How To Fix Samsung Pass “Couldn’t Verify Fingerprints”

How To Fix Couldn't Verify Fingerprints In Samsung Pass

Find Out Potential Solutions To Solve “Couldn’t verify fingerprints. Try again later” In Samsung Pass!

After doing some research, I have found that there are several Samsung users reporting in forums and community websites that their fingerprints are not working in Samsung Pass, it is giving the error message “Couldn’t verify fingerprints”.

Hence, I have decided to write this article. It provides the possible solutions that can help you to fix Samsung Pass “Couldn’t verify fingerprints” error on Samsung phones.

First, let’s see the practical user scenarios!

Practical Scenario 1: A User Experiencing Couldn’t verify fingerprints in Samsung Pass on Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

Samsung Pass: Couldn’t verify fingerprints


        So, I recently Got a S23 Ultra, and started setting up my device and finshed setting up. Then when i tried to setup samsung pass, I logged into my and tried to verify my fingerprint.

 It keeps popping the error “Couldn’t Verify Fingerprints” please try again.

I went through solutions in the forum, which said to try disconnecting wifi and try with mobile data and yea i tried switching to mobile data and tried a several times still it shows the same error.

Also i triend forcestop, clear cache and data, Uninstalling and Reinstalling, removing my samsung account and relogin, removing fingerprints.

Expecting for solutions, Thank you!!!

Samsung Pass - Couldn't verify fingerprints In Samsung S23 Ultra

Source: Samsung Community

Practical Scenario 2: Samsung Pass Couldn’t Verify Fingerprint In Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

samsung pass, couldn’t verify fingerprint

Been trying for serveral days now. Is anyone having trouble setting up SamsungPass?? It works flawlessly on my Note10+. On day one on the Zfold, the app would just never get past the “agree” button. It now gets past that, to the samsung account password, but after scanning fingerprint it comes back with a couldn’t verify finger print try again later. I’ve cleared/rescanned prints, even went so far as to factory reset and set up from scratch vs restoring. still no luck. Samsung Pass was convenient to use so would like to get it back. Not sure what else to try.

Source: Android Central Forums

That was just two examples. However, there are many users out there encountering this issue.

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Why Samsung Pass Won’t Recognize Fingerprints?

There could be several factors that can give rise to this error. Some of them are:

  • Maybe Samsung Pass itself is down.
  • There could be a bug in the app.
  • Due to corrupt cache files of the app.
  • A problem in the phone system
  • There could be a glitch in the phone’s settings.
  • Maybe you have changed the screen or screen protector.
  • And so on…

Potential Solutions To Fix “Couldn’t Verify Fingerprints In Samsung Pass

When Samsung Pass doesn’t work, then it becomes frustrating for users.

Anyway, simply follow the below-discussed troubleshooting to fix this annoying error.

Execute the below solutions one by one until the problem gets solved.

Solution 1: Check Whether Samsung Pass Is Down or Not

It could be possible that the Samsung Pass feature might be currently down.

You can do a quick search on Twitter by entering the word “Samsung Pass” or “Samsung Pass Down”.

Or you can visit the Samsung Community and look if others are facing the same error.

If the feature is down, then you can wait and try again later after some time.

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Solution 2: Update Samsung Pass/Samsung Wallet App

Update Samsung Pass and Samsung Wallet apps and then check.

To update Samsung Pass: Open Galaxy Store > Menu > Updates. Look for Autofill with Samsung Pass and tap on it. If an update is available, then kindly update it.

To update Samsung Wallet: Open Galaxy Store > Menu > Updates. Look for Samsung Wallet and tap on it. If an update is available, then kindly update it.

Solution 3: Check Screen and Screen Protector

Have you recently changed your phone screen or changed the screen protective film?

Or if there is any scratch or damage on the screen protector, particularly on the fingerprint sensor area.

In such a case, you should clean the surface of the screen with a dry and soft cloth.

Detach the screen protector and try registering the fingerprint again and then check if it is working now.

Solution 4: Disconnect Wifi and Turn On Mobile Data

If your phone is connected to wifi, then disconnect it and turn ON mobile data.

  • Swipe down from the top of the screen to bring up the notification panel.
  • Tap on Wifi icon to disconnect, if it is connected.
  • Tap on Mobile data icon to turn it on.

Now, try fingerprint verification, I hope it will fix the problem.

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Solution 5: Disable And Enable Samsung Pass

Sometimes, a small tip can also help in fixing the issue. Yes, you heard it right. Just disable and then enable the Samsung Pass and who knows it might work.

Here how to do it:

  • Go to Settings > Biometric and Security > Samsung Pass.
  • Select More Options > Settings.
  • Tap Delete Data > Tap Delete to confirm. If asked enter the password. It will turn off Samsung Pass and restore its settings to default.

Turn off and Turn on Samsung Pass

  • Now wait for a few seconds and set it up again as you did it the first time.

Solution 6: Clear Cache and Data of Samsung Pass App

Sometimes, deleting the cache and data fixes several issues and who knows, it may troubleshoot fingerprint not working error in Samsung Pass.

On your phone, go to Settings > Apps > Samsung Pass > Storage > Tap Clear data and Clear cache.

Clear Samsung Pass Cache and Data

Now open the Samsung Pass and set it up again and see if it recognizes and verifies the Fingerprints.

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Solution 7: Remove and Re-Add Fingerprint

  • On your phone go to Settings > Biometric and Security.
  • Tap on Fingerprints. If asked enter the Passcode.
  • Touch and hold the Fingerprint that you want to remove.
  • Select the check box beside the Fingerprint and tap on Delete.
  • Now, go back to Settings. Tap on Biometric and Security. Tap on Add Fingerprint. If asked, enter the passcode.
  • Now, follow the onscreen steps to re-add the fingerprint.

If it works, then congratulations. If it does not, then follow the next trick here.

  • Force Stop Samsung Pass app.
  • Clear cache.
  • Go to Biometrics and Security and remove the fingerprints by following the above steps. After removing it do not re-add a new fingerprint over there.
  • Instead, open Samsung Pass app and it will prompt you to register the fingerprint after the initial scanning. So, add the fingerprint here.
  • Once the fingerprint is added, it will redirect you to Samsung Pass app.

Now, recheck the issue and I hope this trick will resolve your issue.

Solution 8: Fix Samsung Pass Fingerprint Not Working With Android Repair

If you believe that Samsung Pass fingerprint is not working due to bugs or glitches in the device’s OS, then in such a case it is highly recommended that you must repair your mobile using professional software like Android Repair.

Download Android RepairBuy Android Repair

This software can repair Android OS back to normal and can fix several OS issues in your Samsung phones with just a few mouse clicks.

All you have to do is to follow the steps to fix Android OS back to normal to help make your phone run like a brand-new device.

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Solution 9: Contact Samsung Support Team

Contact Samsung Support

If any of the solutions don’t work for you, then it’s time to contact the Samsung support team. Please explain your issue to them in brief and follow their instructions.

Wrap Up

To wrap it up, this article outlines several potential fixes that you can follow if you ever face Samsung Pass couldn’t verify fingerprints error in Samsung phones.

But, if you think that the error is occurring due to bugs or issues in Android OS, then it is highly suggested that you must try Android Repair tool to fix Android OS back to normal.

If you have found this post useful and helpful, then don’t forget to share it as it can help other users!

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