[Solved]: ‘Insufficient Storage’ Error on Android

How to Fix 'insufficient storage available' error on Android

Easily Solve “Insufficient Storage Available” on Android By Following The Six Different Solutions That Is Mentioned In This Post!

Summary: Is your Android phone or tablet throwing error message “Insufficient Storage”? You have deleted everything that you can think of but still Android says it has “insufficient storage available” to install that app. Just Relax! There are plenty of solutions that can fix “Insufficient Storage” error on Android that you can find in this post.

These days many Android phones come with internal memory of at least 16GB, but there are also several phones that have less than 16GB internal storage. And when you have less amount of space then it becomes very difficult to keep all favorite apps in our device. On the other hand the operating system itself takes up such huge space that just a few apps and few collections of photos are enough to your device over the edge.

We have also noticed that there are many users that state “my phone says insufficient storage but I have space”. For example you can check out below practical scenario.

For Example: Here Check Out Practical Scenario

Google Play – Insufficient Storage ERROR – I Have PLENTY of SPACE

Hi – I am running a rooted, Android 4.3 on a Samsung Note 3.

I have 4 GB free space on the phones internal storage & 3 GB free on my SD Card. I try and install Words With Friends (20MB) and it downloads, tries to install and then says ERROR – INSUFFICENT STORAGE AVAILABLE.

I have tried to reboot, shut down and restart, delete a 1GB Game and still I get the error no matter what I do.


What do I need to do

Source: Android Central Forums

Never mind, to help you overcome this “insufficient storage” issue on Android, we have plenty of solutions. Just follow them one by one to fix it.

But before that let us know why insufficient storage available on Android occurs?

causes for insufficient storage available error

Reasons: Why “Insufficient Storage” Error Occur On Android

When you try to update your Android OS or an app, you might get an ‘insufficient storage” error on your device. Nevertheless, there could be several reasons for the occurrence of this error.

  • One of the main causes for this problem could be lots of data stored on your phone’s internal storage.
  • Another cause can be plenty of apps downloaded on your phone and you use them regularly, this create lots of cache files on your device that eats enough memory space and gives the insufficient storage error.
  • Further, not only OS and App data, but several amount of photos and videos can also eat up large amount of phone’s storage space.

It doesn’t matter whatever may be the reasons, you can easily free up your phone’s internal storage space. Below, we have provided several troubleshooting to fix ‘Android storage space running out’ error on Android.

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6 Solutions To Fix “Insufficient Storage” Error on Android

Solution 1: Clear App Cache To Fix Insufficient Storage on Android

This is the most effective solution that can help you to fix issue by clearing the phone’s cache memory and the app cache data.

Here how to clear App cache files:

  • Go to Settings> Application.
  • Now select the app and tap on it for which you want to clear cache file.
  • Finally click on “Clear Cache”. It will clear all the cache files that were occupied by that particular app.

Clear Cache Files To fix insufficient storage available on Android

Similarly clear cache of all apps individually.

Also clear your device’s cache memory to clear space and get rid of this issue. Here how to do this, go to Settings > Storage > Cached Data. When you tap on Cached Data, phone will pop-up the message to clear cached data. Simply click on OK to clear it.

Clear cached data To fix insufficient storage available on Android

This will fix the insufficient storage available error on your Android device.

If not then follow the next solution.

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Solution 2: Move Apps From Internal Storage To External SD Card To Avoid Insufficient Storage

This is another best solution to free up phone’s internal storage and thereafter you won’t face “can’t install app insufficient storage available” problem. So, simply move certain apps from its local storage to SD memory card.

Here how to move apps from internal memory to SD card:

  • Go to Settings> Apps and tap on app that you want to move to SD card.
  • You will get several options. Simply tap on “Move to SD card” option to move app to SD card.

Move Apps to SD card to fix insufficient storage available on Android

Note: Not every app can be moved to SD card.

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Solution 3: Uninstall Apps That You Don’t Use To Free Up Phone’s Internal Storage

There are many users out there who use lots of apps on their device. But there are also users who have lots of app installed (consume large amount of space) on their device but they do not use them. So, it is suggested that you must uninstall unwanted App on your Android to free up phone’s internal storage and prevent insufficient storage issue.

Here how to uninstall app on Android:

  • Go to Settings> Apps and tap on desired app that you want to uninstall.
  • You can see several options. Simply click on “Uninstall” button to delete app from the device.

Uninstall Unwanted apps to get rid of insufficient storage available on Android


Repeat the same process to remove unwanted apps on your Android to free up space on your device.

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Solution 4: Save Pictures & Videos To External SD Card And Not In Internal Memory

You may know that photos and video eat up lot of storage on our device.

So, in order to get rid of insufficient storage available issue is to set your SD card as default storage for saving your pictures and videos taken by device camera. To do this, go to Settings > Camera Settings. From here you can set “Storage location”. If the default storage is “Device”, then change it to “SD Card”.

Save Pictures & Videos To External SD Card

Also make sure to move photos and videos to SD card that is already stored within the phone’s internal storage.  If you want to move photos, videos and other data from Android to computer then you can use Android Transfer Tool.

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Solution 5: Use Cleaning Apps To Free Up Space on Android

You may also use cleaning app for Android to clean junk files and optimize the device.  There are several cleaner apps that you can download from Play Store such as MobileGo, CCleaner, Clean Master, Power Clean, etc. to name few. These apps can help you to manage your phone’s storage.

All you have to do is to install the app from Google Play Store and then you can use the app to clean cache, junk and unwanted files.

Solution 6: Factory Reset Your Device To Fix Insufficient Storage Available

If you are still encountering with the “Insufficient Storage” error on your Android device, then it is time to perform factory reset of your Android device.

Note: Restoring your device to factory reset will erase all data stored on your device hence, it is recommended that you must first backup and restore Android data, and then do factory reset.

Here how to do factory reset. Remember that not all Android devices have settings in the same place or with same names.

  • Go to Settings> Tap System and then Reset. Note: If your settings are different, then tap on Backup & Reset.
  • Next tap on Factory data reset and then Reset phone or Reset tablet. If asked then enter your PIN, pattern or password.
  • Finally tap on “Erase everything”.

Factory Reset Android to get rid of insufficient storage available

That’s all! Now you have to just wait for the process to get complete. Once completed, you have set your device from start once again.

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Note: Since factory reset erases all data and if you have not created backup beforehand, and you wish to recover lost or erased data, then immediately apply Android Data Recovery software to retrieve Android data after factory reset.

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Wrap Up

Since now you know six different ways to fix insufficient storage error on Android phone and tablet, you can easily manage phone internal storage and optimize its performance. Simply follow the above-mentioned fixes and get rid of ‘insufficient storage available problem, whether your phone is rooted or unrooted.

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