Samsung Pay Transport Card Not Working? 6 Fixes That Worked!

How To Fix Samsung Pay Transport Card or Transit Card Not Working

Learn To Fix Samsung Pay Transit/Transport Card Not Working On Phone or Watch!

I am starting this article with real user practical scenario!

Practical Scenario: Transport Card (Samsung Pay) Not Working On Samsung S22

Simplygo/Transport Card (Samsung Pay) Not Working

The Simplygo / Transport Card feature in Samsung Pay to tap in for public transport rides is not working suddenly. It has working fine on my S22 suddenly faulty sice 2 days.

I have tried to reset / reinstall the Samsung Pay app but still not working.

Anyone expericensing similar issues, please share…

Source: Samsung Community

This practical example has been taken from Samsung community, where lots of users facing the same error.

Hence, I have decided to provide the effective solutions that can help to fix Samsung Pay transport card not working on Samsung phone or watch.

So, here we go!

Before we start, here is an important note: Samsung Pay will not work with the card readers that do not Support MST or NFC. These card readers are mostly found in train, buses, gas stations and vending machines.

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Quick Fixes To Solve Samsung Pay Transport Card Not Working

  • Restart your device (phone or watch).
  • Update Samsung Pay App and phone/watch (if any available).
  • Add another card and check.
  • Remove and re-add card and then check.
  • If screen is off and it is not working, then you may have to unlock your screen, you have to scan fingerprint print every time and then tap to pay.
  • Sometimes you have to wait for few days and then check later.

Solution 1: Check Network Connection

If you are in a place where there is weak signal due to which you do not have strong or proper network connection, then you may face issue.

Your phone or watch will display the error messages such as “Network problem occurred” or “No network connection” while you try to pay via Samsung Pay.

Hence, make sure that your phone or watch is connected to mobile data or wifi that gives stable network connection.

If issue continues, try to put your device in airplane mode and then disable it or restart your device. This will help to re-establish a connection with mobile carrier service or with your wi-fi network.

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Solution 2: Make Sure That There Is No Issue With Your Card

While making a transaction on the cashier’s payment terminal, if you receive an error, then check if there isn’t any issue with your debit or credit card or transit card, such as insufficient funds. In order to be sure, you can contact the card’s issuer.

Let me tell you that once the payment detail sent to the terminal, the transaction is between the card’s and merchant (i.e. Transit/Transport card, MasterCard, Visa or American Express). Thereafter there is no role of Samsung Pay.

Note: If you are using Reward Points or Reward Visa Card, the transaction will get cancelled, if you are trying to get back cash.

Solution 3: Check If NFC/Bluetooth Feature Is Turned ON or Not

When you are making payment, make sure that Bluetooth and NFC feature is enabled on your phone or watch. If it is not enabled, then you will get the transaction error.

In order to enable the features on Phone, simply swipe down from the top of the screen to bring up the notification panel. Then swipe and tap on NFC icon to enable it. Similarly, tap on Bluetooth icon to enable it.

Turn ON NFC on Samsung Phone

In order to activate the features on Watch, simply swipe down from the top of the screen and open the Quick Setting panel, and then tap on Bluetooth icon and swipe to and tap on NFC icon.

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Solution 4: Remove Phone’s Cover or Case

In order to get better result, it is highly recommended that you must use Samsung authorized cases/cover for your phone.

If you are using any third-party (non-OEM) cases/cover for your phone, then you may encounter issue while making payment.

A very thick cover/case may block the signal between your phone and payment terminal.

In such case, you may remove phone cover/case and try again to make payment, if you are having any issue.

Solution 5: Place The Phone Properly For Your Payment Terminals

While making the payment, please make sure that you are placing the phone or watch at the right spot.

Please have a look at the below images to see where to place the device while making the payment at common terminals.

Where to place the device while making the payment at common terminals via Samsung Pay

(Pic Credit: Samsung)

If the payment terminal uses the NFC features for the transaction, then you have to place the phone or watch in a different position. Please have a look at the below images.

Where to place the device while making the payment at common terminals using NFC features via Samsung Pay

(Pic Credit: Samsung)

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Solution 6: Contact The Samsung Support

If you are still facing the issue within the app after following the above-mentioned solutions, then it’s high time that you must contacts Samsung Pay Support for further help.

Go to Samsung Pay, tap on 3 horizontal lines to bring up the Menu option. Here, tap on “Help”. Now to send an email help, tap on Contact Us.

Bonus Tip: How To Set Up Samsung Pay Transit/Transport Card

Here follow the steps to set-up transit or transport card in Samsung Pay.

[Pic Credit Goes To: Samsung]
  • Open Samsung Pay on your phone.
  • Tap “Start”, under the “Transport Card”.

Under Transport Card tap on START

  • Next, tap on Set up transport card.

Tap on Set up transport card

  • Now, place your card within the frame or click on “Enter card manually” and then enter the details of the card by yourself.

Enter card manually

  • Next, it’s time to verify your card, simply tap on “SMS” in order to generate the code that will be sent to your mobile.

tap on SMS to generate a code

  • Just enter the verification code and then tap on “Submit” button.

Enter verification code and tap on Submit

  • Once, the Set Up completes. Tap on “Done”.

Wrap Up

In this tech world, it is obvious that things don’t work as you expected. Similarly, Samsung pay transport or transit may not work and you may encounter problem.

But I hope after following the above-mentioned solutions, your problem will get solved.

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