How To Fix Samsung Fold Unresponsive Screen

How To Fix Samsung Galaxy Fold Unresponsive Screen

Find Out Possible Solutions To Fix Samsung Fold/Galaxy Z Fold 5/4/3/2 Touch Screen Not Working!

Are you experiencing touch screen issue on your Samsung Galaxy Fold series smartphone? Is your Samsung Fold half screen is not working? Are facing partially unresponsive screen on your Samsung Fold phone?

If “Yes”, then you have landed on the right web-page. In this guide, you will find out some possible solutions that will help you to fix Samsung Fold unresponsive screen.

I will start with real user practical scenarios!

Practical Scenario 1: A User’s Fold 3 Completely Become Touch Unresponsive

My fold 3’s cover screen just became completely touch unresponsive

I’ve tried display testing and the front cover doesn’t recognise any input from touch, restarting and clearing system cache didn’t help, any ideas? I’m somewhat inclined to believe it’s a software thing as it has randomly worked for a few hours at a time but stops after being left face down.

Source: Reddit

Practical Scenario 2: Samsung Fold Z Fold3 Is No Longer Responsive To Touch

Z Fold3 inner screen no longer working

I opened my Z Fold3 and discovered a large thick black line down the centre fold and the right hand side of the screen is no longer responsive to touch.

The device hasn’t been dropped or damaged and there isn’t any cracking or damage to the screen.

Can anyone advise? I’ve only had the handset since January so not long at all.

The Samsung website just seems to want to send me for a £400 screen replacement but I haven’t caused any damage.

Source: Samsung Community

So, that was just two real examples of the users. Similarly, there are more users out there facing such issues.

Nevertheless, follow the below-mentioned solutions to fix Samsung Fold unresponsive screen.

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Solutions To Fix Samsung Fold Unresponsive Screen

Note: Below mentioned fixes are applicable to all Samsung Fold or Flip series smartphone models, including Galaxy Z Fold 5/4/3/2 or Galaxy Z Flip 5/4/3/2.

Solution #1: Remove The Attachments From Your Device

If you have attached any kind of accessories to your foldable phone such as screen protectors to the touch screen, then it might not work properly. Avoid small stickers, protective labels as they can affect touch sensitivity.

Some protective glass or films of other brands have adhesive on the side edges and if you attach such accessories to the touch screen then these protective glass or films might not adhere to the screen completely. And hence some areas of the touch may not respond properly.

So, remove the attachment and then check the touch function.

Solution #2: Restart Your Samsung Fold Phone

Most of the problem get solved by simply restarting the device.

So, restart your Samsung Fold phone and then check.

  • Press and hold Side + Volume Down button, until the “Power Off” option appears, then release.

Restart Samsung Galaxy Z Fold Phone

  • Tap on “Restart”.

Restart Samsung Galaxy Fold

If the device is unresponsive, then follow these steps:

  • Press and hold Side + Volume Down button (approximately 15 seconds) until the Samsung Galaxy screen appears, then release.
  • Leave your device for several seconds for the reboot process to complete.

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Solution #3: Update Software [If Available]

Outdated software may give rise to touch screen issue on your smartphone. Hence, it is always recommended that you must keep you phone OS up-to-date.

  • Go to Settings > Software update > Download and Install.
  • If any new update is available, then tap on “Install Now”.

Update Software on Samsung Fold

If your device is already up-to-date, then you will see the latest updated information.

Solution #4: Inspect Your Charger

Check your charger, if it is damaged then it will not supply power to your phone properly and thereby it can cause your phone screen to perform improperly.

In such cases, use another or undamaged charger in order to avoid the problem. It is also advisable not to use touchscreen when the phone is charging.

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Solution #5: Drain The Battery Power Completely

Drain The Battery Power Completely of Samsung Fold

This is one of the other tips that can help you to solve Samsung fold touch screen not working or not responding issue.

This will help to reset the device and may fix the issue.

Watch videos, play games, listen to video music or do something on your Samsung Fold to discharge its battery power completely.

Once the battery drains completely, charge your phone and switch it ON.

