Phone Manager: Step-By-Step User Guide

Step by Step Guide on How To Use Android Transfer

Android Transfer let you transfer data between Android, computer and iTunes.

So, here let use find the step-by-step guide on how to transfer files between Android device and computer.

Part 1: Export Files From Android To Computer | Part 2: Transfer Files From Computer To Android

Part 1: Export Files From Android To Computer

Step 1: Download and Launch Android Transfer on your computer and select Transfer among the available options. Then connect your Android phone or tablet to PC, your device will get recognizes and will get displayed in the primary Window.

No matter whether you transfer photos, music or videos, the steps are similar. Here in this guide we are taking photos as example.

Step 2: Go to “Photos” tab and select the photos that you want to transfer from your Android to computer and then click on “Export” icon and then click on “Export to PC”.

Step 3: Next select the path where you want to save the photos from your Android device to computer. You can also transfer the complete photo album from Android to PC.

Beside Exporting photos to computer, the software also support to export photos to another Android or iOS device. Simply connect the target device to your computer and click on “Export to Device” and select the target device, all the selected photos will get transferred to target device.

Part 2: Transfer Files From Computer To Android

Step 1: Click on “Photos” tab. All the album will get displayed on the left panel. Select the photo folder to transfer new added photos to your Android device.

Step 2: Next click on “Add” icon and then click on Add File or Add Folder.

If you only want to transfer few photos then click Add File. You can create new album and add photos in it. Just right-click on the photo category on the left panel and click “New Album”.

If you want to transfer lots of images, then click on Add Folder.

Step 3: Now select the photos or photos folders that you want to transfer to your Android device. To select multiple photos, hold down Shift or CTRL key.

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