Unlock or Bypass LG Screen Lock

How To Remove or Bypass LG Screen Locks – [PIN, Pattern, Password Or Fingerprint]

Unlock or Bypass LG Screen Lock

Learn 10 Easy Solutions To Bypass/Remove/Disable LG Screen Lock – PIN/Pattern/Password/Fingerprint!

Overview: I have found many LG phone users at various community and forum websites that looking for a solution how to unlock LG phone after they have forgotten their phone screen lock PIN/pattern/password. If you are one of them, looking for a solution on how to bypass lock code on LG phone, then you have landed on the right webpage. Here I am going to share easy ways to  remove or bypass LG screen locks – [PIN, Pattern, Password Or Fingerprint.

Expert Tip: One of the easy and best ways to unlock your LG Android phone screen lock is by using Android Unlock Software which is a perfect LG Phone Lock Screen Removal tool.

With the help of Android Unlock Software, one can:

  • Effectively remove/disable/bypass/unlock the locked LG phone’s screen in few minutes.
  • Deal with all scenarios of locked screen like screen got locked due to entering wrong passcode several times, your friend or your kids change the password, can’t enter password due to touch not working, etc.
  • Able to bypass four types of screen lock – PIN, password, pattern and fingerprint.
  • Easy and short steps to unlock your device with no data loss.
  • 100% read only program. Safe, secure and user friendly.

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We should always keep our phone locked, so that nobody will be able to see our private photos, messages, videos, important details, documents and other type of data stored on our LG smartphone.

Every phone comes with lock features that allow you to set PIN, pattern, password and fingerprint screen lock. Hence, you must also lock your LG phone to protect data stored on your device.

But, sometimes we forgot the screen lock password, PIN or pattern of our LG Android phone. Besides forgetting the password there are many causes like – your device get broken, someone changes the password/PIN/pattern and so on.

Let us see a real user practical scenario!

Practical Scenario: A User Need Help To Unlock PIN Screen Lock On LG Stylo 3

How to unlock pin screen on LG Stylo 3 plus metro pcs without factory reset

I need to know how i can remove a pin screen lock on my device without having to factory reset. My ex bf changed the pin and i cant get it unlocked and i dont want to factory reset it. I was using this device as a surveillance camera. Please help

Source: XDA Developer Forum

Like the above practical scenario there are many users out there who is encountering such problem. But you don’t have to worry about it.  Here learn several solutions that will help you to bypass, unlock, break, crack or disable screen lock PIN, pattern, password or fingerprint of your lock LG phone. Follow the solutions one by one and check your problem is solved or not.

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Solution 1: Remove LG Lock Screen Using Android Unlock Software [Recommended]

Android Unlock is one of the perfect LG Screen Lock Removal Software for removing locked screen of LG phones and tablets. It bypass or remove your LG screen lock without any data loss which you have stored on your LG device.

This LG Unlocker Software is able to remove four types of screen lock – pattern, PIN, password and fingerprint lock. This tool is very easy to use and it is safe, secure and legal way to unlock your LG screen lock.

Below find the step-by-step guide to bypass lock code from LG phone with the help of Android Screen Removal Software.

Steps To Remove Screen Lock On LG Android Phone/Tablet

Step 1: Connect Your Android Device

First of all download, install and launch Android lock screen removal program on your computer and select the “Unlock” option among available module.

After this connect your Android phone to your computer via USB cable. Then click on “Start” on the software.

Step 2: Select Device Model To Download Recovery Package

The recovery package for different phone models is different, hence, it is very important that you must select right phone model. All the supported phone models can be found in the list.

After selecting the correct phone models, click on “Next”.

In the next window, type word “confirm” in order to make sure that you have selected the right model of the device of which you want to unlock locked screen.

Step 3: Enter Into Download Mode

Now follow the onscreen instructions to enter into Download Mode.

  • Switch OFF the phone.
  • Press and hold Volume Down button + Home button + Power button at the same time.
  • Press the Volume Up button to enter Download Mode.

Step 4: Download Recovery Package

Once your phone enters into download mode, it will start to download recovery package. Just wait for the download to get complete.

Step 4: Remove Android Locked Screen Without Any Data Loss

When the recovery package download gets completed, Android lock screen removal will begin the process to remove the screen lock. Once, the process gets complete, you can then access your phone as usual and you don’t have to enter any password, PIN or pattern lock.

All data stored within the device will remain in the device, there will no data loss. Now you can unplug your Android device from your computer and you can set new password, PIN, Pattern or Fingerprint lock of your choice.

