How To Report Problem In Samsung Members With Crash Logs

How To Submit Error Report With Log Data Via Samsung Members App

Learn The Easy Steps To Report Error/Problem/Issue Via Samsung Members App With Crash Logs!

If you are facing any issues on your Samsung phone and want to send a report via Samsung Members app, but don’t know how to do it, then this article is for you.

In this post, I am going to show you – how to send or report problem with crash logs via Samsung members app.

Let’s start with a real user practical scenario!

Practical Scenario: A User Looking To Report Problems In Samsung Members With Crash Logs

How to report problems in samsung members with crash logs

Hi, I need help because I am in contact with samsung support and I they are asking me to send the the crash logs with samsung members but I can’t find how.

Source: Reddit

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What Is Samsung Members?

What Is Samsung Members App

Samsung Members is an app that is created by Samsung. It is a community app for Samsung Galaxy users. It gives you exclusive content and helps you to make the most of your device.

With the help of this app, you can share tips and tricks, experiences or discuss favorite features with the community.

However, the other main features of this app are that it is made for support and device diagnostics. It allows you to send error reports, register Samsung products and more. It has diagnostic capabilities that can help maximize the device’s performance and identify issues.

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How To Send Problem In Samsung Member With Crash Logs

When you face any problems on your Samsung phone, and when troubleshooting the issue, Samsung tries to help you in fixing the problem via relevant guidance.

But when this guidance doesn’t help you, then Samsung might ask you to send an Error Report via Samsung Members app.

When you do so, you can submit system log data which helps Samsung to provide the applicable support.

So, below follow the steps to report an error/issue in Samsung Members app with a crash log.

Steps To Report Problem In Samsung Member With Crash Logs

Step 1: On your Samsung phone, open Samsung Members app.

Open Samsung Members App

Step 2: Tap on Support.

Tap On Support

Step 3: Then scroll down and under Send feedback, choose Error reports.

Tap on Error Reports

Step 4: Select the category or error type.

Tap on Category or Error Type

Step 5: Explain the issue and make sure that “Send System Log Data” is selected. It can help fix your issue/error quickly. You may also attach screenshots, images from the gallery.

Make Sure System Log Data Is Selected

Step 6: Now, select the frequency from “Once/Often/Sometimes” to whatever you want.

Select Issue Frequency

Step 7: Once you are ready to send your error report, tap on “Send” icon to submit it.

Send Error Reports Via Samsung Members App With Log Data

That’s It! You will then get a response from Samsung shortly.

(Images Credit: Samsung)

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Wrap Up

I hope by going through the article, you are now able to easily send, submit or report error/problem with crash logs via Samsung Members app.

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