How To Fix Granblue Fantasy Relink Controller Not Working

How To Fix Granblue Fantasy Relink Controller Not Working

In This Guide, You Will Learn How To Fix Granblue Fantasy Relink Controller Not Working.

How To Fix Granblue Fantasy Relink Controller Not Working

Fix 1. Restart Steam/Restart PC

  • Close the Steam from Task Manager.
  • Then Restart Steam and launch the Granblue Fantasy Relink game and check.
  • If that doesn’t help, then restart your PC and then check.

Fix 2. Update Controller Drivers

  • Connect your Controller to PC.
  • Right-click on Windows icon and select Device Manager.
  • Expand “Human Interface Devices”.
  • Right-click on your controller (it should be game controller or HID-compliant game controller) and select “Update driver”.
  • Click on “Search automatically for updated driver software” option and allow Windows to install the latest drivers.
  • Restart your PC after update and then check controller is working or not.

Fix 3. Press the Alt + Enter Keys

Try pressing the Alt+Enter keys on your keyboard. This simple trick can sometimes help to fix the issue.

Now, check if the controller is working in Granblue Fantasy Relink or not.

Fix 4. Enable Steam Input

  • Close the game and Steam from task manager.
  • Open Steam and go to Library.
  • Right-click on the “Granblue Fantasy Relink” and select “Properties”.
  • Go to Controller
  • Next to Override for Granblue Fantasy: Relink, click on the dropdown menu.
  • Set it to “Enable Steam Input”.

Fix 5. Disable Third-Party Game Controllers & Unplug Additional Peripherals

Other software on your PC like third-party game controllers or any plugged peripheral such as USB, pen drive, mouse, keyboard or additional controllers might conflict with the game.

So, remove peripherals such as connected USB, pen drive, etc or uninstall such software to check if it fixes the problem.

Fix 6. Check If Controller Is Properly Connected

Check and make sure that your controller is connected properly to your PC.

  • Wireless Controller: Check if it is paired correctly.
  • Wired Controller: Try plugging it into different ports.

You, can also test your controller on different systems to identify the issue.

Fix 7. Enable Generic Gamepad Configuration Support

  • Open Steam in Big Picture Mode.
  • Go to Settings > Controller Settings.
  • Enable “Generic Gamepad Configuration Support”.

Fix 8. Use a Wired Controller (Alternative)

Maybe the game has some bugs or glitches at present and your wireless controller is not working.

So, if you have a wired controller, then connect it and play the game as of now.

Fix 9. Check For Granblue Fantasy Relink Game Update

  • Make sure you have the latest game update.
  • The developer releases the minor patches frequently to fix bugs/glitches in the game.
  • So, you must check for game updates and if any are available then download them.

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