How To Get Unshadowbanned On TikTok In 2023

Tips To Get Unshadowbanned On TikTok

Find Quick and Effective Solutions To Get Unshadowbanned On Tiktok!

TikTok has become one of the most popular platforms across the world. It falls under social media platform that allows users to share short videos.

As per the company, it is the leading destination for short-form mobile video. Their mission is to inspire creativity and bring joy.

Today, it stands in top 6 popular social media in world. Monthly active user is over 1.5 billion and more than 3 billion people have downloaded TikTok. More than 1 billion videos are watched every day in the app itself. And as per MAUs, TikTok has overtaken Snapchat, Reddit, Telegram, Twitter and Pinterest.

Hence, these days more and more people use TikTok to create videos and share them so that they can become famous and popular.

But do you know that 111 million videos were removed from the platform, due to violating community guidelines or terms of service.

Though this social media platform can give you fame in quick and short time, it can even take your audience away. Or worse, you may get banned from using the app, if you do not follow its community guideline and rules.

And if you are using the social media platform for a while now, then chances are you might have heard about users getting “Shadowbanned”. And they stop getting likes, views and traffic to their account.

Astonished? What shadowban is, how to know if you have been shadowbanned, and how to get unshadowbanned on TikTok?

Just go through the post and find it by yourself!

What TikTok Shadowban Mean?

The word “Shadowban” explain itself about it. Basically, it means that your account has been banned. But ‘Shadow’ word means that you will not know about the ban.

Let me tell you that TikTok has its own set of community guidelines and rules that has to be followed, in order to get your content published on the platform. And when you post a video that goes against the community guidelines, then you are inclined to get a regular ban.

But, Shadowbanned is little different from regular ban. Your account will get restricted partially or completely, if you are shadowbanned on TikTok. It is done in such a way that you will not know that your account has been suspended.

This all process is examined by the TikTok algorithms and bots. It blocks the contents that violates their community guidelines and terms, without giving any notification to the users, they are totally unaware of this method.

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How Do I Know If I am Shadowbanned On TikTok?

Well, as is I said earlier that you will be totally unaware of the incident that your account has been banned. TikTok will never inform or tell you that you have been Shadowbanned.

But, sooner or later you will probably notice it. In “For You” page, your video will not appear on the TikTok, neither they will show up when you search it using hashtag.

During shadowban period, your content and video will:

  • Not receive any new likes from others.
  • Not receive new comment from others.
  • Not receive any new views from others.
  • Not get any new followers.
  • Not be visible in search result.
  • Will not show up in the feed.

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How To Fix Shadowban On TikTok

The good news is that TikTok shadowban is not permanent, and there are various ways that you can apply to speed up the removal of the Shadowban and diminish its affect on your video, content and brand.

But on the other hand, there is also no quick solution to undo Tiktok shadowban.

Anyway, here are some fixes that you can follow for removing up the unshadowbanning and protect your account from further restriction and permanent ban.

Solution 1: Check And Delete Any Offensive Content

Go through your uploads and delete the contents that goes against the community guidelines and rules.

Also, check and remove those videos that you shared about political controversial or social, even if you think it is right.

After deleting such types of contents, still you have to wait for at least two weeks to get shadowban lifted.

Solution 2: Put Your Activity On Hold For Some Time

After you deleted the offensive content, simply stop using the TikTok for some time. Do not like other contents, stop commenting. If you have been super-duper active on your lately, then algorithm may have flagged your account as suspicious.

Hence, you must put your activity on hold. I would suggest simply stop using the app, clear the cache, make sure it is updated. After some days, come back and I hope your account might get unshadowbanned on TikTok.

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Solution 3: Check Your Contents Hashtags

You have to watch out for the hashtags that you use in your contents. It might be possible that hashtags could be misinterpreted as offensive by the algorithm. Sometimes, algorithms not able to understand context, humor or sarcasm.

Let me tell you that TikTok does not allow their users to edit the video descriptions, hence if you want to remove any hashtag then you have to delete and reupload the video with new description and tags.

Solution 4: Post Original Contents With Innovative Ideas

After a few days when you return to post content, you need to ensure that your Tiktok account should not get shadowbanned again.

Your account has been already flagged for something and this time you don’t want the same thing to be repeated, hen you have to be careful. If you are going to post the same type of material for which you have got banned earlier, then it is possible you will get banned again.

Hence, make sure that you post original contents with innovative ideas. Make sure you come up with new and unique ideas, for this you should share new ideas with your team. In this way, you can also prevent copyright infringement laws on TikTok as well.

