How To Fix Athena Crash Reporter In Fortnite

How To Fix Athena Crash Reporter In Fortnite

After going through several forums and community websites, I have found that Fortnite players are getting “FortniteGame-Athena Crash Reporter” when they try to launch Fortnite.

The complete error message is displayed as:

FortniteGame-Athena Crash Reporter


Fortnite has crashed. We’re very sorry this happened. And we are working towards preventing it in the future. You can get help online at Fortnite Technical Support

Let me tell you that you are not alone, there are many players out there encountering this error.

In this article, you will learn how to fix Athena Crash Reporter in Fortnite game on PC (FortniteGame-Athena).

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Why Fortnite Game – Athena Crash Occur?

The Fortnite Game – Athena Crash Reporter error occurs because:

  • Maybe your graphic card is outdated.
  • DirectX version is too high.

How To Fix Athena Crash Reporter In Fortnite

To fix Athena Crash Reporter in Fortnite, you have to follow these fixes:

  • Update your graphics card.
  • Downgrade your DirectX version.
  • Verify The Game Files.
  • Clear Cache of Epic Games.

Fix 1: Update Your Graphics Card

  • To update AMD graphics card: Go to AMD Drivers and Support > Download > Open the app > Follow the on-screen steps to update your graphics card.
  • To update Nvidia graphics card: Go to Nvidia GeForce Experience > Download Now > Open the app > Log in or sign up > Drivers > Download.

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Fix 2: Downgrade From DirectX 12 To 11

In order to downgrade from DitectX 12 to 11, follow these steps:

  • Open Epic Launcher and go to “Library”.
  • Next to Fortnite, click on 3 dots.
  • Click “Manage” and then turn on “Launch Options”.
  • Into the text field add “-dx11”.

Downgrade from DirectX 12 to 11

Fix 3: Verify The Game Files

  • Open Epic Games Launcher and click on “Library”.
  • Then click on 3 dots next to “Fortnite”.
  • Select “Manage” and then click on “Verify”.
  • Try to launch Fortnite again.

Verify The Game Files of Fortnite

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Fix 4: Clear Cache of Epic Games

Sometimes the issue can occur due to accumulated cache files of the game. Simply clear the Epic games cache.

  • Open Task Manager by pressing CTRL + ALT + DEL.
  • Select all Epic Games Launcher processes and end the task.
  • Use Windows Search and search for “%localappdata%”.
  • Open the “EpicGamesLauncher” folder and open the “Saved” folder.
  • Now, delete the “webcache”, “webcache_4147”, and “webcache_4430”.
  • Head back to Epic Games Launcher and launch Fortnite.

Clear Epic Games Cache

Wrap Up

I hope by following the solutions mentioned in the post has helped you to fix Athena Crash Reporter In Fortnite (FortniteGame-Athena).

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