How To Fix “Failed To Validate System Image” On Moto Phone

Solutions To Fix failed to validate system image Error

Overview: After doing some research I have found that many Android users are encountering with error message “failed to validate system image”, particularly the user of Motorola phone. So, in this post I have tried my best to provide solutions to fix “failed to validate system image” on Moto Phones.

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Let us start with real user’s examples:

Example 1:

Device is LOCKED. Status Code: 2 and failed to validate system image

Hi !

I have a problem with my Moto 2gen 2014 LTE (THEA). Firstly I unlock my bootloader using command : #fastboot oem unlock ‘code’ and install TWRP and custom ROM Lineage OS 14.1. In this ROM my SIM card was not detected and I’m going to lock my bootloader (Command: # fastboot oem lock ‘code) and install stock ROM. Now when I turn the phone immediately enter into fastboot mode, and shows me :

Device is LOCKED. Status Code: 2

failed to validate system image

Fastboot Reason: Fall-throught from normal boot mode USB connected

I try several times to boot the new system and update bootloader, but every time is the same

When i try unlock my bootloader cmd shows me :

(bootloader) slot-count: not found

(bootloader) slot-suffixes: not found

(bootloader) slot-suffixes: not found

(bootloader) Check ‘Allow OEM Unlock’ in Developer Options.

FAILED (remote failure)

finished. total time: 0.030s

whether it is still somehow saved? Please, help me.

Source: Lenovo Forums

Example 2:

Failed to validate system image

Hi guys, a friend of mine had a problem with his Moto E XT1021 and I’m trying to help him. I’m stuck on this screen and i don’t know what to do:

AP Fastboot Flash Mode (S)

Battery OK

Devis is LOCKED. Status Code: 0

Connect USB Data Cable

failed to validate system image

Fastboot Reason: Fall-through from not charger-boot mode

He told me that he started to have problems after updating his phone. Whatever I do, I get:

failed to validate system image

Boot up failed

I tried to unlock the bootloader, but when I type fastboot oem get_unlock_data I get this error:

(bootloader) Could not get unlock data! OKAY [ 0.166s] finished. total time: 0.173s

…any suggestions? Thanks.

Source: XDA Forums – XDA Developers

That was just two examples. But there are many users out there and mostly Motorola phone users, facing the same error message “failed to validate system image”.

Nevertheless, you don’t have to worry about, I have mentioned few solutions that can help you to resolve failed to validate system image error message.

So, here we go!

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Solutions To Fix “Failed To Validate System Image” on Motorola Moto Phone

Well, before you proceed further I would like to inform you that – I am not responsible for anything that happens to your device as a result of flashing these files. You will be the only person for what you will be doing as your destiny is your own.

Also note that to downgrade the version then flashing a Firmware Image is not a safe way. Avoid flashing ‘motoboot.img’.

However, if you still want to fix the above error – failed to validate system image, then follow the below solutions.

failed to validate system image

Solution 1:

Unlock your bootloader and try again. Just use mfastboot driver to flash.

A user have solved this problem by unlocking the bootloader and then he flash his device with Android version 4.4.4 and problem failed to validate system was solved.

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Solution 2:

For the users of Moto E, they can check out Moto E failed to validate boot image solution mentioned-below.

Download the flash file from the following links. Check by yourself which flash file can help you to fix this error:

Flash File for CID 7: [Recommended]

Flash File For CID 12:

And then flash your device with flash file. This will help you to solve your problem.

The above solution can also fix failed to validate system image on Moto E 2nd gen, XT1022 and other Moto E series phone.

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Solution 3:

For the users of Moto G series such as Moto G 2nd gen, Moto G 3rd gen, etc who all are getting the same error of failed to validate system image, can download the flash file for Moto G phone form here:

And then flash your device. After flashing, I hope you will not get the error anymore.

Solution 4:

For Moto X users, they can follow the same as solution 2.

You can try to flash with 4.4.4 firmware, download the files from here:

After download the above file, flash your device. Note: If you get any error while flashing, then use cmd command for each file. Once the flashing process gets complete, I hope your problem will be gone.

Note: The above-mentioned solutions might also help you to get rid of “hab check failed for boot failed to validate boot image” as well.

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Bonus Tip: Recover Data After Fixing “Failed To Validate System Image” Error

Well, this is off-topic.

If you have lost any important files from your Motorola phone such as photos, videos, contacts, messages, documents, audio, notes, etc after flashing the device that you wish to recover, then immediately try Android Data Recovery software.

Do not use your Moto phone or add any new file after fixing the above error, or else it will overwrite the existing data and hence, you may lose the chance to recover your files.

Best of Luck!

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Wrap Up

So, those were some of the solutions through which you can fix and get rid of error “failed to validate system image” on Moto phones. However, if you have lost any important data from your Moto phone while fixing the error, then you must try Android Data Recovery software to recover them back.

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