How To Fix a Water Damaged Phone In Easy Steps!

How To Fix A Water Damaged Phone

Accidentally Dropped Your Phone In Water? Here’s How To Fix It In Easy Steps!

Overview: So, you have dropped your smartphone in pool, toilet or sink. Well this is something you need to panic, but if you act fast then you can avoid your smartphone becoming water damaged. Here in this post I am going to discuss things that you can follow to fix water damaged phone.

Small Tip: The best solution to avoid smartphone from getting water damaged is to take precaution beforehand by using protection like CaliCase waterproof pouch for situation where you know you are going to make contact with water.

Nevertheless, what if it’s already late and your phone unexpectedly fallen into water?

Just Check Out Real User Example:

Dropped phone in toilet

Anyone drop theirs in water yet? I dropped mine in the toilet accidentally and it spent a good 5 seconds submerged. Moisture indicator came on but went away after 10 minutes.

Source: Android Central Forums

Honestly speaking that saving water-damaged phone is actually not that easy. Nothing can guarantee that your device will actually get fixed and it will start working as it was earlier.

But it doesn’t mean that you will not try to fix water damaged phone.

Follow below-mentioned instructions and steps that might increase the chances of your phone making it through such situation.

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Dropped Your Phone Into Water? Take It Out As Quick As Possible And Switch It OFF!

When your device dive into water unexpectedly then you must take it out as quick as possible – I know it’s hard to react quickly when such situation occur, but you must react quickly and snap out your phone from it. Yes…even if your smartphone has fallen in the toilet!

Phone Dropped In Toilet

Once you take the phone out of the water, make sure to turn it OFF and stay in that way. If the phone is still ON, then simply shut it down or take out the battery from the device, if you can. Then keep the device on the dry things such as dry cotton cloth or over some paper towels.

Things You Should Not Do After Dropping Your Phone In Water

Before we go to the solution section there are things that you should not do with your wet phone.

  • Do not switch ON the phone, because it is electrical device and it may short-circuit things.
  • Do not plug it either! For the same reason.
  • Do not press any buttons or keys – this can push water deeper in the device.
  • Do not blow into the device or shake it. This may also push water in the internal parts of the device where water hadn’t already reached.
  • Do not apply heat that includes using a blow dryer or putting device in micro wave oven. Remember that excessive heat can also damage the phone.

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Separate The Parts of The Water Damaged Phone

Don’t get confused with this step – you don’t have to take the whole phone apart, here I mean that you have to separate the parts that are user-removable. If back cover is removable then simply take it off. Similarly remove the battery (if you can, SD card and SIM card and put it all in cotton cloth or paper towels.

Disassemble Parts of Water Damaged Phone

Next, taking up to higher level! If you are experienced phone tech-expert and know to whole phone apart and do not mind to risk the warranty, then go ahead. This could help in drying the wet phones very quickly. But be very careful, if you do not know what you are doing then do not do it, because this could cause more harm to your device than good.

Dry The Exterior With Cotton Cloth or Paper Towel

Next, you must try to dry the external parts of your water-damaged phone. Use cotton cloth or paper towel to dry out every part. Gently dry your smartphone and make sure that you do not mess too much with your device.

Dry Wet Phone With Paper Towel

But if in case, water damage is more extensive then in such case you can apply vacuum cleaner carefully to suck out water that are stuck to the corner of the phone and are harder to get at. Before attempting this, make sure SIM card, microSD card or battery is out of the phone.

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How To Dry Out The Water-Damaged Phone

So how to dry out the phone dropped in water? Some, people leave the phone in the sunlight, in the drawer or on the top of the counter.

But the best way to dry the phone is to put it in an environment that will ease its drying process and that environment is a ziplock bag full of uncooked rice. So, put the phone in the ziplock bag full of rice.

Put Phone In Ziplock Bag Full of Rice

But why rice and how long should you leave your water damaged phone in rice?

Because rice is great at absorbing liquid and it is one of the best method for drying wet phones and tablets. And you should leave your phone in ziplock bag full of rice for about 3-4 days.

Another Important Tip: If you have another phone, of not then borrow one just top check the SIM card and SD card is completely dried and it is working.

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It’s Time – To Check Out Water-Damaged Phone After Drying It

So, you have done everything that you could and 3-4 days have passed by. Now, it’s time to check if all your efforts paid off.

Simply take out the phone from ziplock bag full of rice, assemble all the parts that you have disassembled earlier and insert battery in it and Switch ON your phone.

If it works, Congratulations! Just keep an eye for any odd behavior at least for few days – as something can still happen. Do not forget to test all components. Make a call and see if earphone and microphone are working properly also play music to test speaker, etc.

Water Damaged Phone Fixed

But if it doesn’t work, then its bad luck for you! In such case you must take it to a professional particularly to a water damaged phone repair service. If you have insurance on your phone then you can claim it.

Since, you have tried all the things you could but still things do not go with you. Sometimes you have to accept defeat and just let the phone go.

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Bonus Tip: Recover Data From Water Damaged Android Phone

If your water-damaged phone  is Android and if your phone is getting turned ON but touch screen has gone black or become unresponsive, or if you are not able to access important data saved within the device that you wish to recover, then in such situation you must immediately try Android Data Recovery software to extract data from water-damaged Android phone.

Wrap Up

I hope that above-mentioned instructions and steps have helped you to fix water-damaged phone from death from drowning. There is a saying that precaution is better than cure, so it better to protect your phone from water. You can use waterproof phone case or you can purchase water-resistant phone.

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