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Solution 2: Bypass Lock Screen On LG Phone By Hard Reset

You can bypass your lock screen by hard reset on your LG phone.

Follow the below steps to hard reset your phone:

Step 1: First switch OFF your LG phone. Then press the “Power” and “Volume Down” button together.

Step 2: When LG logo appears on your phone, release the “Power” button then instantly press and hold the “Power” button again.

Step 3: When the factory hard reset screen pops-up, then release all the buttons.

Step 4: To continue, press “Power” button and then use the “Volume” button to navigate.

Step 5: Press “Power” button to continue.

Step 6: Press “Power” button again to confirm factory reset.

Hard Reset LG Phone

Note: Factory reset will erase all your stored data on your LG phone. So, before using this solution you must backup your LG phone data.

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Solution 3: Disable Screen Lock On LG Phone Using Google Account/Forgot Pattern Feature

In every Android phone you will get this feature, including LG smartphones. So you can bypass your screen locked on LG by using Google account/Forgotten pattern feature.

Below follow the steps to disable screen lock on LG phone using Forget Pattern Lock/Google account:

Step 1: When you enter 5 incorrect pattern, then you will got a message to wait for 30 seconds.

Step 2: Here you have to tap on “Forget pattern” or “Forget knock code”.

Unlock LG Phone Using Forgot Pattern Feature

Step 3: Next in the Account Unlock section, you have to enter Google account details and then tap on “Sign in”.

Remove LG Screen Lock Using Google Account

Step 4: Now you will be asked to set a new screen lock. Select the desired screen lock option or if you don’t want to set the screen lock then tap on “None”.

Step 5: Confirm your new password and then tap “OK”. After this you will be able to unlock your LG Smartphone with the new password.

Note: This solution is useful when you have enter a backup PIN on your locked LG phone. If you have not enter the backup PIN then you cannot unlock your LG phone with Google account.

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Solution 4: Boot Into Safe Mode To Disable LG Screen Lock

This is an easy and effective solution to remove your screen lock if you have used the third-party app to lock your LG Android phone. This solution will not work if you have stock lock.

Follow the below steps to boot in safe mode:

Step 1: If your phone is Switch ON then press & hold Power button. Here you will be asked to boot your device in safe mode, if you want then tap on “OK”.

Boot Samsung Phone in Safe Mode to Remove Lock Screen

Step 2: Then it will temporarily remove the lock screen which was locked by the third party app.

Step 3: Now you can uninstall the third-party app or reset the data.

Step 4: Reboot your phone and then it will get you out of safe mode.

Note: This method is useful only for those users who have used third-party app to lock the screen and not the stock lock.

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Solution 5: Bypass/Remove Screen Lock On LG Phone Using ADM (Android Device Manager)

This solution is only for those users whose device have Android Device Manager (ADM) enabled.

Follow the below steps to Unlock Your LG phone using ADM:

  • First you have to visit google.com/android/devicemanager on your computer or on other phone.
  • Log-in to your Google account with the same ID that you have used on your locked phone.

Unlock LG Code via Android Device Manager

  • In the ADM interface, if it is not selected then you need to choose your phone/tablet which you want to unlock. Here you will get various features such as lock, erase, ring and more.
  • Click on “Lock” option to change the screen lock of your phone.

Disable LG Screen Lock Code via Android Device Manager

  • On the next window, enter a temporary password. Then again click on “Lock” to save the changes.

Bypass LG Screen Lock Using Android Device Manager

That’s All! Your phone is reset and you can easily access your LG phone. Now it will not ask any password.

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Solution 6: Remove LG Screen Lock Using Emergency Call

In this solution, first you have to crash the lock screen UI in order to access other features of your LG phone and then you will be able to bypass the locked screen.

Note: This solution is successful only for the device running on Android 5.0 – 5.1.1.

Follow the below steps to crash lock screen UI on locked LG phone:

  • First tap on “Emergency” button, then enter 10 asterisks using dialer pad.
  • Copy the same 10 asterisk and paste it to the same dialer pad. Now repeat this same process till it stop to show paste option.

crash screen lock interface bypass samsung secured lock screen

  • Now go back to screen lock then tap on “Camera icon”. After that click on “Settings” option.
  • Now here you will be asked to enter password, but you have to again enter the 10 asterisks and then copy and paste it, repeat this process to crash the lock screen UI.

Bypass Samsung secured lock screen using Emergency call

  • After sometime it will crash the lock screen and then you can access all the features of your LG phone.
  • Now you will be able to set the new screen lock password of your LG device.

Note:  As it is easy method to unlock your screen lock but this is not right way to bypass your lock screen.

