How To Unbrick Android TV Box [5 Solutions]

How To Fix Bricked Android TV Box

Learn The Effective And Working Solutions To Fix Bricked Android TV Box!

Overview: After going through various forums and community websites, I have found that there are many users in the process of flashing Android TV box or smart TV, their steps go worn and end up in bricking their Android TV box. So, in this post, you are going to learn – how to fix bricked Android TV box or how to unbrick Android TV box.

Let’s start with real-user practical scenarios!

Practical Scenario 1: A User’s Android TV Box Is Bricked And It Is Not Turning ON

Android TV Box is bricked and won’t come on even after hard reset. How can I fix this?

My android tv box (with a rk_3066 chip) won’t come on even I did a hard reset. This happened after a accidentally flash with a wrong rom. The blue light in front still come on but nothing else work, no screen and no other functions.

I tried to connect to the pc (driver installed) via usb but the pc couldn’t even recognized the box.

Is there any other way to savage this situation? Please help.

Source: Android Central Forums

Practical Scenario 2: A User’s Mi Box Got Bricked. Looking What To Do With Bricked Mi Box

What to do with bricked Mi Box?

Xiaomi refuses to help because I did not buy my unit at Walmart. Unit is bricked. LED comes on, but that’s it. I can connect it to my PC with a male-to-male USB, jump the motherboard, and the Amlogic USB burning tool can connect to it. But there is no firmware img file to flash.

What do I do now? Do I seriously just throw this device into the trash?

Source: Reddit

There could be various reasons for Android TV box to get bricked. Some of the reasons are mentioned below.

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Some Common Reasons – How Android TV Box Get Bricked?

Wrong Steps In The Process Of Flashing – If you are flashing your Android TV box and if anything goes wrong, then you can turn on the TV box to flash continuously.

Failed To Install Input Method – This is mostly caused by the incorrect file permissions “Settings.db”. Since, the operating system of Android originates from Linux, hence the control of permission is strict, and the system startup stage is started by using the system user. And uploading the file, the system user doesn’t have any access to the file. Hence, system users can’t read setttings.db and remain stuck in boot logo.

Entered Fastboot – Fastboot is a feature that user can use it as the lowest level of the modification tool. Currently, all the operations can be completed without entering the fastboot menu. Hence, it is highly recommended not to enter fastboot mode for operation such as flashing the Android TV box.

Alright, let’s dive into the solutions section.

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Solution 1: Use AMlogic Customs Tools To Fix Bricked Android TV Box

You need a tool and the tool name is – AMlogic Customs Tools. You have to first download this pack of tools. After that, the only tool you will require is – amlogic img file unpacker.

Open AMlogic Customs Tools and click on unpack and look for the stock *.img of this box inside your computer, then check only level 1 unpack. After the unpack process completes, go to tmp folder within the AMlogic tools and then open folder level1 and you will see a list of file with .PARTITION extension.

Here, you must rename those .PARTITION extension .img extension files.

After this, you can easily turn ON your Android TV box without any issue.

Solution 2: Boot Android TV Box If It Is Completely Dead

If your Android TV box is completely dead, then the device should not have bootloader, kernel, system or boot inside your Android TV box.

So, in order to fix this, you need a bootloader to boot your box so that you can flash it.

In order to do so, first, download boot.img (this for A95S MAX box), you should search on Google for boot.img for your Android TV Box.

After that download Win32 Disk Imager on your Windows computer, insert a micro SD card to your computer to flash the boot.img with this tool.

Once, the flashing is processed successfully, your bricked Android TV box should boot normally.

ReferenceSolution 1 and Solution 2 are brought to you from – HERE.

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Solution 3: What To Do If Your Android TV Box Got Bricked Due To Wrong Steps While Flashing It

In such a case, connect KF to the computer, install the drive and make sure that the ADB shell is on your computer.

Now directly flashing back the original bootstrap program to correctly steps:

adb shell “dd if=/sbin/
stockrecovery.img of=/dev/block/platform/mmci-omap-hs.1/by-name/recovery”
adb reboot

Once, the above command is successfully processed, you can restart the TV box and you will see everything is working fine.

Solution 4: What To Do If Your Android TV Box Got Stuck Due To Failed To Install Input Method

Failed to install input method – it is mentioned in the reasons section above. In this case, your Android TV box is not able to enter into the system because LOGO gets stuck in the boot.

To fix this issue, follow the below steps:

Connect KF to computer, install the drive and make sure that ADB shell is on your computer.

Repair settings.db’s permission by temporary rasing the permission again. Run the following command:

adb zergRush /data/local/tmp/.
adb shell “chmod 777 /data/local/tmp/zergRush”
adb shell “./data/local/tmp/zergRush”
adb wait-for-device
adb shell “chown system.sytem
adb shell “chmod 660 /data/data/”
adb reboot

Once, the above command is successfully processed, you can restart the TV box and you will see everything is working fine.

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Solution 5: What To Do If Your Android TV Box Stuck In Fastboot Mode or Fastboot Steps Goes Wrong

You were trying to enter fastboot mode and something goes wrong, then your device may get bricked or get stuck in fastboot mode.

Let me clear you that sometimes, adb shell is no longer available. In this situation, you need to try several methods. Please try methods one by one mentioned below.

Method 1: Clear User Data and Repair Boot Mode

   fastboot -i 0x1949 -w

  fastboot -i 0x1949 oem idme bootmode 0x4000

  fastbooot -i 0x1949 reboot

Method 2: Re-write The Boot Image And Repair The Boot Mode

   fastboot -i 0x1949 boot boot.img

  fastboot -i 0x1949 -w

  fastboot -i 0x1949 oem idme bootmode 0x4000

  fastbooot -i 0x1949 reboot

Reference – Foofighters

Wrap Up

So, those were some effective and working solutions to unbrick Android TV Box or to fix bricked Android TV box.

In my opinion, if your Android TV box or Android Smart TV gets bricked, then first try to configure the causes, and then solve the problem one-by-one.

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