Solved: RCS (Google Messages) Not Working On Android

How To Fix RCS Google Messages Not Working On Android

Learn The Solutions To Fix RCS (Google Messages) Not Working, Not Sending Messages or Not Connecting On Android!

Earlier we used to use SMS to text, but as time passes by, the texting also changed the way we used to communicate.

Today, we want more features just like WhatsApp and Telegram. Our messaging client should allow us to send messages with high-resolution photos, emoji, larger files, chatting in group, make video calls and know when messages received and read.

Well, keeping these things in mind, Google recently changed the way we text to communicate. They have brought the Rich Communication Services (RCS) to make all this possible. And today, all phone industry coming together to bring it to every user all around the world.

Today, RCS is replacing the old SMS platform and it comes pre-installed on many Android smartphones and it can also be downloaded on any Android device.

But tech breaks sometimes and it stops working as expected.

So, if your RCS (Google Messages) stop working, it doesn’t connect or it doesn’t allow you to send messages or Google message (RCS) chat features not working, then in this article, you will learn some effective solutions that will help you to fix these issues.

Let’s start with practical scenario!

Practical Scenario 1: RCS Chat Features Not Working On Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4

RCS Chat features not working

I have chat features enabled, connected and verified but when I go to send a message it will only send as a text. I just got a Samsung Galaxy z fold 4 and ever since I got it, chat features have not been working. I am messaging with someone I know has chat features enabled as I messaged with them previously. I have tried to disable and enable chat features. I made sure all the app and software updates have been made. I’ve even double checked with a different Android user that has chat features enabled and it was still only send as text. ATT even showed a pop up confirming they are enabled. Any suggestions?

Source: Google Help

Practical Scenario 2: Google Message Chat (RCS) Not Working On Samsung S22 Ultra

Galaxy S22 Ultra Google Messages Chat (RCS) not working?

Does anyone else that has a Galaxy S22 and using Google Messages for sms/RCS having issues getting RCS chat working with any contacts that it worked with previously?

My settings state chat features are working for my number. I’ve disabled and re-enabled multiple times, and started new chats and it just sends SMS and MMS only. It isn’t just my phone either my wife’s S22 Ultra is also working the same way. Does RCS not work on 5G?

Source: Reddit

Those were just two practical examples!

But there are many more users out there experiencing the same problems.

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Anyway, here comes the solutions to fix the problems.

Note: The below-mentioned fixes are applicable to all brands of Android phone including Samsung, Google Pixel, Huawei, OnePlus, Moto, LG, Lenovo and all other Android phones/tablets.

Quick Fixes For Solving RCS (Google Message) Stop Working

  • Restart your phone.
  • Check carrier plan.
  • Update your Google Message app (if any available).
  • Disconnect phone from wifi and connect to mobile data. Also, make sure your phone uses SIM internet either 4G or 5G.
  • Clean up the Carrier Services. Go to Settings> Apps & Notification> All Apps> Tap on 3 Dots Menu and tap on “Show System”> Tap on Carrier Services> Storage & cache> Clear storage.
  • Make sure Google Hangouts and FI is not conflicting. If you are using Google Fi to connect to internet and also you have Hangout installed, then turn off the Message option under Google Fi calls and SMS heading.
  • Make sure to update carrier services – Google Messages, Carrier Services and Google Play Services.

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Solution 1: Check Internet Connection

Just like other instant messaging apps, RCS also depend on the internet to deliver messages from user to user. If there is no internet connection, RCS will get back to SMS, but most of the times, it does not do it automatically.

Hence, you should check you have proper and stable internet connection whether on Wifi or mobile data. Make sure that you have an active data plan. You can also connect your device to Wifi as Google message can send your messages over wifi.

Solution 2: Replace Default Messaging App With Google (RCS) Messages

To solve RCS not working issue, you should set Google Message as the default messaging app.

To make it default, follow the below steps:

  • On your device go to Settings> Apps> Manage Apps.
  • Tap on the 3 dots located at the top and choose Default Apps.
  • Tap on Messaging and here set Google Messages as your default messaging app.

