Is Your WhatsApp Not Working? Here What You Need To Do!

How To Fix WhatsApp Not Working

WhatsApp is one of the best and most popular instant messaging apps all over the world, many of us use it for chatting and little talks and conversations in our day-to-day life. What if WhatsApp suddenly stops working?

Don’t worry! In this article, you will learn about how to fix WhatsApp not working. You can follow the given mentioned solutions and check whether the issue is fixed or not.

Before going to the solutions, let’s know what are the causes behind the WhatsApp not working issue.

Causes – Why WhatsApp Is Not Working?

There could be several causes for this issue and some of them are mentioned below.

  • Due to improper/unstable internet connection.
  • Maybe your phone is outdated.
  • Maybe your account was deleted.
  • Maybe your app is not updated to the latest version.
  • Due to WhatsApp being down.
  • And so on…

These are some of the causes but there could be many more.

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Anyway, let’s move to the solution to fix the problem and get rid of it.

First of all, you must follow the basic fixes, and then you can go ahead with other solutions.

So, here we begin!

Video Tutorial: How To Fix WhatsApp Not Working On Android

Basic Solutions To Fix WhatsApp Is Not Working

These are some of the basic solutions, you can follow the solution and fix the problem.

  • Restart your phone, because if the device causes the problem, then restarting the device can fix the minor bugs and glitches and you can able to use WhatsApp.
  • Check internal storage, if your phone doesn’t have enough storage, then you can delete some unused apps and unwanted files to clear your storage.
  • Disable and enable your Wi-Fi connection again, because if the connectivity is the problem, then enabling and disabling it, can fix the problem.
  • Uninstall and reinstall WhatsApp again, but before uninstalling the application, back up your data. To uninstall, tap and hold the app icon, then tap on Uninstall. Now, reinstall it again from the Play Store.
  • Maybe WhatsApp is restricted in your country, and that’s why it is not working. If it is restricted in your country, then it will show a notification when you try to register it.

These are some of the basic solutions to fix the issue, simply follow them and get rid of the problem. Now, let’s move to more solutions.

Solution 1 – Check If WhatsApp Is Down Or Not

Well, it might be that WhatsApp is down that’s why it suddenly stops working. If it is down, then you will not able to receive or send messages and not even make calls. If this is the reason, then there is no solution to fix it, you only have to wait till WhatsApp fixes the issue.

You can check the status of WhatsApp services for Android and iOS in your city, state and look for updates from the press release editors or other users, to check if any official outage is ongoing.

You can check the Official WhatsApp Twitter Handle and WhatsApp Status Twitter Account to check whether it is down or not because they always provide updates on their social media page if their service is down. You can also visit DownDetector website or visit the isitdownrightnow website to check if it is currently down or not.

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Solution 2 – Check The Internet Connection

If WhatsApp isn’t down, then you should check your internet connection. As you know it needs the internet to work flawlessly, and if the network connection is unstable, then this could be the reason behind the issue.

So, it’s better to connect your phone to your nearby working Wi-Fi connection or other connection for internet access, then you can able to use the app easily and properly without having any issues.

If the connectivity is not the problem, then move to the other solution to fix the problem.

Solution 3 – Restart Your WhatsApp

If WhatsApp is misbehaving and not working properly and suddenly stop working, then you can try to restart the app, because it can fix the minor bugs and glitches. After restarting the app, always check for the problem is fixed or not, if not, then move to the other solution.

Solution 4 – Update WhatsApp & Phone OS Version

If your WhatsApp and phone OS version are not updated to the latest version, then it can also cause this issue. Check if the updates are available, then update the OS version and WhatsApp to the latest version, because it can fix minor bugs and glitches.

Steps To Update WhatsApp: –

  • Open Google Play Store on your phone.
  • Now, search for WhatsApp, then simply tap on Update option, if an update is available.

Update WhatsApp

Steps To Update Phone OS Version: –

  • Navigate to Settings and tap on System.
  • Now simply tap on System Update.
  • Now, you are able to see your update status, simply follow the on-screen instructions and update your phone OS version.

How To Update Android OS

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Solution 5 – Allow App Permissions

Well, it might be possible that you didn’t give permission or forget to allow permission to the apps, that’s why WhatsApp suddenly stops working.

Because the app needs the permission of your contacts, microphone, camera, etc. so that it can have access to your information and details and thereby, it can work properly. These are the steps to follow.

  • Navigate to Settings and select Apps.
  • Then, search WhatsApp and select Permissions.
  • Now, simply allow the permissions, which are not allowed.

Solution 6 – Clear The Cache And Data Of WhatsApp

Corrupted cache and data can also cause the issue of WhatsApp not working. Sometimes the app cache and app data get corrupted, then the app might not work properly and suddenly stops working.

So, it’s better to clear the app cache and data, clearing the cache and data can fix the problem, because once you clear the app cache and data, then it will start with a new cache file. These are the steps to follow.

  • Go to Settings and tap on Apps & notifications.
  • To see all the apps, simply tap on App info or other available options. Now from that page, search for WhatsApp.
  • Now, simply choose Storage & Cache, then tap on Clear Cache & Clear Data/Storage.

Clear WhatsApp Cache and Data

From the same page, you can also try to force stop the app, because it can shut down your WhatsApp and when you again open the app, it restarts as fresh.

Always check whether the problem is solved or not, if not, then move to the other solution.

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Solution 7 – Ensure Background Data Is Turned On

Well, make sure your background data is turned on for WhatsApp, if it is not enabled, then you should enable it from settings because there is a possibility that disabled background data can prevent sending messages notifications.

You can also enable Unrestricted data usage to receive notifications while the data saver is enabled on your phone. These are the steps to follow.

  • Navigate to Settings and select Apps.
  • Now, search for WhatsApp, then from the app info page simply tap on Mobile data & Wi-Fi.
  • Now, switch on the toggle next to the Background Data.
  • Then, switch on the toggle beside the Unrestricted data usage.

Solution 8 – Turn Off Data Saver

Well, if the data saver is enabled on your phone, then maybe your app does not work properly. You won’t receive/send notifications and messages on your phone when WhatsApp is not open.

You will only be able to send/receive messages when WhatsApp is opened. So, it’s better to turn off the data saver. You will find the data saver on/off button on your phone control centre/panel.

Solution 9 – Reset The App Preferences

Well, if your issue is still not solved, then it’s time to perform this workaround because it can fix the problem of WhatsApp not working. Performing the reset app preference workaround can bring the default app setting back without deleting any of your data. These are the steps to follow.

  • Navigate to Settings > System.
  • Now, on the system settings page, tap on Reset.
  • Now, hit Reset app preferences and confirm it, then hit Reset Apps.

Reset App Preferences In Android


If WhatsApp stops working, then things become a little uneasy in our day-to-day life, because we can’t talk or chat with our friends and family. So, this is the complete guide on how to fix WhatsApp that is not working. I hope this article has helped you in fixing the issue.

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