Fix: Palworld Lifmunk Effigies Bug Reducing The Capture Rate

Palworld lifmunk effigies reducing the capture rate bug fixed

In This Guide, You Will Learn Potential Fixes For Palworld Lifmunk Effigies Bug Reducing The Capture Rate.

How To Fix Palworld Lifmunk Effigies Bug Reducing The Capture Rate

1. Avoid Using Lifmunk Effigies

At present, try to avoid using Lifmunk Effigies. It is because, it is making it harder to catch Pals.

Currently, there is a bug and it’s better to wait until the developer fixes the issue.

2. Try To Use Different Pals Sphere

You can try using different Pals Sphere. It could be possible that some might work better than others.

So, experiment and find out the one that works best for you.

3. Use Stunning Attacks To Stop The Pal From Moving

Before you throw the Pal Sphere, you can use stunning attacks to stop the Pal from moving.

This will make it easier to catch them and increase your chances of success.

4. Throw The Pal Sphere From Behind The Creature

When you try to catch Pals, you should throw the Pal Sphere from behind the creature.

Doing this will give you an extra chance to make it much easier to catch them.

5. Use The Breeding Mechanic

If possible, then you can use the breeding mechanic in order to get Pals with better stats and abilities.

This will help you to overcome the bug and make it easy to catch Pals.

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