How To See Saved Passwords On Samsung Pass?

How To See Saved Passwords On Samsung Pass

Are you wondering how to see or view saved passwords on Samsung pass? No Worry! In this post, you will easily learn the steps to see/view saved passwords on Samsung pass.

So, let’s start with – What is Samsung Pass?

What Is Samsung Pass?

Samsung Pass is a secure and easy way to sign-in to your accounts via Biometric authentication. You can save and store log-in credentials details for online accounts and it can also be used as Autofill to automatically fill the address and card details to make your online shopping simpler.

Once, you register your account with Samsung Pass, you can either use your fingerprint, face recognition or iris to sign-in in seconds like magic. You don’t have to memorize and enter the login details manually.

Finally, coming back to the topic. Below, learn the steps to see or view saved passwords on Samsung Pass.

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Steps To See/View Saved Passwords On Samsung Pass

You can easily see/view and manage your saved passwords and data within your Samsung Pass. Here follow the steps.

Step 1 – On your Samsung phone, go to Settings.

Step 2 – Tap on Biometrics and security and then on Samsung Pass.

Steps To View Saved Passwords On Samsung Pass

Step 3 – After that use your biometric data (fingerprint/face recognition or iris) to sign-in to your Samsung Pass.

Use Biometric Data To Login To Samsung Pass

Step 4 – Once, you are logged in to your Samsung Pass, you can see the list of apps and websites under the sign-in tab.

Step 5 – Now, you can simply tap on particular app or website to see the saved password. You can view the login information and passwords of each app and websites saved in Samsung Pass.

How To Find Saved Passwords On Samsung Pass

Here you can also edit or delete the information of individual apps or websites. In order to add or edit personal information such as address or card details, simply click on “Autofill forms” located at the bottom of the screen. You can then add, edit or delete your personal data.

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Samsung Pass Is A Password Manager As Well As A Data Storage App

As I mentioned, Samsung Pass allows users to use their saved biometric information such as fingerprint, face recognition or iris to log in to accounts, apps or websites.

It also allows you to add your personal details, like your address and card detail, so you can autofill the details with ease.

Also, make a note that biometric data and personal details are saved only to your device, and it does not sync to any other devices.

Bonus Tip: Where You Can Find Samsung Pass Settings

Samsung users can find Samsung Pass Settings on their Samsung phones by following the below steps.

  • Go to Settings > Biometrics and Security > Samsung Pass.
  • Now you have to sign-in to your Samsung Pass account.
  • Then tap on “three vertical dot” located at the top right corner and then tap on “Settings”.

Steps To Find Samsung Pass Settings

That’s It! Here You can see the Samsung Pass settings.

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Wrap Up

Saving passwords in Samsung Pass is simple and it makes your life easier. Also, you can easily view, edit or delete your saved password in Samsung Pass at any time.

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