Top 4 Solutions To Fix HTC Phone Frozen On Startup Screen

How To Fix HTC Phone Freezes On Startup Screen

Learn Top Four Effective Solutions To Fix HTC Phone Freezes On Startup Screen Or HTC Stuck At White Screen of Death!

Overview: Is your HTC phone frozen on a start-up screen? If “Yes” and due to this you are unable to access your HTC data and all your important works related to your device has stopped. You eagerly want to fix this, but don’t know how? Keep Calm! Here I am going to discuss different methods on how to fix HTC phone frozen on startup screen.

Let start with a real user practical scenario!

Practical Scenario: A User HTC 626 Desire Phone Is Frozen At Startup Screen

My HTC 626 Desire phone is frozen at the startup screen

I don’t know what to do. My phone was acting up and it turned off by itself. I waited for a bit for the phone to return to normal but I notice that it was still on the startup screen. I tried charging it but no use. I also tried to do the hard reset but nothing’s happening. I don’t know what to do!! Please help!!”

Source: Androidcentral Forums

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Solution 1: Turn ON and OFF Your HTC Phone

You can unfreeze your HTC phone by turning OFF & ON your HTC phone. Most of the HTC phones do not have a removable battery so for that you need to press and hold the Power button for a few seconds to switch off. After few minutes switch it ON by pressing and holding the Power button.


When you try to switch off your HTC phone then in some cases a few things can go wrong.

Automatically Reboot: If after turning off your phone it automatically turns on then the fixing process becomes hard. Check that the Power button is not stuck if it gets stuck then with the help of something put it out.

Won’t Turn OFF: If you are unable to turn off your phone then in this situation you need to wait till your phone’s battery drain to zero. Now, charge the phone for some minutes and then try to turn ON your phone.

Solution 2: Remove Memory Card

If you use the external memory card on your HTC phone then remove the memory card from the phone and then try to power off your phone. If you are successful in turning off your phone without a memory card and when you turn on your phone then insert the SD card on it and try to mount the SD card.

After this restart your phone to check that the device is turning on or not when the memory card is inserted into it. If you are unable to do this then it means that your SD card might have some problem. So, for this remove the old memory card and use the top memory card on your phone.

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Solution 3: Clear Cache Partition In Recovery Mode

Another way to fix Android stuck on startup screen is by wiping the cache partition in Recovery Mode.

Now, follow the below steps to wipe the cache partition to fix HTC desire stuck on HTC logo.

Step 1: Press and hold both Power + Volume Down key simultaneously.

Step 2: When your phone vibrates then your device will enter Recovery Mode.

How To Enter Recovery Mode On HTC Phone

Step 3: Now, use Volume Down key to swipe down to highlight the “Wipe cache partition” option from Recovery Mode.

Wipe Cache Partition In Android

Step 4: Next, tap on that option by using the Power key.

Now, you need to wait till your HTC device compete wiping the cache partition and restart.

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Solution 4: Recover And Factory Reset The Device

You can fix HTC Desire stuck on boot screen in two ways in Recovery Mode first is by “Recover” option and second by “Factory Reset” the device.

To enter into Recovery Mode you need to follow the steps shown in the picture below.

How To Enter Recovery Mode On HTC Phone

Once you put your device into Recovery Mode, go to the “Recovery” option by using the Volume Up & Down key.

Recovery Option

Now, hit on that option using the Power button.

When the recovery process gets over, reboot your device by pressing the Power button.

Note: This method will not erase data from your phone and all your contacts and other stuff will be backed up to your Google Account.

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The second method will wipe all your data from your device. Factory reset will remove all the data that might be corrupted and due to which your HTC phone froze on startup screen.

Now, follow the below steps to factory reset your phone.

When you are in Recovery Mode, then from the available options you need to select “Factory Reset” option.

Factory Reset HTC Phone In Recovery Mode

Wait, as the reset process will take few minutes.

When the process gets completed your device will power OFF by itself and automatically restart.

Wrap Up

I hope after reading this article you were able to fix HTC phone frozen on startup screen. And if in the future you come across HTC phone stuck on startup screen then by using these solutions you can easily fix it.

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