How To Fix SIM Not Provisioned MM2 Error on Android Phone

How To Fix SIM Not Provisioned MM2 Error on Android Phone

Are you facing a “SIM not provisioned MM2 error” on your Android Phone?

Don’t worry, other users are facing the same issue.

There are multiple questions raised by the users about “How do I fix my SIM card error on my Android?” or “How to fix SIM not provisioned mm 2?”

In this guide, you will learn how to fix “SIM not provisioned MM2 error” on Android phone.

Many users don’t know why this error occurs and ask questions such as “Why does my phone say SIM not provisioned?” or “What does SIM not provisioned mean?”.

This error means the connection to the carrier network cannot be established and your carrier network may not find your Android phone.

Now, let’s check out the fixes for it.

How To Solve “SIM Not Provisioned MM2 Error” on Android Phone

You should clean your SIM card and tray and re-insert the card.

Check if you have inserted the SIM properly or if the card is damaged.

Read further to know more methods.

Fix 1. Restart Your Android Phone

It may look like a normal restart but it solves major problems, as reported by the users.

A simple restart can fix minor software bugs and glitches and give the phone a fresh connection.

Restart your phone and check if the problem is fixed or not.

Restart Android Phone

Fix 2. Turn ON/OFF Airplane Mode

When the “SIM not provisioned MM2 error” pops up on your phone, then toggle ON/OFF Airplane mode.

This will cut off the connection and establish a fresh connection.

Turn ON and OFF Airplane Mode

Doing this will help you in fixing the issue. As it’s a normal enable/disable step, you should give it a try.

Fix 3. Re-Insert Your SIM Properly

Sometimes, the SIM isn’t inserted correctly and it may cause such an error on your Android phone.

First, you need to remove it from your phone, clean it, then re-insert it on the phone.

Dust, and debris around the card and SIM tray can also cause such issues, make sure you clean it properly.

Fix 4. Ensure Your SIM Isn’t Broken

A broken SIM card can also cause a “SIM not provisioned MM2 error” message on Android.

Make sure the card you are inserting isn’t broken, if you see any marks, or scratches on it, then you should contact your carrier provider and ask for a new one.

Check if the problem is resolved or not.

Fix 5. Update Carrier Services

In this method, you have to update the Carrier services.

Android devices come with a pre-installed Carrier services app offered by Google. If you haven’t updated it to the latest version then it might be the reason behind the error message.

Follow the steps to do so.

Step 1: Open the Google Play Store.

Step 2: Search for Google Services and tap on it.

Step 3: Tap on the Update option, if available.

Update Carrier Services

Fix 6. Check If Your SIM Card Is Activated

You should check if your SIM is activated or not, usually when you insert the card in a new phone, then it will be activated within 24 hours.

In case, it doesn’t activate then you should try contacting your carrier provider.

Fix 7. Try Using Your SIM In Another Device

You can try inserting your SIM card into another device to make sure the card is working and doesn’t have an issue.

Insert your SIM card into another device and make a call using any other device, if the call gets through, then it’s confirmed that the card is fine and the issue is with your phone.

Fix 8. Reset Network Settings

In this workaround, you need to reset the network settings.

Doing this will reset your network features like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and phone Internet connection.

Follow the below-mentioned steps to do so.

Note: The saved passwords and devices will be forgotten once you follow the below steps. You need to connect to your Wi-Fi again.

Step 1: Go to Settings and tap on General Management or System.

Step 2: Tap on Reset > Reset Network Settings.

Step 3: Tap on Reset settings.

Reset network settings on Android

Fix 9. Try With Other SIM Card Slot

If your phone supports dual SIM cards, then you must try this fix.

Open the SIM card tray using an ejector and replace the card with another slot.

Turn on your device and check if the error is fixed or not.

Fix 10. Get A New SIM Card

If the above method doesn’t help you, then you should try contacting your carrier provider and ask for a new SIM card.

If they find the SIM card is faulty, they will replace it and the problem will be solved.

There are chances that your SIM card is broken, expired, or blocked by your carrier.

Hence, contacting them is a better option for you, as a broken or expired card can cause such errors.

Wrap Up

SIM card helps your phone establish a connection with your carrier network, this way your carrier identifies your phone account.

It helps you access the internet and make calls.

When the “SIM not provisioned error” message pops up on your phone, then you can’t make calls and even can’t use the internet with your mobile network.

In this guide, we have covered all the possible ways to fix “SIM not provisioned MM2 error on Android phone.

Follow the above-mentioned methods to fix this error message.

I hope this guide was helpful for you.

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