How To Recover Deleted Videos From Google Photos

How To Recover Permanently Deleted Videos From Google Photos

Learn 3 Easy And Effective Solution To Retrieve Permanently Deleted Videos From Google Photos!

Overview: Have you accidentally deleted videos from Google Photos? Finding solutions to retrieve permanently deleted videos from Google Photos? If YES, then this article is for you. Here, you will learn 3 different ways to recover permanently deleted videos from Google Photos.

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Google Photos is one of the best and secure cloud storage to keep videos and photos. Here users can upload their videos and photos and they then can sync them automatically.

Users can access those videos and pictures anytime through any device. But accidentally or due to some reasons, the videos or images get deleted from Google Photos.

In this situation, how to get them back is a big question for many users. Well, below I have mentioned some effective solutions to recover permanently deleted videos from Google Photos.

So, let’s start the solutions!

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Solution 1: Retrieve Deleted Videos From Google Photos Trash/Bin

When you delete videos from Google Photos then they move to the trash folder of Google Photos. They stay there for 60 days. And after 30 days they were deleted permanently.

So, you should check the Trash bin folder of your Google Photos to get back permanently deleted videos.

Here are the steps to restore permanently deleted videos from Google Photos using Trash folder.

Step 1: Open Google Photos app on your phone or you can run in any web browser on your computer or other phones.

Step 2: If you are not signed in then sign in to it using the same Google account details.

Step 3: After this, tap on Menu option and then on Trash option.

Step 4: Now, you will be able to view all the deleted videos that were deleted from Google photos within 60 days.

Step 5: Choose the videos that you wish to restore and tap on Restore button.

Recover Deleted Videos From Google Photos

Once the restoration process gets completed, all the selected videos will be saved to your Google Photos Library.

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Solution 2: Recover Deleted Videos From Google Photos Via Android Video Recovery Tool

If your videos have been permanently deleted from the Google Photos Trash then in this situation you can use Android Data Recovery which is a suitable Android Videos Recovery Tool that will help you to get back permanently deleted videos from Google Photos on Android. But it is only possible if you have saved the deleted videos to your phone’s internal memory or external SD card and they are deleted from there.

The recovery steps are very easy and this software, not only retrieves permanently deleted videos but also various types of data like text SMS, contacts, call logs, WhatsApp messages, images, audios, notes, call recordings, documents, calendar, etc.

The best part about Android Video Recovery program is that it retrieve permanently deleted videos and other data from phone memory as well as external SD memory card.

Note: It is suggested not to add any videos other data to your phone as this will overwrite the existing data which will lose the chance of successful videos recovery.

Here, learn the complete steps to retrieve permanently deleted videos from Google Photos using Android Video Recovery tool.

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Solution 3: Rescue Deleted Videos From Google Photos With Google Support

You can also recover permanently deleted video from Google Photos after 60 days with the help of Google Support team. When the videos get deleted from the Trash folder of Google Photos then they are permanently deleted from it but Google keeps those data safe. You can recover videos for up to 60 days once the video files get permanently deleted.

So, you can contact the Google Support team and request them to rescue those deleted videos by giving them an authentic reason. If they find it an authentic reason then you can recover permanently deleted videos from Google Photos.

Below, follow the steps to contact Google support team:

    • First, go to website.
    • Then click on “Contact us”.

Additionally, you can also contact Google Drive Support team.

Below, learn what you need to do:

Step 1: Open the Google Drive Help page on any web browser. Then select the “Missing or deleted files” option.

Step 2: Once you choose the option, a popup box with two options will appear. The first option is – request chat and another is – email support.

Step 3: Choose any one option which you find good. After that give them the reasons behind the deletion and if they if it authentic then you can restore the deleted or lost videos easily.

Bonus Tip: Keep Backup Of Videos In Other Places Also

You should also keep the backup of videos to other places like your computer, Google Drive, SD card, etc. So that if you lose them from Google Photos then you have other options to get back those deleted videos.

You can also keep a backup of Android phone’s videos and other files using Android Data Backup & Restore tool. It allows you to backup multiple types of data including videos. Also, you can backup entire data and if you want to selectively backup and restore them then you can do this.

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Related Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Question 1 – How To Download Videos From Google Photos?

To download videos from Google Photos follow the below steps.

Step 1: Open on your phone or computer.

Step 2: Then, choose videos that are available in the folder.

Step 3: Hit on More option.

Step 4: Now, simply tap on Download button and the selected videos will be downloaded.

Question 2 – Should I Find Deleted Videos From The Phone On Google Photos?

YES, you can find the videos on Google Photos once it is deleted from your phone, only if you have backed up the videos or sync on Google Photos. If you didn’t back up them in Google Photos then it is worth finding the videos there.

Question 3 – Where Do Deleted Videos Go From Google Photos?

The deleted videos to the Trash folder of the Google Photos app. They stay there for 60 days after the deletion and once the time gets over they automatically get deleted from there permanently.

Question 4 – Where Does Google Keep The Backed Up Videos On The Android?

Google never keeps the backup of videos on your Android phone or tablet. It always keeps the backed-up videos to Google server as it is cloud storage.

Question 5 – Is It Safe To Store Videos In Google Photos?

YES, it is safe to store the video on Google Photos. It is a secure place to keep the videos and photos as Google knows the security of the data. You can access the backed-up data anytime on any device. Even if they get deleted then Google Support team helps you to recover them back.

Question 6 – Are Permanently Deleted Videos Gone Forever?

No, when the videos get permanently deleted from your phone then they do not permanently delete from the device. They become invisible to you and keep the free space to store other data. You can recover them using the Data Recovery tool until they get overwritten with the new data.

Wrap Up

Recovering permanently deleted videos from Google Photos is not easy. But with the right solutions, you can get them back. First, check the deleted videos in Google Photos Trash.

If you don’t find them there then you can use Android Videos Recovery tool. But if you have not saved the videos to internal or external storage and this tool didn’t help you then at that time you can contact the Google Support team and recover permanently deleted videos from Google Photos.