How To Fix Missed Call Notification Won’t Go Away On Android

Solutions To Fix Missed Call Notification Won't Go Away On Android

The Android phone notification badges do make our life easier. At a glance, we can see whether the app has a new notification or not. This feature comes extremely useful, particularly for important apps such as Phone and Messages.

But sometimes, the notification badge for the Phone app doesn’t work and missed call notifications get stuck and it won’t go away on Android phones.

That’s not all, the notification panel starts acting up. Even when you clear the missed call notification in the panel or view the missed call in the call log, it is still stuck in the notification as well as it shows up in the phone app. However, now it starts piling up the missed call. And removing the missed call from the notification doesn’t have any effect.

Well, I can understand your frustration and pain. Luckily, there are many fixes available that will help you to fix missed call notification won’t go away on Android phones issue.

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So, let’s start with real user practical scenarios!

Practical Scenario 1: A User Not Able To Dismiss Missed Call Notification On Android Phone

Can’t dismiss missed call notification

right after upgrading to beta 3 I missed a call… and there’s no way to remove this notification. It won’t swipe away. Viewing the call history doesn’t remove it either. It’s just stuck there.

Original Post Taken From – Reddit

Practical Scenario 2: Missed Call Count Won’t Reset On Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Why won’t my missed calls count reset?

Starting this afternoon I noticed my Phone icon is still showing the number of total missed calls, even after I clear the notification and actually go to the call in the Recent Calls list. I’m on Verizon. Seems like that’s a network thing, right? Is there an alternate way to reset that?


Original Post Taken From – Android Central Forums

That were just two practical scenarios! But there are many users out there who are encountering with such type problems on Android phones: –

  • Missed call notification won’t go away
  • Missed call notification on phone icon will not go away
  • missed call notification got stuck in notification panel
  • Missed call badge icon won’t go away
  • And so on…

Anyway, let’s check out the solutions now!

Note: The settings option may vary for different phones, but this is the procedure for the all solutions mentioned below.

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Video Tutorial: Fix Missed Call Notification Won’t Go Away On Android

Solution 1: Restart/Reboot Your Phone

Many of the major and minor problems of the phone get fixed by simply restarting the phone.

So, simply restart/reboot your device and see if the persistent missed call notification disappears or not.

It has also been reported that spam calls would also get stuck in the notification bar. Well, restarting/rebooting the device fixes that issue as well.

Solution 2: Disable and Then Enable Missed Call Notification

This solution is particularly for Samsung Galaxy Phones.

  • On your Samsung phone, go to Apps> Settings> Notifications.
  • Scroll down through the apps, until you find the Phone app. Tap on “Phone” app.
  • Tap on Missed calls.
  • Now, set what kind of notification you want. You can toggle the switch to off position to disable them. Restart the phone and then you can toggle the switch to on position to enable them.

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Solution 3: Update Your Phone Operating System

Sometimes, it happens that new software updates create issues. For example, when Android 12 was released – Android 12 bug sees missed call notification stuck on Pixel phones. Users were not able to swipe and dismiss missed call notifications created by the phone’s dialer app.

But, do remember that Android release new update in the quick interval in order to fix bug issues. Hence, it is always recommended that you must update your Phone’s operating system.

Here is how to update Android OS:

  • On your phone go to Settings> System> System Update.

If there is any update available, then kindly download and install it.

After the software update, check whether you are able to get rid of missed call notification stuck issue or not.

Solution 4: Force Stop The Phone App

Another workaround to fix this problem is to force stop the Google Phone app/Phone app.

Here follow the steps to force stop the phone app.

  • Long press Phone app, and then tap on “App Info (i)” icon.
  • Now, simply tap on “Force Stop”.

After this, open the Phone app, and you will see that problem is fixed.

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Solution 5: Clear Data of Badge Provider

The “missed call” notification icon from the notification bar should disappear after you clear the notifications. If the icon does not get removed, even after clearing the notification, then clear the data of the Badge Provider.

Here, clear the data of Badge Provider.

  • On your phone, go to Settings> Apps/Application Manager> All.
  • Now look for the Badge Provider and tap on it.
  • Finally, tap on “Clear Data”.

Clear Data of Badge Provider

Now, restart your phone and I hope the “missed call” notification icon would disappear from the notification bar.

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Solution 6: Factory Reset Your Device

This is the ultimate solution, when all of the above-mentioned solutions don’t work for you.

But before you factory reset your device, make sure to backup all data, because performing a factory reset will delete all data from your device.

  • On your phone, go to Settings> System> Reset options> Delete all data (factory reset).

Wrap Up

Though, there can be a lot of causes – Why Missed call badge icon won’t go away on Android phones? But luckily, I hope one of the above-mentioned solutions would have helped you to fix missed call notification won’t go away on Android phone.

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