Set Google Messages as the Default Messaging App

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Solution 3: In Settings Check The RCS Status

In the Google Messages, if the RCS status is not verified, then you may encounter this error.

You will be able to fix this issue by checking the status of chat services in Settings. Here follow the steps:

  • Launch Google Messages app and tap on Menu option at the top right to bring up the Menu.
  • Here go to Message Settings > General > Chat Features and here you can check the status.
  • If you see the status – “Connected”, then you are good to go. Then there could be other issues.
  • If the status shows you these – Connecting, Trying to verify, Disconnected. Then follow the set-up process and verification process.

Check RCS Status in Settings

Once done successfully, then this should fix the issue. Also, make sure to turn on the Enable Chat Features.

Solution 4: Clear Cache and Data of Google Messages App

Sometimes, cache data may get corrupted of Google Messages and therefore it may not work properly or it may malfunction.

And it has been seen that clearing the cache and data of the app suggested by the users on different forum and community website has solved the problem.

Below follow the steps to clear the app cache and data.

  • Go to Settings> Apps> All Apps.
  • Look for Google Messages app and tap on it.
  • Click on Storage and then tap on “Clear Cache” and “Clear Data”.

Clear Google Messages App Cache and Data

Now, check your problem. Hopefully, it might fix your issue.

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Solution 5: Apply These Settings If You Are A Dual SIM User

Google messages or RCS works with devices that have Dual SIM, but there are few settings that need to be configured first, only then this will work properly.

Let me tell you that RCS can be used only on one SIM card in your dual SIM device. It means that you cannot use RCS for both SIM cards.

Basically, for both mobile data and SMS you will have to set the same SIM card as default. In some situation, you have to set that same SIM card as default for Calls as well in order to enable this feature.

Solution 6: Turn Chat Features Off On Your Previous Phone

This is another trick to solve the issue. If you have not disabled the chat features on your previous phone, then you may encounter with RCS not working.

So, to fix the issue, you have to turn off the chat features, if you are using the same phone number from your previous phone.

Here follow the steps to do so, if you have your previous phone:

  • On your previous phone, open Messages
  • Tap on 3 dot to bring up the Menu. Tap Settings> Chat features.
  • Finally, turn off the “Enable chat feature”.

Turn chat features off On previous phone

Here follow the steps to do so, if you do not have your previous phone:

Please go here –

And go to the section – Without your previous device.

Google will verify your number is really yours, before you have the option turn off the chat feature. If your entered phone number is registered with Google, then you will receive the 6-digit verification code.

You need to simply enter the 6-digit verification code and click on “Verify”.

Verify Phone Number If You Do Not Have Previous Phone

That All! Now check if your RCS (Google Messages) is working or not.

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Solution 7: Reset Network Settings

At this point, you may get a little annoyed. Resetting Network Settings will bring back all the wireless connection back to their default settings – Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and mobile data. It means, you have to set all things from the beginning like it’s the first time again, which can be annoying.

Anyway, if it fixes your RCS problem, then it’s worth giving a try.

Here how to reset network options:

  • Go to Settings> System> Reset Options> Reset Wi-Fi, mobile & Bluetooth.
  • Tap “Reset Setting”. You need enter screen lock passcode to confirm.
  • Finally, tap on “Reset Settings” again.

Reset Network Options On Android

Once, the reset process completes. You will have to configure all the settings again for wireless connection such as – Bluetooth, Wifi and mobile data.

But, first check the Chat Status by heading towards Messages app.

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Solution 8: Uninstall & Re-Install Google Messages

After following all the above-mentioned solutions, if your issue is still not solved, then try to uninstall and then re-install the Google Messages.

The issue may occur due to some bugs in Google Messages files that cannot be manually repaired. Hence, in this case, a clean installation of the app may fix the issue.

Simply, uninstall the app and re-install the latest version from the PlayStore.

Wrap Up

When your RCS (Google Messages) does not work on Android, then you may get annoyed and frustrated and you may go crazy.

But, after following the solutions mentioned in this post, I definitely hope your problem of RCS not working Android phone can get easily fixed.

One or the other fixes will surely help you to solve your problem.

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