How To Fix Samsung S23 Ultra, S23 (Plus) Stuck On Software Update

How To Solve Samsung S23 Ultra, S23 Plus, S23 Stuck On Software

Samsung has newly launched the S23 series and also launches a software update for it.

It launches updates in order to add new stuff and fix existing bugs and glitches on the phone.

You need to always keep up with the updates for new features and other stuff. But many users are reporting that their software update gets stuck.

Hence, you should fix the issue by following this guide which covered the topic of how to fix Samsung S23 Ultra, S23 Plus, S23 stuck on software update.

We have provided troubleshooting fixes that you can try to fix the ongoing issue of software updates getting stuck on Samsung Galaxy S23, S23 Plus, S23 Ultra.

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How To Solve Samsung S23 Ultra, S23 Plus, S23 Stuck on Software Update

1. How To Manually Download Update on Samsung

Well, the S23 comes with auto updates enabled in it. It means whenever a software update comes, then it will download automatically on your phone and ask you to set the time schedule to install it.

It requires battery power above 50%, a Wi-Fi network, and enough storage space. Auto-update features work efficiently if these conditions are underway.

However, you can also manually update your Galaxy S23 Ultra, and S23 (Plus).

  • Navigate to Settings > Software Update.
  • Now, tap on Check for updates, then tap on Download and Install, if available.

Update your Samsung S23 phone

2. Force Restart

The easiest way to fix any software bugs and glitches is to perform a force restart. To do so, keep pressing the Volume Up and Power keys until you see the Samsung logo.

After that, try downloading the update again.

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3. If Your Phone Does Not Have Sufficient Storage

If your phone stores too many files and data and does not have enough storage to install the update, then it can also cause the issue.

To prevent such a situation, try deleting some apps that you don’t use often. Also, try deleting some files to free up space.

You can also try to clear cache of the apps to free up phone storage space.

4. Upload Data To Samsung Cloud

If you do not have enough storage to download the latest update, then you can upload your data to Samsung Cloud to continue the installation of the update.

By uploading the files to the cloud, you can manage the files easily.

These are the steps to do so.

  • Navigate to Settings and tap on Samsung account.
  • After that, choose Samsung Cloud and tap on Backup data.
  • Now, choose the data type that you want to upload to the cloud, then choose Backup now.

Backup your data to Samsung Cloud

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5. Try Safe Mode

If your Samsung S23, S23 Plus, S23 Ultra stuck on software update, then you should try updating it in Safe mode.

If your phone has sufficient storage, then boot your device in safe mode.

Here you will find the complete steps on how to enter and exit Safe mode.

Boot your Samsung S23 phone into Safe mode

Once you get into Safe mode, then try updating the software from there.

6. Update Samsung Phone Software Via Smart Switch

Smart Switch helps the user to transfer data from iPhone to Samsung and Android to Samsung.

However, you can use the PC version of the Smart Switch to update the software of your phone.

Here’s how you can do it.

  • First, Download and install Smart Switch app on your PC.
  • After that, connect your device to your PC using original USB cable.
  • Then, launch Smart Switch on your PC, download the drivers, if prompted.
  • After that, it will automatically find the software updates and notify you, if it’s available.
  • Simply, follow the on-screen instruction to download the updates.

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7. Wipe Cache Partition

If your Samsung S23 Ultra/S23 (Plus) stuck on software update, then you can try to wipe cache partition from recovery mode.

These are the steps to do so.

  • Connect your Galaxy phone to your PC using the original USB cable.
  • Keep pressing the Power Key, then choose Power off.
  • After that, press and hold the Volume Up & Power Key until the recovery mode screen appears.
  • Now, select Wipe cache partition using the Volume down key, then press the Power key to trigger the selected operation.

Wipe Cache Partition In Samsung S23 device

  • Once, the process gets completed, then select Reboot system now and press Power key.

8. Contact Samsung Support

If none of the methods help you, then you should try to contact Samsung support team and ask for help.

Contact them and report the problem, and they will respond to you along with a solution.

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Additional Fixes: Why Is My Samsung S23 Phone Stuck On Software Update

  • Force Stop Software Update – Go to Settings > App Manager > Software update > Force Stop. If you didn’t find the software update app, then you need to force stop Settings app.
  • Use a better Wi-Fi connection to download the update, because a poor connection can also cause the issue.
  • Do Factory Reset – Before, performing it, you should back up all your data. To perform Factory Reset: go to Settings > General management > Reset > Factory data reset > Reset > Delete All.

These are some of the fixes that you can try.

Always remember that you should back up the data first, because once you perform the factory reset workaround, then it will wipe all your stored data on the phone.

Wrap Up

This is the complete guide on how to fix Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, S23 Plus, S23 stuck on software update.

If you have followed the mentioned solutions in this article, then you may have fixed the issue easily.

I hope this guide has helped you in fixing the issue, if it does, then feel free to share it with others.

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