YouTube Reused Content and How to Avoid Duplication

What Is YouTube Reused Content and How To Fix It

What Is YouTube Reused Content? How To Appeal Suspension For Monetization and How To Get Rid Of Duplicate Content!

Overview: Have you ever got troubled with YouTube reused content policy (earlier known as duplication of content)? If your channel got rejected or suspended and got demonetized due to “Reused content” or if you are looking to avoid the duplication of content from happening in future, then this article is for you. Just be with us till the end.

Let’s start with a real user practical scenario!

Practical Scenario: A User Channel Was Demonetized Due To Reused Content

YouTube Channel Demonetized Due To Reused Content

Source: YouTube Help Community

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What Is YouTube Reused Content Policy?

Reused Content means any channel that is using other creators’ work without adding any extra value such as original commentary or educational value and does not give them proper credit and even copy their thoughts and ideas as their own.

In short, you will not be able to monetize duplicate content that you have copied and that doesn’t feature any original element.

Your content might get flagged if it contains any third-party content, such as:

  • Content published of other YouTube creators.
  • Copyrighted content.
  • Footage from public domain.
  • Royalty free music.

If you are uploading third-party content on your channel, then you are at risk of getting caught by YouTube’s reused content strict policy.

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Can We Use Reused Content To Monetize On YouTube?

Can I Use Reused Content To Monetize On YouTube

You can use the reused content but there are a few terms and conditions for that too as well.

YouTube allows creators to use reused content but only if there is a clear difference between the original videos and the reused video.

This includes:

  • Edit Footage By Adding Voiceovers: Add your own voiceovers or break the video completely into short videos by adding your own narration.
  • Critical Reviews: If you add your own critical commentary by building your viewers and strengthening your brand.
  • Reaction Videos: You can add your own face for reacting to other videos. Try to add a thoughtful or funny spin to the original content by editing the footage from it and adding your own reaction or event.
  • Videos With Education Component or Clear Narrative: You can use other videos for using it as examples to describe your own idea or point.

Let me tell you that you can’t monetize videos that don’t include the above-mentioned modifications. This includes:

  • Clips of TV shows are edited into one piece of video.
  • Collections of different songs from different artists.
  • Promotion of other creator’s content.

These rules apply whether you have taken permission or not from the original creator or artist. YouTube holds the right to reject or suspend the YouTube Partner Program (YPP) regardless of what you may believe a meaningful context or difference.

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How To Overcome A Reused Content Claim If You Are Suspended From YPP?

When you get suspended from YouTube Partner Program (YPP), then you might get panic. However, there are some measures and steps that you can take to overcome a reused content claim and get back your monetization on track.

How To Appeal For Your Reused Content Suspension To YouTube For Monetization

What To Do When Your YouTube Channel Not Approved For Monetization Reused Content

YouTube gives chances to the creator to appeal their reused content suspension or rejection. In order to appeal your suspension, you have to log in to your YouTube Studio account and upload a short appeal video.

Your appeal videos should be uploaded to the channel in question. Go to “Earn” section on YouTube Studio, you will find the link to the appeal process. Simply enter the appeal video link and submit it.

Make sure that your appeal video must include:

  • How you have created the content.
  • How your content was filmed.
  • How you have edited your content.
  • A video or image of you onscreen or a voiceover.

You have to explain that your video is original and it is not a copy of any other work.

You can film a video and tell YouTube about your filming and editing process. Be truly and utterly honest.

You have to explain that your content falls under the AdSense program policies.

You have to submit the appeal video within 21 days of suspension. Once you submitted the appeal video, YouTube will review it and will respond its decision within 14 days.

If your appeal is successful, then YouTube will re-approve your monetization for the channel in question and enable your YPP program back on. However, it might take up to 30 days for monetization to be re-initiated.

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Does YouTube Allow To Re-Appeal For YPP and Monetization?

Yes, YouTube allows the creators to re-apply for YPP program and monetization within 30 days of your account suspension or YPP application rejection.

If your appeal gets rejected, you can again make another appeal video and submit it once again within 30 days after the suspension date.

How To Avoid Suspension For Reused Content From YouTube Partner Program?

In order to avoid suspension for reused content from YPP, you have to keep following the below-mentioned tips.

  • Make sure to add your face as well as your voice to your videos in order to make it clear that you are producing original content.
  • Make sure to add a narrative to the content. You can take the help of voiceovers to avoid videos from being flagged. Just don’t add a short intro, instead you have to add a voiceover throughout the videos.
  • You can add voiceover by using text-to-speech software. Along with adding your own voiceover, you can also use text-to-speech software to produce voiceover content.

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How To Know If There Is Any Reused Content On Your Channel?

At first, YouTube will send an email to you.

But in order to make sure that there is no reused content on your channel. You can check it on the top left side of your screen, where you can see the filter option available. You have to just select creative typical and you are good to go.

Wrap Up

YouTube Partner Program gives high rewards to the original creators, but at the same time the strict policy not always makes the correct decisions.

There is no doubt that YPP is an excellent way to monetize your channel, so instead of using re-used content, it is always recommended that you must create your own and original content to avoid duplication and always focus on what your audience loves about your work.

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