Android Lock Screen Removal: Step-By-Step User Guide

Android Unlock support both – remove Android screen lock as well bypass Samsung Google FRP lock. So, let us learn the steps of both features.

Part 1: Remove Android Lock Screen

Forgotten pattern lock of your Android? Want to remove screen lock of your device without data loss?

If you have encountered the same case, don’t worry at all. You can try Android Unlock to remove screen locks of Android phones and tablet whether it is pattern lock, PIN lock, password lock or fingerprint lock and it unlock screen without data loss.

Let’s see step-by-step guide on how to remove locked screen of Android device.

Step 1: Connect Your Android Device

First of all download, install and launch Android lock screen removal program on your computer and select “Screen Unlock” from the various options.


With the help of a USB cable connect your Android device to your computer. After this, click on “Unlock Android Screen” on software.

Step 2: Choose Screen Unlock Mode

Here you will get two options. Select “100% Remove Screen Lock” option to remove screen lock but it will erase data from your device. If you don’t want to lose data then select “Remove Without Data Loss” option.

Step 3: Select Device Model To Download Recovery Package

The recovery package for different phone models is different, hence, it is very important that you must select the right phone model. All the supported phone models can be found in the list.

Step 4: Enter Into Download Mode

Now follow the onscreen instructions to enter into Download Mode.

  • Switch OFF the phone.
  • Press and hold Volume Down button + Home button + Power button at the same time.
  • Press the Volume Up button to enter Download Mode.

Step 5: Download Recovery Package

Once your phone enters into download mode, it will start to download recovery package. Just wait for the download to get complete.

Step 6: Remove Android Locked Screen Without Any Data Loss

When the recovery package download gets completed, Android lock screen removal will begin the process to remove the screen lock. Once, the process gets complete, you can then access your phone as usual and you don’t have to enter any password, PIN or pattern lock.

All data stored within the device will remain in the device, there will no data loss. Now you can unplug your Android device from your computer and you can set new password, PIN, Pattern or Fingerprint lock of your choice.

Part 2: Bypass Samsung Google FRP lock

If you are trying to get into the home screen of your Samsung Galaxy phone or tablet, such as Samsung S21/S8/S7/J series. Then, it would be best if you learned the steps to unlock FRP of Samsung Galaxy S22/A10/J Prime/A21/. The FRP (Factory Reset Protection) has been enabled due to an unsafe factory reset therefore, you will have to unlock Google FRP before accessing your Samsung phone.

The best thing is that there is a good shortcut maker FRP bypass to disable the Samsung Galaxy S22/S20/S10/A series and boot it into your phone’s home screen by using Screen Unlock (Android) tool. This guide will teach you some of the trusted ways to bypass the FRP lock.

Bypass Google Account On Samsung Phones/Tablets (If You Don’t Know The OS Version)

If you have bought a used Samsung S8/A10e/A20S phone from an unknown person and don’t have number of that person so that you can make a call and ask the OS version. Don’t worry! All those users who don’t know the model of their Galaxy phone and stuck on FRP interface, you can hit on “Not sure the OS version?” to find it out. Alternatively, Android Screen Unlock tool will guide you to boot your Samsung phone into the Recovery Mode so that you can have some information of your phone’s OS version.

Here, we are giving you three different methods according to Samsung models. They are phone with Bixby button, phone without Bixby button, and phone with Home button to boot your smartphone into Recovery Mode. Below, follow the steps for this.

Step 1: Firstly, connect your phone to your computer via USB cable and then switch off your mobile.

Step 2: Then, press and hold the Volume Up, Bixby, and Power keys together.

Step 3: Leave all buttons when you see the Samsung logo on your phone’s screen.

Step 4: Now, wait for a few seconds and then your phone will enter into Recovery Mode. Hit on “Next” button to proceed.