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Solution 7: Remove Screen Lock On LG Phone By Using Google’s “Find My Device” Website

This is a tested solution to unlock your screen lock as long as you are logged in to your Google account on your device but it will erase all your stored data. This solution will work only when you have earlier created Google account on your LG phone.

Below, follow the steps to remove screen lock on LG Phone with the help of Google’s Find My Device:

  • First install “Find My Device” app on another phone/tablet or you can also visit Google’s Find My Device
  • Log-in to Google account with the same ID.
  • Here device will show three options – “Play Sound”, “Lock” and “Erase”. You have to click on “Lock”.

Unlock LG Phone Screen Lock With Google Find My Device

  • As you click on “Lock”, it will prompt you to enter new password that will replace the PIN, pattern or password that you forgot.
  • Enter the password twice and click on “Lock” button again to save the changes.

Bypass LG Phone Screen Lock With Google Find My Device

  • Now you can enter the new password to unlock your LG phone.

Note: This solution will only work if your device connected to mobile data or Wi-Fi.

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Solution 8: Bypass Screen Lock On LG Phone Using Factory Reset

This is another method to unlock your LG phone by doing factory reset to your device. As factory reset wiped all your data from your LG phone it also removes screen lock as well.

Follow the below steps to bypass screen lock by restoring LG phone to factory reset:

  • If your phone is switch ON, then turn it OFF.
  • Press “Power” + “Volume Down” button together.
  • Hold it until LG logo appears. Release the buttons for few seconds and again press them at the same time.
  • Keep holding the button until you see the Recovery Mode menu. This key combination works with most of the LG devices, but the key combination may differ from one phone models to another.
  • Then press “Volume” button to navigate to “Wipe Data/Factory Reset” and confirm it by pressing the “Power” button.

Factory Reset To Bypass Samsung Forgotten Lock Screen

  • A message will pop up that will notify that your data will be erased, confirm it and the factory reset will be started on your device.
  • Once the reset process gets completed, then on the recovery mode menu, click on “Reboot System Now”.
  • When the start-up process is over, your locked screen is removed and now you can easily access your LG phone/tablet.

Note: Before using this solution you must backup your LG data because factory reset will wipe out all your stored data.

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Solution 9: Unlock Your Screen Locked LG Phone Using Custom Recovery (SD Card Required)

If your device support external SD card, then you can try this solution to unlock your screen locked LG phone. But this solution requires your device to have some kind of custom recovery installed on it.

Follow the below step to unlock your LG phone forgot password using custom recovery:

  • Download a Pattern Password Disable file from the website on your computer.
  • All the contents is a Zip file. Transfer the zip file to SD card, then eject the card from the computer.
  • Now insert the SD card on your locked LG device and reboot it into Recovery Mode.
  • For example, the TWRP mode can be entered by pressing Power + Home + Volume button together. You would get various options on your phone’s screen when you entered the custom recovery mode.
  • Tap on “Install” when the TWRP (Team Win Recovery Project) menu pops out on your phone screen and browse the Pattern Password Disable application file.

LG Screen Lock Removal Via Custom Recovery

  • Now install the “Pattern Password Disable” and wait for few minutes.
  • Later, restart your LG phone. Generally, your device will restart without asking any lock screen. In case, if screen is locked, then you can enter any random digits to unlock it.

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Solution 10: Disable Your LG Lock Screen Using ADB Command (USB Debugging Should Be Enabled)

This solution is only applicable for those users who have earlier enabled the USB debugging on their LG phone (Must learn – How Do I Enable USB Debugging On Locked Android?). For this solution you need a USB cable, a network connection and a PC.

  • First Download “Android SDKand then install “ADB” on your PC.
  • Now you have to connect your LG phone to computer with the help of USB cable. If you get any pop-up alert on your phone related to USB debugging permission, simply agree to pop-up alert and continue.
  • Open command prompt window in your ADB installation directory. Enter following code – “adb shell rn /data/system/gesture.key” and hit “Enter”.

Use ADB To Delete Password File To Remove Samsung Screen Lock

  • When you restart your LG device, if you will be asked to enter a password, then enter a random password to unlock your device.

Wrap Up

I hope from the above solutions you will be able to remove or bypass LG screen locks – [PIN, Pattern, Password Or Fingerprint]. When you keep a passcode on your LG phone you should save that on a safe place so that when you forgot the password then you can easily view the password that you have saved at the safe place.

But if you have to remove the screen lock then you are strongly advised to try Android Lock Screen Removal software. As this tool will remove your LG phone lock screen PIN/pattern/password or fingerprint easily in few minutes without data loss.