[WhatsApp Tips] Create and Share Poll In Seconds

3 Ways To Create and Share WhatsApp Poll In Seconds

Overview: WhatsApp poll is used for opinion collection, consumer awareness, and marketing. This poll allows data collection and supports the participation of customers/users to know their decisions. If you want to know how to create and share WhatsApp poll in seconds then this guide will surely help you. So, simply keep reading this guide till the end.

We will first look at the causes why users create a poll and then we will look at the ways to create and share a WhatsApp poll.

Reasons For Creating A WhatsApp Poll

There are several reasons why users make a poll on WhatsApp. Below are some of the main reasons behind making it:

  • Collect Feedback: If you wish to know how your customer like the trending topic, what they think about you, or if they like other brands over another. In collecting all these information, poll are a great way. Polls help your customer to share their feedback easily.
  • Know About Your Viewers: You can use the poll to ask questions which will help you to know your audience. With the help of it, you can know what they like and, how they are, and how to grab their attention.
  • Engage Your Audience: WhatsApp polls are a fast and easy way to engage your audience. Users like to join the polls to show their opinions, influence other people and learn about what other people think.
  • Make Your Online Community: When you run a poll regularly then it makes an online community to make a fun group tradition that provides people the opportunity to express their thoughts.
  • Collect Leads: Combine a contact form in your WhatsApp poll to gather leads. Qualify the contact information you receive by relating it to the answer, your poll-takers give.

Now, we will learn how to create a poll on WhatsApp in seconds.

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Video Tutorial: How To Create Poll In WhatsApp [3 Ways]

Part 1: How To Create A WhatsApp Poll In Seconds

There is not any official way or plugin to create an online poll. Hence, to create an online WhatsApp poll you need to use third-party tools. You will find several tools for this work. Now, we will look at some of the tools one by one to create a poll on WhatsApp in seconds.

#1: The Opinion Stage Poll Builder

The opinion stage poll builder is a simple feature tool that allows you to create a poll in WhatsApp. You can also use it to make surveys and other social media campaigns even if you are not a specialist.

So, follow the below steps to create poll in WhatsApp through opinion stage poll builder:

Step 1: In any web browser go to the official Opinion Stage site.

Step 2: Here, you will find a poll creation form. Simply click on Create New. In this form, you can write the questions and answer options up to ten options. And finally, click on Save.

Make a WhatsApp Poll On Opinion Stage

Step 3: Your poll has been created and now you can share it. For this, launch your dashboard and hit the “Embed & Share” button.

Share Poll In WhatsApp Created On Opinion Stage

Step 4:  A pop-up window will appear. Go to “Share Link” tab and select WhatsApp to share the poll.

Sharing Poll In WhatsApp Created On Opinion Stage

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#2: Ferendum – Free Poll Maker

Ferendum is a free tool that you can use to create a poll on WhatsApp. This tool is very easy to create polls in WhatsApp and share them in group chats. It allows you to make 10 answer options. The feature of this program are as follows:

  • Supports up to 10 answer options.
  • You don’t need to create an account on Ferendum to use this tool.
  • You can share the same poll in multiple groups.

Below, learn how to create a poll in WhatsApp via Ferendum:

Step 1: Run the official Ferendum site on any web browser and go to the WhatsApp poll maker section.

Step 2: Enter the questions and their options. You can also add comments to define the poll.

Step 3: You can configure the vote as per your choice. For example, you can make a “Table of Votes” if you wish to see each member’s details with their votes.

Create a WhatsApp Poll from Ferendum Website

Step 4: Read this tool’s terms and conditions to use it and then accept to continue.

Step 5: Hit on “Create a poll for WhatsApp”. You will be forwarded to a new page to copy a link that you can share in the group chat.

Step 6: After this, click on “Finish” and you are done.

Finished Creating a WhatsApp Poll Using Ferendum Site

Step 7: Copy the link and then open WhatsApp and paste it into your WhatsApp group.

Step 8: Now, you have understood how to create a poll on WhatsApp. To see the poll results you need to visit Ferendum website.

Share Poll In WhatsApp Created On Ferendum

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#3: Handy Polls – Simple Tool For Online Voting and Handling Polls

Handy Polls is a very simple and easy tool to create a quick poll on WhatsApp. To use it, you need to register your account at https://app.handypolls.com/account. You can see the result of the polls and also the analytics from your dashboard.

Here, learn how to create an opinion poll on WhatsApp through Handy Polls.

Step 1: Register for your account.

Step 2: Go to the “My Polls” section and then click on “Create a poll” button and enter all the details.

Step 3: Now, add the question and answer options.

Create and Share A WhatsApp Poll Using Handy Polls

Step 4: You can adjust the poll settings as per your choice.

Step 5: Hit on “Create and get link” to complete your poll.

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Part 2: How To Share A Poll On WhatsApp In Seconds

As we have told you, WhatsApp doesn’t allow its users to create and share online polls. So, to share it you need to use a third-party tool and then send the external link to audiences or you can publish the messenger as a text message.

Some tools such as opinion stage and Handy Polls let you to share polls from the third-party tool directly. In contrast, other tools can tell you to copy the link and share it by visiting the WhatsApp groups.

Wrap Up

Well, in this guide you have learned how to create and share WhatsApp poll in seconds. I hope they will help you to create the poll and share it.

As we have told you that WhatsApp doesn’t provide its own feature to create and share a poll that’s why you need to use third-party tools for the same. Though there are various third-party tools for creating and sharing polls on WhatsApp but I have mentioned only the 3 best tools.

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