iPhone Lagging and Slow After iOS 17 Update? Here How To Fix!

Fix iPhone Lagging and Slow After iOS 17 Update

In This Article, You Will Learn What To If iPhone Lagging and Slow After iOS 17 Update.

How To Fix iPhone Lagging and Slow After iOS 17 Update

Fix 1. Give Some Time

After updating your iPhone to iOS 17 give some time to it.

Also, look for a new update release from Apple. They release the new update at quick intervals to fix bugs.

After iOS 17 release, Apple has released 7 new updates in a very quick span of time to fix bugs.

And now they are looking forward to release iOS 17.3. So, keep an eye and whenever it is available, update it.

Fix 2. Keep All Apps Up-To-Date

  • Open App Store, click on your Profile icon.
  • Tap on “Update All” to update all of the apps at once.

Fix 3. Close All Background Apps

  • Swipe Up from the bottom of the edge on the phone screen.
  • Here, you will see the running apps. Simply Swipe up your finger on app Preview to Force close the app.

Fix 4. Turn OFF Background App Refresh

  • Go to Settings > General > Background App Refresh.
  • Turn OFF “Background App Refresh”.

Fix 5. Force Restart iPhone (iOS 17)

  • Press and quickly release the “Volume UP” button.
  • Press and quickly release the “Volume Down” button.
  • Press and hold the “Side (Power)” button.
  • When the Apple logo appears, release the Side button.

Fix 6. Make Sure Your iPhone Have Enough Storage Space

  • Go to Settings > General > iPhone Storage.

Here, check if your phone has enough storage space or not.

If it does not have enough storage space, then delete unwanted videos, photos or uninstall unwanted/unused apps.

Fix 7. Reset All Settings

  • Go to Settings > General.
  • Scroll down and click on “Transfer or Reset iPhone”.
  • Tap on “Reset”.
  • Tap on “Reset All Settings” and confirm it.

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