Alcatel Data Recovery – Recover Deleted Data From Alcatel Phone

Alcatel Data Recovery Software To Recover Deleted Data From Alcatel Phones

Learn Easy And Effective Solutions On How To Retrieve Deleted Or Lost Data Like Text Messages, Photos, Videos, Contacts, WhatsApp, Call Logs, Documents, And More From Alcatel Phone!

Overview: Every user faces a data loss scenario in their day-to-day life. And when they lose valuable files from their device, they become very sad. If you have also lost important data from your Alcatel phone and get them back then keep calm! Because in this tutorial, I am going to share some effective and working solutions to recover deleted data from Alcatel phone.

Expert Tip: One of the best ways to retrieve deleted data from Alcatel phone is to use Android Data Recovery software which is reliable Alcatel Data Recovery tool.

With the help of Alcatel Data Recovery, you can:

  • Easily recover lost/deleted data from Alcatel phone without backup.
  • Retrieve various types of files like pictures, videos, audios, SMS, WhatsApp messages, contacts, call history, voice mails, voice recordings, notes, and many more.
  • Extract data from different types of scenarios such as mistaken deletion, factory reset, water damaged, virus or malware infections, screen broken, forgotten password, system crash, etc.
  • Rescue deleted files from both internal storage and external memory card.
  • Preview the desired data in the preview screen of the software.
  • 100% safe, secure and user-friendly.

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Alcatel company was established in 2004. It manufactures One Touch mobile and tablet series. They have been produced many brands of Alcatel phones such as Alcatel AXEL, Alcatel GLIMPSE, Alcatel LUMOS, Alcatel APPRISE, Alcatel 3V, Alcatel INSIGHT, and many more.

However, you are using any Alcatel phone or any other smartphone data loss happens on every phone. So, let us know the reasons behind the deletion of data from Alcatel phone.

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Reasons For The Deletion Of Data From Alcatel Phone

The reasons for the deletion of data from Alcatel phone can be different. But, here I have mentioned about the common causes that most of people face.

Let’s list some of the common causes:

Accidental Deletion: When you mistakenly tapped on the wrong file and they got deleted.

Water Damaged: While using the phone you accidentally dropped your phone into water or due to any reason water enters on your phone.

Corrupted SD Card: The files that you have saved on your external SD card get corrupted and all items get erased.

Virus Attacks: If a virus enters on your phone then it will damage all data stored on your phone.

Forgotten Screen Lock: Due to changing the lock screen password of your phone you forgot the passcode that you have set on your phone and are unable to access the device.

Factory Reset: To solve some issues on your phone you factory reset your phone and all the items get deleted.

Other Causes: ROM flashed, system update, screen broken/cracked, black/white screen of death, rooting, etc.

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Now let us check out some practical scenarios uploaded by some real users.

Practical Scenario 1: An Alcatel One Touch Idol User Has Deleted Videos And Photos

recover deleted videos from alcatel onetouch Idol

Dear Tom Guide, How can I recover deleted videos & photos from alcatel onetouch idol anroid phone, this is really urgent, this is information for my work that was accidentally deleted.

Many thanks for your help.

Source: Tom’s Guide Forum

Practical Scenario 2: Contacts And Messages Has Been Erased From Alcatel One Touch Android Mobile

How to recovery erase messages from my Alcatel One touch android mobile?

accidentally I locked my phone and after I unlocked it all my contacts and messages were erased. Please help

Translation by Saga Lout

Source: Tom’s Guide Forum

Like the above practical scenarios, many users are also going through this data loss problem on the Alcatel phone. So, if you have also deleted data from your Alcatel Android phone then below read the below solutions to recover deleted/lost data from Alcatel phone.

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Solution 1: Restore Deleted Alcatel Photos, Videos, And Documents From Google Drive Backup

Every user is familiar with Google Drive which provides 15GB of free storage space to backup pictures, videos, and documents. So, if you have created a backup in Google Drive before they get deleted then you can easily restore them.

Here, learn how to restore deleted videos, images, and documents from Alcatel phone using Google Drive Backup.

Step 1: Open Google Drive app on your Alcatel phone or you can visit the Google Drive webpage in any web browser.

Step 2: If needed, enter your email ID and password that you have used at the time of backing up the files.

Step 3: Once you logged in, you will find all the backed-up files.

Step 4: Just choose the desired one by tapping and holding them and then simply download selected items from there.

Restore Photos From Google Drive Backup

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Solution 2: Get Back Deleted Data From Alcatel Phone Using Google Photos

If you have enabled the backup and sync option of Google Photos on your TCL Alcatel phone then all the photos and videos get saved to Google Photos app. And if they are deleted from there then they are moved to the trash folder of the Google Photos app.

Note: The deleted photos and videos stay in the Google Photos trash for 60 days and after 60 days they permanently get deleted.

Below, follow the steps to retrieve deleted pictures and videos from Alcatel phone using Google Photos.

Step 1: Open Google Photos app on your phone.

Step 2:  Then tap on Library and then on Trash.

Restore deletd photos from Google Photos Backup

Step 3: Now, select the phone images or videos by tapping and holding them.

Step 4: Lastly tap on “Restore” and the photos and videos will be restored in your Google Photos library, phone’s gallery app, or in any album where they were earlier.

Restore Photos From Google Photos App On Android

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Solution 3: Recover Deleted Data From Alcatel Phone Without Backup

If you don’t get erased data in Google Drive or Google Photos or if you have not created any backup then in these cases you are highly suggested to try Android Data Recovery which is a perfect Alcatel Data Recovery software.

