a check digit. In general practice, enterprises utilize the barcode from the same country where they are produced. Therefore, it can help you seek answers for how can you tell where a product is made.

However, the application gives precise answers about the manufacturing company of a product and not if it is made in India or China.

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How To Not Buy Chinese Products?

You can use this application to find if the manufacturing company of the product belongs to China or not. Though it doesn’t necessarily indicate it is a ‘Made in China’ product, it gives you insight into the manufacturing company. With further research, you may find if the product is made in China or India and choose not to buy such products.

Further, several applications are being developed that detects the Chinese applications one has installed in their mobile phones. The apps are listed below –

  1. Chinese app detector
  2. China apps scanner
  3. Detect Chinese apps

These applications are capable of detecting Chinese applications present in your mobile phone which you can uninstall if you are in support of this movement.

Wrap Up

Usage of this application helps you in the detection of whether a product belongs to a Chinese company or not. Amidst the wave of boycotting Chinese products amongst Indians, app developers have found unique ideas to support this movement. Now, choose if or not you should buy the Chinese products by checking with the application and make an impactful decision.

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