How To Fix Apps Not Working On Mobile Data on Android

Fix Android Apps Not Working On Mobile Data

Sometimes, you might have problem with some apps connecting to your cellular data. The apps are working well on Wi-Fi but not working on mobile data. This situation is very annoying as most of the users depend on mobile data connections.

So, if you are encountering this issue on your Android device then you don’t need to worry. This guide will cover all the possible ways to fix apps not working on mobile data on Android.

How To Fix Apps Not Working On Mobile Data on Android Phone

Here you will learn different kinds of solutions to solve apps not working on mobile data or cellular data on Android phones or tablets.

Fix 1: Check Internet Connection

The first thing you need to check is your internet connection is working fine or not. To check it you can search anything on a web page or check the internet connection speed on

If the mobile data is not working then check that you have an active data plan or if you have consumed the daily data limit.

Fix 2: Restart Your Android Device

You should restart your phone as it can help you to fix the apps not working on cellular data. When you restart a phone all the applications start afresh and it can solve any issue on them.

To restart your Android phone simply press and hold the Power button for few seconds and then tap on Restart/Reboot option or you can tap on Power off option and then power it on.

Restart Samsung Phone

Fix 3: Check Mobile Data Limit

If you have enabled the mobile data limit feature on your Android phone settings then it will automatically turn off the data connection once you have reached the set data limit.

Hence, you need to check if you have set any limits. If yes then you need to disable it to solve the issue.

Follow the below steps to check it:

  • On your Android phone open the Settings app.
  • Then tap on Network & internet.
  • Next, select Mobile Network.

Check Mobile Data Limit

  • Now, find the Data warning or limit. If any data limit is enabled then disable it.

Disable Mobile Data Limit For Apps

  • If you don’t find the option then you can search it manually in the settings.

Fix 4: Make Sure If Data Is Disabled For App

You can disable mobile data for any app on your Android phone. So, if you have accidentally disabled the data connection for the app that you are using then you need to enable it.

Here are the steps to do the same:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Apps and Notifications.
  2. Then tap on All Apps.
  3. Now, look for the app that is causing the issue and open it.
  4. Here, you need to tap on Mobile data and Wi-Fi.
  5. At last, enable the background data option for the app (if disabled).

Fix 5: Remove & Re-insert SIM Card

If still you are not able to access the apps on mobile data then you should remove the SIM card from your phone using a SIM injector tool. And then insert it again and then check whether the issue is resolved or not.

Fix 6: Enable & Disable Airplane mode

You can also fix the network problem on your Android phone by enabling and disabling the Airplane Mode feature. This is a very easy and quick method to fix any network connection problem and solve the apps not working issue on mobile data.

To enable it go to the Quick Settings and tap on Airplane mode icon to turn on the option and then again tap on it to turn it off.

Enable and Disable Airplane Mode

Now, check you are able to use apps on mobile data or not.

Fix 7: Enable Data Roaming

If you go to different state then you need to enable the data roaming to make sure that the mobile data works on your device.

If you don’t know how to enable data roaming on Android phone then follow the below steps to do this:

  • On your Android phone open Settings.
  • Then move to Network & Internet.
  • Next, hit on Mobile Network.
  • Now, toggle on Roaming and then restart your handset.

Turn On Data Roaming

Fix 8: Turn Off Data Saver

Many Android smartphones have a built-in data saver. When you enable it, background data usage for most of the apps gets restricted and you may face this issue.

So, disable the data saver on your Android handset by following the steps:

Note: The steps may vary based on your device’s model.

  • Navigate to Settings.
  • Then select Network & Internet Settings.
  • Next, tap on Data Saver and toggle it off, if it is enabled.

Fix 9: Clear Cache & Data Of The App

If the issue is still not solved then you need to clear the cache and data of the app that is not working on your smartphone.

Below are the steps to do the same:

  • On your Android phone open the Settings application.
  • Next, tap on App Management.
  • Now, find the app that is not working and hit on it.
  • Then tap on Storage.
  • At last, tap on Clear data and then on Clear cache.

Fix 10: Reset The APN To Default

You can also reset the APN to solve any problem with the mobile data configuration on your phone.

Below learn how to reset the APN to default:

  • Go to Settings > Network and Internet.
  • After this tap on Mobile Network.
  • Next, tap on Access Point Names (APN).
  • Tap on 3 dot and then hit Reset to Default.

Reset APN To Default

Fix 11: Try Changing DNS

Most of the time the apps not working on cellular data connection can be fixed just by changing the DNS.

So, follow the below steps to change the Google’s Public DNS:

  • On your Android device go to Settings > Wi-Fi & Network.
  • Then select Private DNS.
  • Change it from Automatic to Private DNS.
  • Next, enter Google as the hostname and tap on Save.

Change Google’s Public DNS

Fix 12: Reset Network Settings

If still the app is not working on mobile data then you should reset the network settings to resolve the issue.

Doing this will refresh the network connections and solve the problem.

Below, follow the steps to reset the network settings:

  • Head to Settings > System.
  • Hit on Reset.

Reset network settings

  • Now, tap on Reset Network Settings.
  • If asked enter the phone screen password and proceed.

Fix 13: Check App Server

If you are facing a problem with a particular app then it is very likely that the fault lies with the app itself. And to confirm it you need to check if the app server is down.

To check it you can go to and search for the app. If you find a spike in the realtime users report then it is pretty sure that the app server is down.

If this is the case then wait unless the services are restored to start using the app.

Wrap Up

So, these were some quick and easy solutions to fix apps not working on mobile data on Android. I hope you are able to connect your phone to the mobile data connection and use the app without any problem.

If this guide helped you then you can share it with others so that it can help them.

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