How To Fix Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5/Z Fold 5 Overheating Issues

Solve Galaxy Z Fold 5 or Galaxy Z Flip 5 Overheating Problems

After doing some searches, I have found that there are users who are complaining that their new Galaxy Z Flip 5 and Galaxy Z Fold 5 getting hot.

Well, these two devices are high-end smartphone that has flipped and foldable screen. It is normal for a phone to get a little warmer or increase in temperature when running applications, but the problem becomes strange when the temperature overheats.

So, in this article, we are going discuss how to make Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 or Galaxy Z Fold 5 cooler and how to fix overheating issues.

Let’s get started with real user practical scenarios!

Practical Scenario 1: Galaxy Z Flip 5 Overheating Problems

New Z Flip 5 Overheats In Under 5 Minutes

Galaxy Z Flip5 Overheating Problem

Source: Reddit

Practical Scenario 2: Galaxy Z Fold 5 Getting Hot

Z Fold 5 getting hot often

I’ve been having the issue with my Z fold 5 where if I ever use my phone to watch youtube or anything when I’m not charging. The phone will get hot, sometimes up to 104 according to accubattery. And if I ever do anything on the phone while it’s charging it will also get really hot, which I haven’t had as an issue with any other phone. I’m normally using it while folded so I don’t have the big screen. Is there any settings or anything I could do or change to help alleviate this?

Source: Reddit

So, those two were the practical examples experienced by the users.

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Now, let’s find out – Why Galaxy Z Flip 5 or Galaxy Z Fold 5 Get Hot or Overheat?

Why Does Galaxy Z Flip 5 or Galaxy Z Fold 5 Get Hot or Overheat?

There could be several factors that can held responsible for overheating problems in Galaxy Z Flip5/Galaxy Z Fold5.

It is important to find out causes so that you can find the right solutions.

Apps Running In The Background: This is one of the prime factors. If you are running too many apps together and they try to connect to the internet, then it is obvious the temperature will increase and at some point, will overheat.

Heavy Usage: If you are using your phone for a longer period of time, playing games for a longer time, and engaged in tasks like – live video streaming or playing graphic-intensive videos then it can heat up. It is because the process and other elements are working in their higher capacity.

Exposure To Hot Environments: If you expose your device to a high-temperature environment or to direct sunlight, then your phone will definitely overheat. So, try not to expose your phone to hot environments.

Software Issues: Sometimes there could be software issues such as bugs, glitches, and outdated software which can make your device to work harder than required, causing it to overheat.

Hardware Issues: There could be problem in battery or other hardware components that can make your device hot, which could be dangerous and need professional repair.

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How Can You Fix Overheating Problems On Your Galaxy Z Flip 5/Galaxy Z Fold 5?

If you are also facing overheating issue on your Samsung Z Flip 5 or Samsung Z Fold 5, then here are some effective ways to cool it down.

Fix #1: Close Apps Running In The Background

Close all the apps that you are not using currently, in order to reduce the load on your device’s processor.

To close the apps, access the “Recent Key” on your phone to view all running apps, and then tap on “Close All” button.

Fix #2: Remove Phone Cases or Covers

Phone covers and cases trap the heat and do not allow it to escape quickly.

So, remove the phone cases and covers and allow your phone to cool down effectively and more quickly.

Fix #3: Do Not Use Your Phone While Charging

It is highly recommended that you should not use your phone while it is charging, it is because it can cause heat to build up.

Hence, it is better that you must wait until your device gets fully charged before using it.

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Fix #4: Reduce Screen Brightness

A brighter screen consumes more battery power and it can generate more heat.

Therefore, consider reducing the brightness of the screen to help prevent overheating.

Fix #5: Turn OFF Features That You Are Not Using

Features like mobile data, wifi, GPS/location, Bluetooth, NFC are the features that users turn on and forget to turn off them, which causes overheating as well as drains the battery.

Hence, turn off these features when you are not using them.

Fix #6: Enable Light Performance Mode

Light performance mode is a device optimization feature that is available on Galaxy Z Flip5 and Z Fold5. It gives priority to cooling efficiency and battery longevity.

Select between the Standard profile or light profile to enable this mode:

  • Swipe down to bring up the notification panel and look for “Performance” profile icon.
  • Select “Light performance mode” on the Performance profile page.

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Fix #7: Clear Cached Data

Your phone stores the cached data and it accumulates, which slows down your phone and causes the overheating issue.

So, clear the cached data. Go to Settings > Storage > Tap on “Clear cached data” option.

Fix #8: Perform Factory Data Reset

If still your device continues to overheat even after trying the above fixes, then perform a factory data reset.

But remember to back up your important data as it will delete all personal data from the device.

Go to Settings > General Management > Reset > Factory data reset > Reset > Delete All.

Now, set up your device again and check the overheating issue.

Fix #9: Check For Physical Damage

If still, your Samsung Galaxy Z Flip or Galaxy Z Fold 5 overheating, then there could be physical damage to the battery or other components.

In such a scenario, you must carry your device to the nearest Samsung service center or contact Samsung Support for further assistance.

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Tips To Prevent Your Samsung Z Flip 5/Z Fold 5 From Overheating

Here are some tips and best practices that you must follow to avoid and prevent your Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 or Galaxy Z Fold 5 from getting warmer or hotter and make your phone work at normal temperature.

  1. Use The Original Charger: Always try to use the original charger that came along with your Samsung Z Fold 5/Z Flip 5.
  2. Do Not Charge Your Phone In Hot Environment or Direct Sunlight: Charging in these conditions will cause your device battery to heat up. Instead, charge your device in a cooler and dry place.
  3. Try Not To Use Your Phone While Charging: As mentioned earlier, using phone while it is being charged can lead to heat buildup. So, it is best to not to use phone until it is fully charged.
  4. Uninstall Unwanted App: You should uninstall the apps that you are not using as it will help to boost your device performance as well as it will not eat up RAM and processor resources, which reduces the heating problem.
  5. Enable Airplane Mode In Poor Signal Coverage Area: If you are in poor network coverage area, then enable Airplane mode or else your phone will keep searching the signal and your phone will become hotter.
  6. Always Keep Your Phone Software Updated: As mentioned earlier, outdated software can lead device to overheat. Hence, it is good practice to keep your phone software updated all the time. Also, keep your all apps up-to-date.

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How To Solve Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5/Z Flip 5 Device Is Overheating Warning Message?

Samsung phone has their own protection feature that avoids hardware damage due to overheating or too hot problem.

And when your device gets extremely hot, then your phone will display the following message:

Device cooling down. Your device is overheating. Steps will be taken to cool it down.

You can still use the device, but:

– The screen may be dimmed.

– The device may slow down.

– Charging may be paused.

After the device cools down, performance will return to normal automatically.

Essentially, this warning is very important and when you see such an alert message, then you must allow your device to cool down.

Sometimes, users get this warning message even when the device is not too hot. This usually happens if there are any bugs or glitches in the system. In such cases, check for software updates and if any are available, then kindly update it.

If your Galaxy Z Fold 5 or Galaxy Z Flip 5 temperature is too high, then turn off your device for several minutes, until the temperature decreases and your device cools down. After that turn it on and see if your device still getting an overheating warning message or not.

Wrap Up

By understanding the main causes of overheating issues and following the above solutions and tips, you can ensure that your Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 or Z Flip 5 remains cool, functional and efficient.

If none of the fixes and tips work for you, then seek professional help, if needed.

Enjoy using your Samsung Z Flip 5 or Z Fold 5 and don’t worry about overheating!

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