Wait for the phone to restart and check if it has resolved the issue.

Solution #6: Turn OFF Touch Sensitivity

If you are not using any screen protector or protective film on your Samsung Fold and if the Touch sensitivity settings is enabled, then touchscreen might respond to sensitively and thereby malfunction.

So, turn off Touch sensitivity. Go to Settings > Display. Toggle the switch to OFF position next to Touch Sensitivity.

Disable Touch Sensitivity On Samsung Fold

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Solution #7: Calibrate Touch Screen

If your Samsung Fold Z 2/3/4/5 half screen is responding and half screen is not responding then calibrating the touch screen can help you to resolve the partially unresponsiveness screen issue on your phone.

  • On your phone, go to Settings > Display.
  • Tap “Touchscreen sensitivity and calibration”.
  • Now, just follow the on-screen instructions in order to calibrate touch-screen
  • After that check if it has solved the issue.

Calibrate Touch Screen On Samsung Fold

Solution #8: Optimize Your Samsung Galaxy Z Fold Performance

Samsung phone comes with a device care feature which helps in improving the overall performance of the device by scanning the occupied storage space with junk files and other potential issues.

And this can help you to fix Samsung Fold front screen not working issue.

  • Go to Settings > Battery and device care > Optimize now.

Optimize Samsung Galaxy Fold

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Solution #9: Reboot Galaxy Z Fold In Safe Mode

Putting your phone in Safe Mode is another trick to find out whether the screen is still unresponsive or flickers.

Safe Mode is like a tool that helps you to diagnose and identify the issue on your device.

To put your Samsung Galaxy Z Fold phone into Safe Mode, follow the below steps:

  • Press and hold Volume Down + Side button, until the Power Off Menu appears, then release.

Reboot Samsung Galaxy Z Fold Phone In Safe Mode

  • Tap and hold Power OFF option, until Safe Mode option appears, then release.
  • Tap on “Safe Mode” to confirm.
  • Your device will reboot in Safe Mode.

Reboot Samsung Galaxy Fold In Safe Mode

If screen respond and do not flicker and it works fine in Safe mode, then the third-party app is most likely creating the problem.

In such case, you must remove the recently installed apps one-by-one until the problem is solved.

But if still, your phone screen is unresponsive even in Safe Mode, then the problem is not related to an app.

To exit safe mode, simply restart your device.

Solution #10: Try Android Repair To Fix Galaxy Z Fold Screen Unresponsive Issue

If all the above-mentioned solutions have failed to solve the issue, then you can try Android Repair software. It is designed to tackle several types of issues with Android devices, including touch screen problem as well. It can be a handy tool that helps you to fix the issue with your device and get it back to normal.

Download Android RepairBuy Android Repair

The software fixes the Android OS back to normal and thereby helps you to get rid of unresponsiveness half screen issue on your Galaxy Fold smartphones.

So, what are you waiting for Download and install Android Repair on your computer, connect your Samsung Fold phone to your PC and follow the steps to fix the touch screen issue on your Samsung Fold.

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Solution #11: Contact Samsung Support

You can also contact Samsung Support for further help.

You can either contact them via the official Samsung website Contact Us page or via Samsung member app and report the issue.

They will guide you with the additional solutions or arrange for the device repair or replacement.

Solution #12: Factory Reset Your Samsung Fold

If you want, then you can even factory reset your device and then check if it has resolved your partially unresponsive screen issue on your Galaxy Fold smartphone.

But before you perform a factory reset, you must backup your device data as it will erase all data from your phone.

  • Go to Settings > General management > Reset > Factory data reset > Reset > Delete All.

Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy Fold

Wrap Up

So, I hope now you have got several solutions that can help you to fix Samsung Fold unresponsive screen issue.

But if all solutions fail, then it is highly recommended that you must try Android Repair software, which is mentioned in Solution #8. It will effectively help you to solve partly or fully unresponsive screen problems on Galaxy Fold by fixing the Phone OS.

If you have found this article helpful and useful, then please share it as it can help other users as well!

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