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Solution 5: Check Your Profile Photo and Username

Is your profile picture or username is inappropriate? If “Yes”, then update your TikTok Profile.

Make sure that your username does not contain any violent, curse or any inappropriate words or language that could be misunderstood.

Also, check your profile picture. An inappropriate photo or avatar presenting violent or inappropriate imagery might also lead to shadowban.

Here, I can give you suggestion, upload pencil icon profile picture.

Solution 6: Check Your TikTok Analytics

On your account, from the profile page open the Menu located at the top-right corner and go to Creator Tools> Analytics to see which videos or contents have bee potentially declined in traffic. It will help you to know what kind of contents your viewers like and dislike.

Note: Earlier Analytics tool was only available for TikTok Pro account users, but now they available for every user.

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Solution 7: Wait, Wait and Wait

Now, all you have done and made your TikTok account as friendly as possible to their algorithm, now all you have to is to wait, wait and wait, until your account shadowban is lifted.

This will mostly take 1-3 weeks.

Solution 8: Appeal The Shadowban By Contacting Support

After following above solutions, if your account is yet not unshadowbanned even after waiting for 3 weeks. Then it’s time to contact support team.

If you are really confident that your account has not violated their community guidelines and rules, then you must try appealing the shadowban.

To do this, you can contact TikTok support and briefly explain them – why you think your account mistakenly shadowbanned with your account details. Explain them in brief and as much detail as possible.

Things That Will Not Fix Your TikTok Shadowban

Let me tell you that there are lots of wrong information is available online, when it comes to unshadow ban TikTok account.

Here are some things that you must avoid doings, as it will not help in any way to remove shadowban from your TikTok account.

  • Logout and login to account: Well, this has nothing to do with your Shadowbanned account. This will not have any affect. It is absolutely false fix.
  • Installing An Anti-Shadowban App/Tool: In internet, you will find that installing an anti-shadowban app or tool will help you to get unshadowbanned your TikTok account. But the bitter truth is that no app or tool will help you to do so, if any website is saying so, then it is likely a scam or false.
  • Uninstalling and Re-Installing TikTok App: This is another myth, you will find online, which is completely fake and it has zero effect on your account. TikTok shadowbans are done on the network and account, not on the app.
  • To Hire A Shadowban Professional – It doesn’t matter at all, what someome promises you online, they will not able to remove the shadowban. They will instruct you to follow the same solutions which I have already mentioned above in the post.
  • Clearing TikTok App Cache and Data: This is another misinformation you will see online. Again, it will have zero effect.

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Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs)

Question 1: How Long Does a TikTok Shadowban Last?

Answer: There is no official time length for a shadowban to last on TikTok. Actually, there is no set timeframe. But as per the other users, it has been concluded that it can usually last anywehere from a couple of days to a few weeks.

It is believed that if you keep your account and its content clean, the sooner the limitations will be removed. But on the other hand, if you continue to violate community guidelines and terms, then it can last for indefinite time.

Question 2: What Gets You Shadowbanned on TikTok?

Answer: There could be couple of things, that can get you shadowbanned on. They could be as follows:

  • If you post contents against their community guidelines and terms.
  • If you post inappropriate or violent videos or contents.
  • If you post videos or contents with copyrighted infringement.
  • If you comment using vulgar or bad language.
  • And so on…

Question 3: Can I Get Shadowbanned Permannetly On TikTok?

Answer: Yes, as I said earlier, there is no set timeframe for how long and how many times you can get shadowbanned.

Nevertheless, if your account has been shadowbanned multiple times, then it will become very hard to get back your account. In such situation, then only option left with you is to create a new account and start from zero.

Question 4: Can You Get Shadowbanned On TikTok For Posting Too Much?

Answer: Well, some users have claimed that their accounts got shadowbanned for posting too many posts, posting too many comments, following too many users or liking too many contents within an hour or in a very short time. The algorithm detects your activity as suspicious and restricts your account.

Wrap Up

Well, if you get shadowbanned on Tiktok, then you may get annoyed, but following my suggested solutions and tips will certainly help you to get your TikTok account unshadowbanned and restore the visibility of your likes, comments, views, videos and contents.

Just make sure to post videos and content as per their community guidelines and terms and never ever try to violate them. Always, focus on creating high-quality and unique videos and contents.

If you have found this post helpful and useful, then please share it as it can help other TikTokers.