Using this program you can recover permanently deleted text messages, contacts, photos, WhatsApp chat history, call logs, voice memos, call/voice recordings, documents, notes, calendar, audios, and many other important data.

It retrieves files that have been deleted due to various reasons such as intentional deletion, ROM flashing, water damaged, freezing/hanging phone, factory reset, forgotten screen lock passcode, broken/damaged phones, system crash, virus or malware attacks, etc.

Note: Please don’t add any new data on your Alcatel mobile phone as this will overwrite the existing data which will lose the chance of successful data recovery.

Supported Alcatel Android Phones: Alcatel LUMOS/GLIMPSE/AXEL/APPRISE/SMARTFLIP/INSIGHT/GO FlIP 3/V/AVALON/ONYX/IdealXTRA/TETRA/1B/1L Pro/1 (2021)/1S (2021)/1L (2021)/3L (2021)/1V Plus/5X/1V/3X (2019)/3L/3 (2019)/1S/1c (2019)/1x (2019)/1c/5V/1/5/3V/3X/3/1X/3C/A7 XL/A7/Idol 5/Idol 5S/U5 HD/Idol 4 Pro/A30 Plus/Idol 5S/A50/Flash/U5/A5 LED/A3/A3 XL/Pixi 4/Plus Power/Pixi 4 (5)/XL/Shine Lite/X1/Pop Star/Pop 4S/Pop 4+/Pop 4/Plus 10/OneTouch Fierce XL/OneTouch Pixi 4 (3.5)/OneTouch/Pixi 4 (4)/Pixi 4 (6)/Flash 2/OneTouch Pixi First/OneTouch Idol 3C/OneTouch Go Play/OneTouch Pop Up/OneTouch Pop/Star LTE/OneTouch Pop Star/OneTouch Pop Astro/OneTouch Hero 2+/OneTouch Idol 3 (5.5)/OneTouch Idol 3 (4.7)/Orange Klif/OneTouch Pixi 3 (5.5) 4G/OneTouch Pixi 3 (5.5) 3G/One Touch Pop 2 (4.5)/One Touch Pop 2 (5) Premium Edition/One Touch Pop 2 (5) NFC/One Touch Pop 2 (5) Dual-SIM/One Touch Pop 2 (5)/One Touch Pop 2 (4) Dual-SIM/One Touch Pop 2 (4)/One Touch Hero 2C/One Touch Hero 2/One Touch Flash/One Touch 20.05/One Touch Tribe 3040/One Touch Idol X+/OneTouch Pop S9/OneTouch Pop S7/OneTouch Pop S3/One Touch Fire S/One Touch Fire E/One Touch Fire C/One Touch Pop Fit/One Touch Idol 2 Mini/One Touch Idol 2/One Touch POP C9/One Touch Pop C7/One Touch Pop C5/One Touch Pop C3/One Touch Pop C1/One Touch Hero/One Touch Idol X/One Touch Idol ALPHA/One Touch Idol Mini/One Touch Idol S/One Touch Idol/One Touch Idol Ultra/Idol 4S/Idol 4 and all other Alcatel Android Phones available in the market.

Supported Alcatel Tablets: Alactel JOY TAB/JOY TAB 2 and all other Alcatel Android Tablets available  in the market.

Below, follow the full tutorial guide to retrieve deleted or missing data from Alcatel phone without backup via Alcatel Data Recovery tool.

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Steps To Recover Deleted Data From Alcatel Phone

Step 1 – Connect Your Android Phone

Download, install and launch Android Data Recovery on your computer and then select “Data Recovery” option.

Android Toolkit

Now connect your Android device to your PC with the help of USB cable. Make sure USB debugging is enabled on your Android phone.

If your phone is running on Android OS 4.2.2 or higher version, then you will get pop up message on your phone, simply tap OK to allow USB debugging.

Once your device gets connected, you will see the screen as shown below.

Step 2 – Select File Types For Scanning

Once, your phone gets connected, Android Data Recovery will display the file types that its support to recover. By default, the software has check marked all the file types. Here you can select the file types that you want to recover and then click on “Next” to proceed further with recovery process.

After this, the software will provide two options (only for non-rooted device): Scan for deleted files and Scan for all files. Scan for all files will take longer time, but it will scan your device thoroughly. Now click on “Next” to continue with the data recovery process.

The software will analyze your device first.

Android Data Recovery software will now scan your device to recover lost/deleted data. This process may take few minutes of time. Just wait for scanning process to get complete.

Step 4 – Preview and Recover Deleted Data From Android Devices

Once, the scanning process gets complete. You can now preview the recoverable files one by one. Select the files that you want back and then click on “Recover” button to save them on your computer.

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Bonus Tip: Always Backup Alcatel Data To Avoid Data Loss

You should always backup important data of your Alcatel phone to a safe place. Because they can be deleted anytime from your phone and on that time you will regret about thinking that why you have not created the backup of those data.

You can keep backup in Google Drive, Google Photos, computer, etc.

But, I would recommend you to use Android Data Backup & Restore tool to backup Alcatel phone as it can backup different types of data. You can backup the data entirely or selectively.

Here, learn how to backup Alcatel phone data using Alcatel Data Backup & Restore software.

Wrap Up

So, this post is all about how to recover deleted data from Alcatel phone when you have backup and when not. If you have created backup of Alcatel data in Google Drive, Google Photos, computer, etc. then you can easily restore deleted files from there.

But, if there is no backup file is available then you should use Alcatel Data Recovery software to retrieve permanently deleted files from Alcatel phone or tablet without backup.

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