Solved: ‘Unfortunately, Bluetooth Has Stopped’ Error

Fixed Unfortunately Bluetooth Has Stopped on Android

Learn Four Working Solutions To Solve “Unfortunately, Bluetooth Has Stopped” Working On Android!

Are you getting error message “Unfortunately, Bluetooth has stopped” on your Android device?

Or getting error message “Unfortunately, Bluetooth share has stopped” on your Android?

Don’t worry and just relax!

In this post I am going to share few effective solutions that will definitely help you fix ‘Unfortunately, Bluetooth has stopped’ working and ‘Unfortunately, Bluetooth has stopped’ working on Android phone and tablet. Simply follow the solution one-by-one and check if your problem is solved or not.

So, let us begin with a real user practical scenario!

Practical Scenario: LG G2 User Receive “Unfortunately, Bluetooth has stopped” Error Message

LG G2 Bluetooth unstable – Unfortunately, bluetooth has stopped

Recently, my bluetooth started to act weird and it is very disturbing. it disconnects and reconnect automatically frequently. is there any fix for this issue? I appreciate your help.

Source: Android Central Forums

We all know that every Android phone and tablet has built-in Bluetooth feature. The main tasks of Bluetooth on Android device is to transfer files from one phone to another.

With the use of Bluetooth feature, one can easily transfer files such as photos, videos, audio, etc from one device to another by pairing and connecting them Bluetooth.

But as stated above in practical scenario, there are many Android users out there facing the error message “Unfortunately, Bluetooth has stopped” or “Unfortunately, Bluetooth share has stopped” on their smartphone or tablet in their daily life.

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So, now the question arises – How to fix “Unfortunately, Bluetooth has stopped” error message on Android?

Well, find out the answer by yourself!

Is It Possible To Troubleshoot And Get Rid of “Unfortunately, Bluetooth Has Stopped” Error on Android?

The short answer is “Yes”, there are few effective fixes available that can surely help you to fix and get rid of Bluetooth has stopped working or Bluetooth keeps stopping message issues on your device.

So, what are those fixes?

Unfortunately, Bluetooth has stopped fixes are mentioned-below. Just follow them one-by-one and check your issue is solved or not, if not then move ahead to next fixes.

Important Note: All the fixes given-below can also be followed to fix “Unfortunately, Bluetooth share has stopped” on Android device (simply replace the Bluetooth with Bluetooth share).

Fix 1: Reboot or Restart Your Device To Fix Bluetooth Has Stopped Working

Do, you know that rebooting or restarting the device, fixes many problems on your device.

In some cases we have found that many users do not Switch OFF, reboot or restart their phone for a longer period of time. So, if you are also one of them who have not turned OFF the device for quiet long time, then simply switch OFF your phone and then switch it ON back or simply reboot or restart your Android device.

This solution has solved the issue for many users and I hope this has solved your problem as well. If not then move ahead to next fix.

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Fix 2: Update Your Phone To Get Rid of Unfortunately Bluetooth Has Stopped

Check your phone operating system and make sure that it is up-to-date. If not then update your phone. Updating the device fixes many bugs issues and other problems of your phone, including unfortunately Bluetooth has stopped error message.

So here follow the steps to update your phone:

  • On your phone go to “Settings”.
  • Find and tap on “About”.
  • Tap on “System update”.
  • Check for update and if any updates are available then download it.

update android system

Note: The above screenshot is taken from Asus Zenfone 2. Remember the menu options and steps will differ for different Android phone.

Once, your phone gets update check whether your problem is resolved or not. If not, then move to next fix.

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Fix 3: Clear Data And Clear Cache To Solve Bluetooth Has Stopped Error Message

  • On your Android phone, go to “Settings”.
  • Tap on “Installed apps”. [Here I am using Redmi Note 4]
  • Go to “All Application” tab and look for Bluetooth app.
  • Tap on Bluetooth app and then tap on “Clear Data” and “Clear Cache”.

clear cache and clear data to fix unfortunately bluetooth stopped error

  • Go back to Home screen and reboot/restart your device.

This fix has solved unfortunately, Bluetooth has stopped problem of 6 users out of 10.

If still, your problem is not resolved then follow the final troubleshoot.

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Fix 4: Wipe Data/Factory Reset To Fix Unfortunately Bluetooth Has Stopped

This is the final and last fixes to get rid of Bluetooth has stopped error on Android phone or tablet. You have to enter recovery mode on your phone and then perform wipe data/factory reset process.

I have suggested this fix as last because when you wipe data/factory reset your device it erases all data saved within your phone. Hence, it is suggested that you first backup your Android data to PC and then follow the below-steps.

  • Turn OFF your Android phone.
  • Now press the following key combination “Power Button + Volume Up Button + Volume Down Button” to enter into recovery mode. This is the common key combination, but you must better check the proper key combination for your device model online.
  • After you enter into recovery mode, select the “wipe data/factory reset” option and perform the process. You can use the Volume Down button to scroll down the menu option and use Power button to select the option.

wipe data/factory reset Android

  • Once, the wipe data/factory reset process gets complete, select the option “reboot system now” and let your device to get started in normal mode.

Now check Bluetooth. Wow, its working without any issue.

Congratulations! Finally the issue of Bluetooth not working on Android has resolved.

Note: All the above fixes for solving Bluetooth or Bluetooth share has stopped error message is applicable for all Android phones and tablets such as Samsung Galaxy, Samsung Galaxy Note, Xiaomi Redmi & Mi phones, LG, Google Pixel, Google Nexus, Lenovo, HTC , OnePlus, Meizu, Panasonic, Sony, Micromax, Oppo, Vivo, etc.

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Tip: App To Troubleshoot And Repair Several Bluetooth Issues

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I said it amazing because it is designed to fix many Bluetooth issues and problems such as connectivity issues, pairing issues and more. This app has helped many users to fix several Bluetooth problems. So, if are facing any type of Bluetooth problem, then try this free app, may be this can fix your issue.

Wrap Up

So, those were 4 effective solutions that can help you to fix “Unfortunately, Bluetooth has stopped” error on your Android phone or tablet.  You can follow any of the fixes mentioned-above and I am sure that any one of the fixes would definitely resolve your problem.

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