How To Fix Samsung S23 Ultra, S23 Plus, S23 Won’t Turn On

Solved Samsung Galaxy S23, S23 Plus, S23 Ultra Not Turning On

This post will help you to troubleshoot the issue on the newest Samsung smartphone that’s stuck in black screen, becomes unresponsive and does not power on.

Continue to read the article on how to fix Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, S23 Plus or S23 won’t turn on.

Solution #1: Check Your Samsung S23 Has Enough Battery Power

May be battery power ran out on your phone and hence you are experiencing this issue.

So, make sure that your device has enough battery power, if not then charge your phone, only then it will power on and run.

If your device does not have enough power, then simply charge it.

Use original charger cable and adapter that came along with the phone. Allow your device to charge for 30-40 minutes without any interruptions. Once, it is charged, try to switch it on.

If there is any damage to the charger cable or adapter, the phone will not charge.

Luckily, Samsung S23 series phone support wireless charging. If wired charger doesn’t work, then try wireless charging.

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Solution #2: Force Restart Your Device

This is the very effective method and hence every user should first apply this solution.

If pressing the Power On button doesn’t help you to switch on your phone, then force restarting might help you.

Force restarting, reboots the device from sleep or lock state.

  • Press and hold the “Volume Down + Power” key for few seconds, until the Menu options appear on the device screen.
  • Select “Power Off” option.
  • Once the phone gets turned off. Simply turn on your device by pressing the Power button for few seconds.

Alternatively, press and hold “Volume Down + Power (Side)” buttons, until the Samsung logo appears.

Solution #3: Force Restart Your Phone While It Is Being Charged

If force restart doesn’t solve the issue, and your Samsung S23 Ultra still doesn’t turn on, then connect the device to its charger and force restart your device once again while it is charging.

This workaround is particularly required if the device battery drain very quickly due to some faulty apps or corrupted files.

Simply follow the steps mentioned in Solution #2 to force restart your phone, but this time perform it while phone is charging.

If the phone gets turned on after first or second solution, then next thing you have to do is to remove the potential causes.

This is important to avoid your device from crashing, freezing or stuck at black screen of death again.

So, here what you should do:

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Solution #4: Try To Boot Your Device In Safe Mode

Safe mode feature allows to examine whether the problem is caused due to third-party apps or the device itself.

Now, since your Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus is not turning on and it is in black screen, you must give it a shot.

Here find the steps to enter and exit safe mode.

When your phone is in safe mode, all the downloaded apps are disabled, leaving the pre-installed apps active.

While in safe mode, system problems don’t occur, then it means the issue is with the third-party apps which must be removed.

However, if problem still exist, then there could be another system issue or there might be hardware issue.

Solution #5: Try Recovery Mode

This is another possible fix that can help you to resolve Samsung S23 (Plus) (Ultra) won’t turn on issue.

Try to put your device in recovery mode and reboot it.

At times, when phone is not accessible directly or in normal mode, then recovery mode can help you to deal with the problems, faults or glitches to bring the device back to its running state.

Here follow the steps to do so:

  • Switch Off your phone, if it is not.
  • Now with the help of USB cable, connect your phone to PC/Laptop.
  • Press and hold “Volume Up + Side” buttons, until Samsung logo appears.
  • Your phone is now in recovery mode.
  • Next, use the Volume key and go to “Reboot System Now” option and press Power button to confirm the process.

Allow the phone to reboot in normal mode.

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Solution #6: Try Android Repair Software

You can try Android System Repair software. This software is to be downloaded and installed on the computer/PC.

When nothing seems to work, then such third-party tool comes in handy.

The Android System Repair tool fixes the critical system issue and bring back to its normal state. It can fix several issues such as phone stuck in black screen, stuck in boot loop, phone crashing and so on.

You can always use such third-party tool, when you run out of options.

Here follow the steps to fix Samsung S23/S23 Plus/ S23 Ultra won’t turn on issue by using Android System Repair software.

Solution #7: Seek For More Help

Still your Samsung S23 Ultra, S23 Plus, S23 not turning on?

In such case, you can seek more help by escalating your problem to Samsung Support.

Alternatively, you can carry your phone to the nearest Samsung Service Centre.

If your device is under warranty then you can also ask for replacement.

Wrap Up

Purchasing expensive phone and facing such type of problems can be annoying and frustrating.

Anyway, following the solutions and mentioned tips in the post would have definitely helped you in fixing the Samsung S23, S23 Plus, S23 Ultra won’t turn on issue.

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