How To Recover Deleted Hidden Photos On Android?

Recover Deleted Hidden Photos From Android

Learn The Effective and 2 Simplest Ways To Restore Lost, Deleted or Erased Hidden Pictures From Android Devices!

I have done some research and I have found that there are many users out there who have accidentally or due to some other reasons have deleted hidden photos from their Android phone that they have hided or locked with the app locker applications.

So, in this particular post I have decided to provide the solutions that will help those users to recover deleted hidden photos from Android phone or tablet.

[Expert Recommendation]: One of the best ways to retrieve lost, deleted, missing or erased deleted hidden pictures/images from Android is to use Android Data Recovery software.

With the use of this software, one can:

  • Easily recover deleted, erased, lost or missing hidden photos from Android.
  • Recover deleted photos hidden by any apps such as Gallery Vault, AppLock, File Hide Expert, Hide Pro, Hide Pictures & Videos – Vaulty, Hide App, Private Dating, Safe Chat – PrivacyHider, etc.
  • Also retrieve deleted hidden, locked, inaccessible files such as images, videos, audio and other data from Android.
  • Recover deleted hidden photos from Android such as Samsung, Xiaomi Redmi, HTC, Sony, Oppo, Vivo, Lenovo, Moto, etc.
  • Preview recoverable files within preview screen of the software before you save them on your computer.

Below Free Download Android Data Recovery To Recover Deleted Hidden Photos From Android

We all know that today Android phone is not only made for doing calls and sending or receiving text messages, but it has become one of the important part of our life.

People are saving important and personal data on their Android device such as private photos, videos, messages, voice messages and other various sensitive information.

Since these files are personal and important hence they hide their private and sensitive data so that no other person can access their personal files.

There are various tips and apps that allow users on Android devices to hide their photos and other files. Some of the popular app to hide photos on Android OS are Applock, Gallery Vault, AppLock, Vault App, File Hide Expert, Hide Pro, Hide Pictures & Videos – Vaulty, Hide App, Private Dating, Safe Chat – PrivacyHider, etc.

But problem arises when these hidden photos get deleted by users due to various causes and they are not able to find their hidden photos on their device.

Just have a look at some of the scenarios mentioned-below!

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Practical Scenarios: Users Looking To Recover Deleted Hidden Photos From Android Phone

Scenario 1:

How to recover the deleted hidden photos from my Xiaomi phone?

I accidentally deleted some of the photos from the hidden album in gallery. Can I still get them back in some way?

Scenario 2:

If I deleted hidden files in memory card than how can I find them?

In my karbonn A 7+ smartphone. I have gallary lock App. In this app I saved my pics & videos. Last night an accidentally I deleted some hidden files and folders in file manager. After that, my gallary lock app is not showing my pics & videos. I m very upset for it. Than somebody tell me. If I do uninstall this app and again reinstall it. Than all pics and videos will show. I did. But I have no result. Nw what I do? ? Plz tell me. I want my pics and videos. Thanking you

Also look at the causes that can delete your hidden images or other files on Android.

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Causes That Can Delete Hidden Photos & Files On Android

  • Accidental deletion is one of the major human errors that can lead to the deletion of hidden pictures.
  • Third-party applications such as Android cleaner apps such as Clean Master, Cache Cleaner, Go Speed, Power Clean, Ace Cleaner, Cleaner Extreme Lite, App Cache Cleaner, etc.
  • Third-party anti-virus program may also erase hidden photos from your device.
  • Factory Resetting your device is one of another reason for the loss of hidden photos, because factory reset erases all data from the device.

In any of the above causes you may encounter the loss or deletion of hidden photos on your Android phones or tablets.

So, now the big question arises that – Is it possible to recover deleted hidden pictures on Android?

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Is It Possible To Recover Deleted Hidden Pictures On Android?

The short answer is “Yes”.

When you delete photos whether it is hidden or not, they are not actually deleted permanently from your phone. It just marks the place as empty so that you can add new data on that empty place.

It means that the actual deleted image remains there as it is, until and unless it hasn’t been overwritten.

So, it is clear that you must stop using your Android and you should not add any new files, no app or update should be installed or do not do anything that would add any new data to your device until and unless the photos are recovered, because if it’s get overwritten, then you will lose the chance to recover hidden photos from your Android phone or tablet.

Alright! So now let us know the solutions to recover deleted or lost hidden photos from Android phone or tablet.

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Solution 1: Recover Deleted Hidden Photos From Backup Files

Many users have habit of creating the backup or copy of photos.

Some users create backup by transferring pictures to computer or external SD card/pen drive/hard drive.

Some users upload photos to Google drive, Dropbox or other cloud service.

So, if you have kept the back up of your photos that you have hidden and lost or deleted on Android, then you can use that backup files to restore your photos.

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Solution 2: By Using Deleted Hidden Photo Recovery Tool For Android [Recommended]

In case if you have not kept the backup of your photos, then in such case it is highly recommended that you must use Android Data Recovery which is suitable and perfect Deleted Hidden Photo Recovery software that will help you to recover hidden photos from Android phone and tablet. It also recovers hidden pictures and videos from Android gallery.

The best part about this hidden photos recovery tool for Android is that it extracts deleted hidden photos from phone’s internal memory as well as external SD card used within the Android device. It also find and retrieve images/pictures deleted by clean master app, forgotten password of app lock applications and you are not able to unhide photos, extract image files inaccessible from locked, virus infected, factory reset Android.

Recover hidden pictures from all Android phones and tablet such as Samsung Galaxy, MI Redmi, Sony, Moto, Lenovo, Oppo, Karbonn, Micromax, Vivo, Huawei, LG, HTC, Google Pixel, etc.

Below, find out the tutorial on how to recover deleted hidden photos from Android.

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Steps To Recover Deleted Hidden Photos From Android

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So from the above two easy solutions I hope you were able to restore/recover lost or deleted hidden pictures from Android. However, in absence of backup files it is highly recommended that you must instantly use Android Data Recovery Tool to recover deleted hidden photos from Android.

Additionally, here we recommend you to regularly backup your Android data to avoid such issue.

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