How To Get Android Out of Fastboot Mode

Android Stuck In Fastboot Mode? Here How To Fix It!

How To Get Android Out of Fastboot Mode

Learn 3 Effective Solutions To Get Android Out Of Fastboot Mode!

Overview: Is your Android phone got stuck in Fastboot mode? Don’t have any idea on how to get out of Fastboot mode on Android? Don’t worry! This article offer few effective solutions that will help you to fix Android stuck in Fastboot mode. Simply read the article and follow the solutions to exit Fastboot mode on Android.

Let’s start with real user’s practical scenarios!

Practical Scenario 1: A User Android Phone Got Stuck In Fastboot Mode

Stuck on Fastboot Mode (Very Urgent)

Am a begginer in Android. I was just trying to wipe cache partition by following steps told by Dr. Zen in one of the post. I powered off the device and pressed Volume Up and Power Simultaneously.And released both when the device vibrated. I was doing this for the first time. And instead of recovery mode it showed me fastboot mode. and got stuck on that screen. I tried pressing voulme and power again. Its still stuck on the screen. Is this a device issue ? How can I get of of this ? Will my phone work noramlly after this and data remain intact? Please reply fast. Thanx in Advance

Source: Asus ZenTalk Forum

Practical Scenario 2: A User LG G5 Got Stuck On Fastboot Mode And Can’t Factory Reset

LG G5 stuck on Fastboot Mode cannot Factory Reset

My LG G5 went into Fastboot mode for no reason, it was fine one minute and the next time I pulled it out of my pocket it had entered the Fastboot screen, I have tried the following to no avail:

– Removed battery waited a minute and reinserted….opened in boot screen,

– Held volume button and power button and got into factory reset function and pressed yes to reset… then returned back to boot screen.

– Plugged into PC, and typed Fastboot devices in CMD, phone is recognised here,

– USB debug will probably not be activated on my phone either.

– Is this a Battery problem?

– Is there a way to reboot without wiping all data as I had not backed my phone up as I didn’t expect this to happen!

Thanks in anticipation of your help.

Source: Android Central Forums

Just like above practical scenarios, there are several Android phone users particularly Asus, Xiaomi, OnePlus, Samsung, Nokia, Infinix, Moto, Lenovo, LG, Huawei, HTC, Techno W4, RCA tablet and so on encountering same problems of their phone.

So, now the question arises – how do you exit fastboot mode on Android?

Well, we will come to the solution section but before that let us know – what is Fastboot?

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What Is FastBoot?

Fastboot is a protocol/tool that can be used to write data directly to your phone’s flash memory. In practical use, it can be used to re-flash partition, flash images like recoveries, bootloaders, kernels and update the flash file system in Android devices. Beside that you can also change your splash screen, restore nandroid backups and more.

This is the small tool that comes with Android SDK (Software Development Kit). It is also an alternative tool to the Recovery mode for performing installations and updates.

Not all phones have fastboot mode. Only on Nexus devices and in few other phones and tablets it is turned on by default. On rest of the Android devices you have to root your device in order to access fastboot mode.

Alright let’s come back to the topic and learn few effective solutions to fix Android stuck on fastboot mode.

Finally, here comes the solution section!

How To Get Out of Fastboot Mode on Android? [Universal Solutions]

As stated above that not all Android phones and tablets has this feature enabled by default and hence it is not encountered by most of the people. This problem of phone getting stuck on fastboot mode usually occur to those how has rooted their device.

Nevertheless, if your Android phone got stuck in fastboot mode, here we offer some effective troubleshoot that will help you to exit fastboot mode on Android.

Note: Below mentioned solutions are applicable to all Android phones and tablets such as Moto, Lenovo, HTC, Xiaomi, OnePlus, Samsung, Samsung Galaxy Note, Asus, Huawei, Nokia, Oppo, etc.

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Solution 1: First Try Quick Troubleshooting To Exit Fastboot Mode

  • Try To Restart Your Device: One of the very first steps that you must try is to restart your device. Simply turn off your device and then turn it back on.
  • Use The Key Trick: You can use the hardware keys of your device to fix Android stuck on fastboot mode. Here what you need to do it – press and hold Power button for 15 seconds, your device will vibrate once and reboot.
  • Remove The Battery: Next try to remove the battery. Some phone come with removable battery and some come with non-removable. If your phone has removable battery then simply pull out the battery and if your phone has no-removable battery then you may carry it to nearest service centre. After removing the battery, leave it for few minutes and then put the battery back to its place and start your device.

If following the above-quick methods doesn’t helped you then it’s time to take some advance actions.

Solution 2: Try Android Multi Tools To Get Out of Fastboot Mode on Android

Another solution that you can try is to use Android Multi Tool to get out of fastboot mode on Android.

Android Multi Tools v1.02b is developed by one of the GSM forum member SE-Thailand. He makes it useful for using it for all. Beside professional, even a normal user can easily use Android Multi Tools without any technical knowledge required. Downloading and installing this tool on Windows PC is very easy.

Android Multi Tools

So, what are you waiting for simply install it on your Windows computer and launch the tool as administrator, connect your Android phone that is stuck in Fastboot mode and then follow the instruction to fix the problem.

That’s It!

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Solution 3: Use Minimal ADB and Fastboot Tool To Exit Out of Fastboot Mode

Minimal ADB and Fastboot Tool is very powerful software for all Android root users. This tool is designed to unlock bootloader, cutom recovery, flash custom rom and any third party apps in fastboot mode. Beside that you don’t have to install SDK software on your Windows PC.

The best part about this minimal ADB tool is that it you also get ADB driver package that is needed to connect your Android to Windows PC.

However, this is a PC solution that will help you to exit Android phone or tablet out of Fastboot mode and it is little bit technical and difficult.

Nevertheless, if you have technical knowledge or if you are advanced users then this is the easiest solutions to flash any things on Android phones/tablets.

You can do it by yourself and easily put your Android out of fastboot  mode by simply following the below steps.

Note: USB debugging is not needed.

Step 1: First of all you have download and install “Minimal ADB and Fastboot Tool” on Windows computer.

Install Minimal ADB and Fastboot Tool

Step 2: Once you installed it, go to installation directory – [adb installation location: My computer> C Drive> Program files > adb folder]

ADB Folder

Step 3: Click anywhere within the adb folder and then press and hold ‘Shift’ key + ‘Right mouse’ key and select the option “open command window here”.

ADB Command Window

Step 4: Connect your Android that is stuck in fastboot mode to computer with the help of USB cable.

Step 5: Once your device get connected, type “fastboot devices” command in the command window and hit Enter.

Note: If above adb command does not show any serial number of your device then it means that your device is not detected by PC. In such cases, you must install USB drivers and try the steps once again.

Step 6: Finally type “fastboot reboot” command and hit Enter.

This will help your Android to get out of Fastboot mode.

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Bonus Tip: Recover Lost Data After Fixing Android Stuck On Fastboot Mode

If you have lost your important data from your Android devices after fixing Android stuck in fastboot mode, but you wish to recover them back, then it is highly recommended that you must instantly try Android Data Recovery software which is available for both Windows and Mac computer.

This Android Data Recovery software will help you to recover files such as photos, videos, audio, messages, WhatsApp chat conversations, call history, contacts, notes, voice memos, documents and much more.

Note: Stop using your Android and do not any new data on it as it will overwrite the existing files and chances for data recovery will get less.

Here follow the complete steps to recover data from android phone or tablet.

Wrap Up

So, guys those were some effective solutions that you can try to fix Android stuck in Fastboot mode. And I hope any one of the above-mentioned solution will definitely help you in fixing the problem for you.

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