37 Best Android 14 Features That You Must Know

Android 14 Features That You Must Know

It might not be Google I/O if the company did not have its upcoming smartphone and tablet with a new version operating system – and while Android 14 totally got outshined by AI and the company’s first folding phone – Pixel Fold, we have since then learned more from the company’s developer sessions.

Android 14 might seem like an incremental upgrade, but you might get surprised that Google’s “Upside Down Cake” made several internal changes that improve the overall experience of Android and it might make your life sweeter when it arrives this fall.

Android Upside Down Cake Features

Are you excited?

Well, here in this video let’s have a look at the 37 best Android 14 features.

Video: 37 Features Of Android 14 That You Must Know


Android 14: Related Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Question 1: When Is Stable Android 14 Coming Out?

Answer 1: Stable Android 14 seems to release in August or September. That’s what the Google image below suggests.

Android 14 Release Date

Question 2: Does Android 14 Improves The Camera?

Answer 2: As per Google blog, Android 14 will improve the camera with the use of Camera Extensions. This will allow apps to handle longer processing times, enable improved photos with the help of compute-intensive algorithms such as low-light photography on the supported devices.

Question 3: When My Phone Will Get Stable Android 14?

Answer 3: Stable Android 14 will be available first for Pixel devices starting from Pixel 4a 5G to Pixel 7 series.

Besides that, if you have mid-range or premium Samsung phone that is less than 4 years old, you might get Android 14, but that would be much later.

Wrap Up

So, guys, I hope you liked the video. Most importantly, you might be excited to use those Android 14 features on your phone.

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