Samsung S23, S23 Plus, S23 Ultra Not Charging – Fix It Now!

How To Fix Samsung S23 Ultra, S23 Plus, S23 Not Charging

Is your Samsung S23, S23+ or S23 Ultra is not charging? If “Yes”, then you have landed on the right webpage.

If you are encountering charging issue with these smartphones, then you can take a look at the following troubleshooting guide to fix the issue.

Solution #1: Restart The Phone

This is the very first steps you must take, when you observe that your Samsung Galaxy S23 is not charging.

Often the causes could be the simple connection mishap.

In order to rule out that temporary glitch is to restart the phone.

Restarting the phone clears all the background services and it may solve the charging problem.

Besides that, a reboot also refreshes the component of your device. This actually wake up your phone from sleep or say lock state.

To perform quick reboot, simply press and hold the Power button. A Menu option will appear, tap on “Reboot”.

If your device starts charging normally again after a reboot, then congratulations, your problem is solved.

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Solution #2: Remove Phone Accessories

This is another workaround that you must give a shot.

Simply remove the accessories such as case cover or any other attached things that has metal in it.

In some case, such accessories interrupts and avoid the device from receiving a proper power supply.

Leaving the screen protector, I would recommend you to remove everything from the phone and then charge your device and see if it works or not.

Solution #3: Change The Power Outlet

It could be possible that power outlet you are using does not provide sufficient amount of power and hence restricting the charging speed or completely stalled.

Hence, you must change the power outlet and see if that solves the problem.

Alternatively, to check you can also use computer, laptop or power bank to charge your device.

Note: I do not recommend charging your phone via laptop/computer on regular basis. You can just use it to check and verify.

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Solution #4: Check For Software Update

Samsung S23 series phone comes with Android 13 and One UI 5.1.

But when users faces any issue, then they report the issue directly to the Samsung Community or Developer Forums, and the developer is very quick with the fixes.

These solutions are rolled out to users via software updates. They might release a new update in regular intervals to deal with minor/major bugs and glitches.

Hence, you must check for available updates.

  • Go to Settings app> Software Update.
  • Tap Download and Install.
  • If new software update is available, then simply tap on Install Now.

After update, charge your phone and see if charging is working or not.

Solution #5: Use Original Charger & Check Cables For Damages

Let me tell you that Samsung has stopped giving the charging adapter and hence many people knowingly or unknowingly use incompatible charger and damage the device.

Please note that compatible and original charging cable and adapter are important things that many users ignore and end up spoiling the battery health and device.

So, if you are experiencing issue while charging Samsung S23, S23 Ultra or S23+, then make sure you are using Samsung’s original and compatible cable and adapter.

Also, check your cable or adapter is not damaged, worn out and working properly.

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Solution #6: Clean The Charging Port

This is a real fact. As time passes, the dust/dirt particles or debris gets clogged to the charging port, and these dusts/debris will really create trouble for you.

So, here what you need to do.

  • Switch off your phone.
  • Flash a torch into the charging port and see inside. If you see any dirt or dust, particularly if metal parts is covered with it, then you need to clean the charging port.
  • Try to gently blow into the charging port and remove the dust and dirt. You can also take help of tooth pick to do so, but do it gently.
  • If still dust is clogged in the charging port, then carry it to the professional to clean it.

Solution #7: Check For Moisture and Water

If your Samsung S23 phone detects moisture or water in the USB port, then it will stop charging.

This is an added precaution to protect device from any damage or corrosion.

In such case, the device will sometimes pop-up a waterdrop icon on the screen, just above the charging port.

If you notice waterdrop icon, then switch off your phone and allow it to dry.

Note: It is not always that water has entered your device, even exposing the phone to humid environment can result in such error message, even if there is no visible sign of water.

In most of the cases the water will get evaporated within few hours. However, you can gently blow on the port or expose it to cool dry air.

If waterdrop icon not disappeared yet, and you are confident that charging port is dry, then turn off your phone and then turn it on.

If still icon remains there, then clear the cache of USB:

  • Go to Settings> Apps.
  • Tap on 3 vertical dots and then tap on More options.
  • Tap on “Show System Apps”. Scroll down and tap on “USB Settings”.
  • Tap Storage> Clear Data & Clear Cache.

Clear Cache and Clear Data Of USB On Samsung

(Pic Credit: Samsung)

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Solution #8: Try Wireless Charger

Still, Samsung S23 won’t charge?

If you are suspicious that the issue is associated to wired charging and you have a wireless charging compatible device, then simply try to charge your phone using a wireless charger.

Samsung S23, S23 Plus and Samsung S23 Ultra support wireless charging at up to 15W speed.

First remove the case/covers and put the back of your phone on the wireless charger and make sure to line up the charging coils to make the strongest connection.

Alternatively, you can try Wireless PowerShare that will allow you to charge your phone with the use of Qi-enabled device without the requirement of charger. You will only require a wireless charging compatible device. Also Check: If Wireless Charging Not Working On Samsung

Solution #9: Seek More Help For Assistance

If nothing seems to work, then you can contact Samsung support.

You can either send error report or ask for more help in the Samsung Members app.

Or you can take you phone to the closest Samsung Service Centre.

They will diagnose your device for software as well as hardware failure. Whether, there is a battery disconnect or damage, Samsung will help you in the way possible.

And if your device is still covered in warranty, then you can ask for replacement as well.

Wrap Up

That’s All! I hope by following the solutions mentioned in this article would have definitely helped you in fixing the Samsung S23, S23 Plus or Samsung S23 Ultra won’t charge issue.

If you have found this post helpful and useful, then do share it, as it can help others!

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