How To Recover Deleted Call History From Truecaller

How To Recover Deleted Call History From Truecaller

Some Truecaller users are saying that they have deleted call history from their Truecaller app and now they wish to rescue them. So, if you are also one of them then this guide is best for you. Here, you will learn how to recover deleted call history from Trucaller as well as how to backup and restore Truecaller call logs.

But before that let us know about – What is Truecaller?

What Is Truecaller?

Truecaller is an app for smartphones that provides the feature of call blocking, call-recording, caller-identification, flash-messaging, chatting and voice calls using an internet connection. Any Android or iOS user who wants to use Truecaller needs to install the app first and then provide a mobile number for registering with the service.

Now, let us know – how to recover deleted call history from Truecaller?

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How To Recover Deleted Call History From Truecaller?

Truecaller has an automatic backup system. If the Truecaller app accidentally gets uninstalled or if you have uninstalled it for any treason or change your phone then don’t fret. You can retrieve everything back. It automatically backup all your personal information, including call history, phone number, and other details.

Truecaller will create a private folder on your Google Drive to store the backup files.

Next time, when you install Truecaller on your phone, it will ask you to restore from a backup. You can simply restore your Truecaller backup from Google Drive.

Next, let us know:- 

– How To Create Backup In Truecaller

– What Files Truecaller Backup?

– What Truecaller Don’t Backup?

– How To Enable Truecaller Backup?

– How To Restore Truecaller Backup?

How To Create Backup In Truecaller

How to Backup Your Call History and Contacts on Truecaller

Also, you will not be able to create backup and restore the backup file if your phone is running below OS 5.1 and Truecaller version 10.56.5. This is because the old Google Drive API is not supported anymore.

To get started, follow the below steps:

Step 1 – Launch Truecaller on your phone and swipe towards right from the left edge to reveal the navigation drawer.

Step 2 – Tap on “Settings” and then tap on “Truecaller Backup“.

Step 3 – Enable Backup and follow the instruction. See the image below.

How to Backup Your Contacts, Call History, Logs on Truecaller

Note: You need to be logged in with Google account as Truecaller employs Google Drive service for backing up the data from Truecaller.

Further, from the Settings menu, you can select how often you want to backup your data (daily, weekly, monthly or never.)

Once the backup is created then you can restore them anytime.

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What Files Truecaller Backup?

Truecaller backups 7 types of files, and they are mentioned below.

  1. Call History
  2. Contacts
  3. Messages
  4. Blocklist
  5. App settings
  6. Chats
  7. Unknown numbers identified by Truecaller

What Truecaller Don’t Backup?

Truecaller doesn’t backup pictures of your contacts, and ringtones because ringtones are system settings.

Now, let’s learn how to enable backup.

How To Restore Truecaller Backup?

Many users switch to a new phone and at that time they want to get all the data of Truecaller from their previous phone to the new phone. You can use Truecaller to recover data.

Truecaller creates a private folder on your Google Drive to save the backed-up files. Truecaller never access to the folder, therefore you don’t need to worry about your privacy.

When you re-install Truecaller, then it will ask you to restore your Truecaller backup from Google Drive. You need to just follow the on-screen instructions to restore the backup.

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Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Question 1 – Does Truecaller Show Deleted Call History?

Answer – No, Truecaller doesn’t show deleted or lost call history.

Question 2 – Is Truecaller Safe And Accurate To Use?

Answer – YES, Truecaller is absolutely safe and accurate to use. There is no chance of leaking the data even Turecaller can’t access them. And it is a very good app to know the owner of a phone number.

Question 3 – How Do I View My Truecaller Call Details?

Answer – You can easily view the Truecaller call details. Tap the Dialpad icon on the Home tab and you will be able to view all your recent calls. Tap on the 3 dots at the top to check the filtered list of incoming, outgoing, missed, and blocked calls.

Question 4 – Can Someone Know If I Searched Them On Truecaller?

Answer – No, nobody can know if you search them on Truecaller. But with the Truecaller Pro subscribers can know if you search them on Truecaller. With this feature, they will receive a notification when another user has seen their profile using the Truecaller app.

Truecaller also introduced Private Mode and a Pro Subscriber can turn it on and off. This will prevent other users to know that you have seen their profile.[/su_note]

Question 5 – Can I See The Old Contacts Or Phone Number From Truecaller?

Answer – YES, you can easily see the old phone numbers and contacts using Truecaller. Even a month and a year ago phone numbers and contacts were saved to Truecaller. It made a new Truecaller Contacts of any calls, transactions, or SMS. So, it is the best app to find old phone numbers or contacts.

Can I See The Old Contacts Or Phone Number From Truecaller

Question 6 - How Can I Deactivate Backup And Restore?

Answer - You can easily deactivate this Truecaller Backup & Restore feature by going to Settings > Backup and then turn off the switch.

Question 7 – How Do I Delete Truecaller Backup Stored In My Drive?

Answer – If you wish to erase or delete the Truecaller backup stored in your Google Drive then you need to open the Google Drive settings. Then tap on Manage apps. Next, find the Truecaller app and hit on “Options”. Then select “delete hidden data”.

Wrap Up

So, this guide is all about how to recover deleted call history from Truecaller, how to create Truecaller backup, and other information related to Truecaller.

I hope you were able to retrieve deleted call history from Truecaller and also knew many other things that can help you later on.