Skype Video Not Working On Android? Here How To Fix!

How To Fix Skype Video Not Working On Android

Read 10 Effective And Quick Solutions To Solve Skype Video Not Working On Android Phone Or Tablet!

Nowadays, there are many social media apps that provide video calling facilities. Among the different apps, Skype is one of them which allows its users to make a video call and many other features. But sometimes the Skype video does not work on smartphones. You don’t need to panic as you can fix it by yourself. In this post, I am going to share some solutions to fix Skype video not working on Android.

Why Is Video Not Working On Skype?

There are various reasons due to which the videos do not work on Skype. Some of the causes among them are listed below.

  • If your internet connection is poor.
  • When you have not installed the latest update for the app.
  • If you have not allowed permission for Camera on Skype.
  • If you are running an older Android OS on your phone.
  • When the temporary files of the app get corrupted.
  • If Skype app service status is down.

Solutions To Fix Skype Video Not Working On Android Phone Or Tablet

When the video on Skype app doesn’t work then you can apply the below methods to solve the problem. Below I have listed some of the effective solutions. So, simply read it and apply it to fix the issue.

Video Guide: How To Fix Skype Video Not Working On Android

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Solution 1: Check Internet Connection

You should first check that the internet connection which you are using for making video call on Skype is working properly. For this, you can run a website in any web browser. If this site doesn’t open then it means that there is some problem in your network.

In this case, you can switch to mobile data if you are using Wi-Fi or vice versa. You also restart your router. If this doesn’t help then you can contact your service provider.

Solution 2: Update The Skype App

If you have ignored the update for Skype app then you should install it immediately as it can cause this problem on Skype app.

Below, learn how to update the app.

Step 1: Launch the Google Play Store.

Step 2: Then enter the name of the app (Skype) in the search box at the top of the screen.

Step 3: Now, if you find Update button next to Skype then hit on it to install the latest update.

Solution 3: Check Status Of The App

You should check the status of Skype application, as sometimes the app is down due to this Skype video stops working on Android. So, simply visit Skype Service Status page. If you find the Skype app service down then you need to wait until the service is up or you can contact Skype’s customer service.

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Solution 4: Check Permissions For Camera On Skype

If you have not granted permission to use your camera then videos will not work on Skype. Therefore, check that you have allowed permission to use your phone’s camera and microphone. If it is not allowed then allow it.

Here’s follow the steps to grant permissions for camera on Skype.

Step 1: Run the phone’s Settings app.

Step 2: Then hit on Apps/Applications/Application Manager (option depends on your phone model).

Step 3: Now, find Skype app and open its app details.

Step 4: Go to Permissions and check Camera and microphone are enabled. If any of them is toggled off then allow it.

Check Permissions For Camera On Skype

Solution 5: Close All Running Apps

If you are running many apps in the background then these apps will eat your internet which can result in Skype video calls not working issue.

Hence, you are suggested to close all running applications and then try to make a video call through Skype app.

Simply go to the Recent app tab and then swipe left/right/up to close the app from the background.

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Solution 6: Turn On Front Camera On Skype

It is possible that the front camera on Skype app is not opened and due to this Skype video is not working on Android. So, to fix it you need to first turn on the front camera and then call again.

Here, follow the steps to proceed.

Step 1: Firstly, you need to close the Skype app on your Android phone or tablet.

Step 2: Then open the default Camera app on your phone by going into the Menu.

Step 3: In most phones, the camera is open with the Rear Camera interface. Here, you need to tap on small icon that will switch the Front Camera interface.

Step 4: After this, when your camera in front camera interface, switch to the video mode.

Step 5: Now, go back to the Home screen and launch the Skype app again.

Step 6: Try to make a video call through it. I hope the front camera is working well and you can easily see the other person whom you have called.

Solution 7: Use The Webcam App

You can use the Webcam app to make a videos call through Skype app. This application will turn your phone’s camera into a Webcam.

So, follow the below steps to use Webcam app for the same.

Step 1: Launch Google Play Store app on your handset and then install IP Webcam app.

Step 2: After this, create an account on it.

Step 3: Then, enter the login password, image size, FPS, image quality.

Step 4: These settings will turn your phone’s camera into Webcam.

Step 5: Once you entered all the information, you will see an IP address. Now, it will be used as a camera (Webcam) while making video call from Skype.

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Solution 8: Install The Firmware Update

Your device should be updated to the latest version of Android OS so that it can compatible with the apps. And when you don’t install it then it creates a compatibility problem and causes the issue under-discussed.

Here, learn how to update Android OS to the latest version.

Step 1: Launch the Settings app on your phone.

Step 2: Then tap on About Phone.

Step 3: Now, hit on System Update.

Step 4: Tap on Download and Install button to update your Android OS.

Solution 9: Clear Skype App Cache And Storage

Sometimes the cache files which help to open an app quickly can get corrupted and cause this type of problem. If this is the case with Skype then you need to clear the cache and storage of the app.

Here’s follow the quick steps to clear the cache and data of Skype application.

Step 1: Go to Settings > Applications > All Apps.

Step 2: Here you will see all installed apps list. Select Skype app and hit on it.

Step 3: Then tap on Storage and then on Clear Cache and Clear Storage button.

Clear Cache and Clear Storage Of Skype App

Now, restart your Android tablet or phone and then check whether the issue is solved or not. If not then follow the below steps.

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Solution 10: Uninstall And Reinstall Skype App

If clearing the cache files didn’t help then you can uninstall and then install it again from Play Store. The fresh one might not cause a video issue on Skype.

Below are the steps to proceed:

Step 1: Go to the Home screen on your smartphone and tap and hold the Skype app icon until you see the app detail option.

Step 2: Tap on that, this will take you to the Skype app’s information page.

Step 3: Here, tap on Uninstall button.

Once it gets completely uninstalled, run Google Play Store app on your Android mobile. In the search box enter the name of the app and tap on Install button to reinstall it.

Wrap Up

So, these are the 10 effective solutions to fix Skype video not working on Android. By applying any of these methods you can effectively resolve the issue. If you face this problem again in the future then you can use these solutions to handle it.

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