Android Data Backup & Restore: Step-By-Step User Guide

Step-by-Step Guide on How To Use Android Data Backup & Restore

So, here is the complete guide that will help you on how to use Android Data Backup & Restore. This tool allows you to easily backup data of your Android device to the computer and restore backed up data back to any Android device.

Now, let us see step-by-step guide on how to back up and restore Android phone.

Part 1. Steps To Backup Android Data To PC | Part 2. Restore Backed Up Data To Android Phone

Part 1. Steps To Backup Android Data To PC

Step 1: Connect Your Android Phone To PC

First, download, install and launch Android Data Backup & Restore on your PC. Connect your Android phone to computer.

Step 2: Start To Backup Android Phone Data To Computer

From the left panel, click on My Backup and then click on Back up Now.

Android Backup 1

Step 3: Set Software App As The Default SMS App

Before performing the backup process, you need to follow some steps instructed by the software. In order to backup text messages of your Android device, you have to open the software link app and set it as your default message app. You can do this from your device setting as well. Once done, click on OK button.

Android Backup 2

Step 4: Backup Process Is In Progress

The backup process will start automatically. You can see the progress bar on the software interface.

Android Backup 3

Step 5: Again Set Default SMS App

Once the backup process is about to complete, another pop-up will appear asking you to set up the default SMS application for your android device. Simply open the SMS app on your phone and set the default application. Once done, click OK. If you want to avoid backing up text messages, then you can click on Cancel button.

Android Backup 4

Step 6: Complete The Backup Process of Your Android

Once the backup process completes, the software will let you know that Backup Completed. In order to view backup location on your PC, click on Open In Folder. In order to view backup made by the software, click on View Backups.

Android Backup 5

Part 2. Restore Backed Up  Data To Android Phone

Step 1: Select The Backup File To Restore

Connect your Android phone to computer. Launch Android Data Backup & Restore software.

On the left panel, click on My Backup and then select the backup file that you wish to restore and then click on Restore to Device. Or you can also select the option “Export to PC” to save data on your computer.

Android Restore 1

Step 2: Select The File Types That You Want To Restore

In the next Window, select the file types that you want to restore. Then click on Continue to proceed further.

Android Restore 2

Step 3: Restore Android Backup To Device

You will see that the restoration process has been started. You can see the progress bar.

Android Restore 3

Step 4: Complete The Restoration Process

Once the restoration completes, the software interface will display that restoring backup to Android smartphone has been completed successfully. Simply, click on Done to complete the entire data restoration process.

Android Restore 4

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