5 Solution To Fix Huawei Phone Battery Drain And Overheating Issues

Troubleshoot Huawei Phone Battery Draining and Overheating Problems

Learn 5 Effective Solutions On How To Fix Huawei Phone Battery Drain And Overheating Problems!

Overview: Does your Huawei phone battery drain so fast and overheats? Do you want to know why is your phone battery draining so fast and getting hot and how you will fix this battery draining and overheating issue? Don’t Worry! We are here for you to help, in this guide we have discussed the common cause for this issue and 5 effective solutions to fix Huawei phone battery drain and overheating issue.

Why Is My Huawei Phone Getting Hot And Battery Draining?

There could be various causes due to which your Huawei phone battery die so fast and overheats. Here we have discussed some of the common causes.

  • When your device screen brightness is too much then this can cause the battery draining issue.
  • Watching HD videos and playing games on mobile cause overheating problems.
  • When many apps are running in the background which overheats your device.
  • If you left your phone in sun then your device will get hot.

So, whatever the reason behind Huawei phone battery draining fast and overheating issue you can fix this by following the below-discussed solutions.

Before going to the main solutions you should first find the area from where the device is heating up.

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Scenario #1 – When Back Of Your Device Is Heating

If your device back is heating up then you should know that this is not the problem with your Huawei device but it is due to Huawei battery problems.

This problem occurs when your phone’s battery gets old or damaged or if you have used another charger to charge your phone. So, in this case, you should use the original charger to charge your phone and see the issue is fixed or not.

Scenario #2 – When Base Of Your Huawei Phone Is Heating Up

When your device is heating up from the base (charging port area) or when you put your phone in charging. If this is the case then the issue is with your charger. So, to fix Huawei battery charging issue you should change the charger or take Huawei charger.

Scenario #3 – When Your Huawei Device Is Heating Up From Phone’s Back Top Compartment

When your phone is heating up from the top back area then it is not a battery problem. There can be a problem with the phone’s screen or speaker. So, to fix this issue you should read the below points.

Scenario #4 – When Your Huawei Phone Heating Up From Speaker

When you find that your device is heating up from the speaker while using earphones then it means that your device’s speaker is gone faulty which can harm your ears. So, in this case, you should take your Huawei device to Huawei service center to repair it.

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Scenario #5 – When Your Huawei Smartphone’s Screen Is Heating Up

When your phone’s display is heating up then you can easily find that this is the problem with your Huawei phone only. So, to fix this you need to follow the below-mentioned solutions.

Solution 1: Use Greenify To Decrease Battery Drain

Greenify is an app that helps you to find out the applications from your device that you are not using and put those apps into hibernation and stop them from lagging your Huawei phone and draining your phone’s battery. So, when no apps will run in the background then you will find your phone’s battery life increase.

Solution 2: Remove Heavy Games That You Don’t Play

If you have installed heavy games on your Huawei phone and you are not playing those games then should uninstall those games from your phone because more space consumes more battery and cause a draining issue. Many games need some resources from your device such as mobile data and other and all these games are creating Huawei overheating and battery draining problem.

Solution 3: Increase Battery Life By Changing Device Settings

To fix a battery drain problem, you can disable the location service from your Huawei phone. You can also, modify the GPS settings to increase the battery life.

To modify the GPS settings you need to go to Settings > Location > Mode and you will find 3 options. High Accuracy uses GPS, Wi-Fi and mobile network to find your location which uses more battery power to do this. You can change the settings to the battery saving option to decrease battery drain.

You can also use other settings to save battery life. Go to Settings > Applications > All > Google Play Services. Then tap on Clear Cache option. Doing this refreshes Google Play Service and stop the cache to consume your device’s battery.

Solution 4: Delete All Unwanted Apps & Data From Your Device

You should also delete all unwanted apps and data from your device to lighten up your device and its processor. This will help your device to put less effort which will help to solve Huawei device battery draining and overheating issue.

Android smartphones are amazing and we do many things using this device. When people visit any place they take many pictures and videos for capturing the best moments and memories but they don’t have time to delete the videos and photos which they don’t need. These data take your storage space and slow the processor speed. So, you should take out some minutes to delete all these data from your device.

Solution 5: Use Huawei Phone Cover

Users use phone cases on their smartphones to save them from dust and scratches but good ventilation is a need in every device.

The phone case which you purchase at a low price from the market are not the good quality case and don’t do ventilation. So, you should always buy a good quality Huawei phone case that is particularly made by Huawei.

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Phone Battery Related Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Question 1 – Will a factory reset fix the battery drain?

Answer – Yes, a factory reset can fix battery drain problem but it is not 100% sure that it will fix this issue. It depends on your device’s condition.

Question 2 – How long does a Huawei phone battery last?

Answer – There is no exact time for how long your Huawei phone battery lasts. It depends on you how you use it. Generally, the Huawei phone battery lasts for 2 to 3 years.

Question 3 – Why does my phone battery drain overnight?

Answer – There can be a problem with your device software and hardware that’s why your phone battery drains overnight.

If you want to know the answer about this question – What should I do if my device’s battery drains fast? then check out the answer – HERE.

Wrap Up

I hope after reading this guide you were able to fix Huawei Phone battery and overheating issue. First, you should check the heating area and see that if there is any problem with the phone’s battery or changer. If all is good then it means that it the problem with your Huawei phone in this case follow the top 5 solutions to fix it.

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