Step 5: The Android Screen Unlock will show your phone’s Operating System version with a magnified number. Next, you can choose the option that contains your device’s OS version to remove/disable your Google account

Bypass Google Account On Android 6/9/10

If you know the OS version of your Samsung device then you need to ship the above steps and start the easy FRP removal. Users who are using Android 6/9/10 can use the reset PIN code method to disable Google FRP.

Below, follow the steps to do this.

Step 1: Click “Screen Unlock” from the home page of the Android Unlock tool on your computer and ensure that your phone is connected to Wi-Fi.


Step 2: Choose “Unlock Android Screen/FRP”.

Step 3: Next, select “Remove Google FRP Lock” to remove the Google account from your Samsung device.

Step 4: There, you will get four types of OS versions to select from. If you are using Android 6, 9, or 10 then select the first one to proceed. If you are not sure about your Android OS version then select the third one to proceed the bypassing process.

Step 5: Connect your phone to your computer via USB cable.

Step 6: When they get connected, Android Unlock will prompt a phone details for you to confirm and send you a notification on your locked device.

Step 7: Check and follow the notification and steps to bypass FRP. Click “View” to move further. And it will guide you to Samsung App Store. After this, install or open the Samsung Internet Browser. Next, type and redirect URL “” in the browser.

Step 8: Hit on “Android 6/9/10” button on the page. Next, click on “Open Settings” button. Then, select “PIN” option.

Step 9: Select “Do not require” button by default and hit on “Continue”.

Step 10: Next, you need to set a PIN code. Ensure you don’t forget this PIN code.

Step 11: Click the “Skip” option to move ahead.

Step 12: Hit the “<” button on the phone unless you return to the Wi-Fi connect page. After that, hit on “Next” button.

Step 13: Here, you need to enter the recently created PIN code and hit on “Continue”.

Step 14: Once it shows a Google Account Sign-In page with a “SKIP” button, you have successfully bypass FRP. Hit “SKIP” to proceed.

Step 15: Congratulations! Google FRP lock have been disabled on your Samsung phone.

Bypass Google Account On Android 7/8

The basic steps 1 to 7 is same from the steps for Android 6/9/10. However, when your phone has connected to your computer, then the next steps will contains some differences. Below, follow the steps.

Step 1: Hit the “Android 7/8” button on the page once you check the pop-up message on your locked Samsung device and redirect to ““.

Step 2: Then, you need to click the “Download APK” button and download and install the apk file.

Step 3: Once the apk get downloaded successfully, install it by hitting on “Open” button.

Step 4: If you see the security notification then enter the Settings page to allow it. When you enabled the “Allow from this source” option, hit “<” to back the installation.

Step 5: Now, complete the apk installation by following the guide shown on the software. Hit “Done” button to go back to apk download page.

Step 6: On the apk page, hit “Open Settings” button.

Step 7: Now, go back to the “Lock screen and security”/”Biometrics and security” options and then on “Other security settings> Device Administrators/Device admin apps.

Step 8: In this page, you need to turn off “Find My device” and “Android Device Manager” features. Then confirm it by clicking on “DEACTIVATE” button.

Step 9: Also disable Google Play Store and Google Play Service. Then navigate to Settings > Apps > Google Play Services and Google Play Store. Next, individually select “Disable” option.

Step 10: Once you go back to the apk download page, hit the “Open Settings”>.

Step 11: Now, you can log in to one of your current Google accounts or you can directly create a new one.

Step 12: When you sign in to your account, hit “I agree” to continue.

Step 13: Now, again we come to the Settings page to restore the Google Play Service, Find My Device, Google play store, and Android Device Manager Services. Navigate to Settings > “Lock screen and security”/”Biometrics and security” options > Other security settings > Device Administrators/Device admin apps. Then turn on the “Find My device”, and “Android Device Manager” features.

Step 14: Once you restore the services, restart your Samsung smartphone when you get the notifications on your page. Now, the Google FRP has be disabled.

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