Minecraft Pocket Edition (PE) Lagging On Mobile: Fix It Now!

How To Fix Minecraft Pocket Edition (PE) Lagging On Mobile

Overview: Is your Minecraft Pocket Edition (PE) or Bedrock Edition lagging on your Android or iOS device (iPhone or iPad)? If “Yes”, then you have landed in the right place. Here you will find effective solutions that will definitely help you to fix Minecraft Pocket Edition (PE) lagging on Mobile (Android or iOS). Just go through the article and follow the solutions.

Before going to the solutions, first, let us know – Why is Minecraft so laggy on mobile?

Well, let’s find out the reasons!

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Causes: Why Is Minecraft (PE) So Laggy On Mobile?

There could be several factors that can be responsible for Minecraft PE to be so laggy on mobile.

They are as follows:

  • One of the most common causes could be high video settings in game. The higher the video settings, the more it will lag. This particularly happens in the older devices.
  • If your device does not have sufficient storage space left, even then also your game will lag. To get good performance, your device needs to have sufficient storage space.
  • Multiple Apps running in the backgrounds, consume device power and RAM. This is another reason.
  • Sometimes the problem is from the developer side, the game gets higher traffic but server has a low RAM and hence your MCPE lags, stutter.
  • If your game is not up-to-date, even that can also result in laggy and stuttering.
  • And so on…

Anyway, let’s dive into the solutions to help you fix Minecraft stuttering, lagging, FPS drop on mobile.

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How To Fix Minecraft Lagging/Stuttering On Mobile (Android/iOS)

So, here comes the solutions section.

Let me tell you, follow the fixes one by one and check whether your lag has been reduced or not.

Here in this section, you will learn to follow and fix Minecraft Pocket Edition (PE)/Bedrock Edition lagging issue and play it smoothly.

Solution #1: Configure Your In Game Video Settings

As I have mentioned in causes – the higher the video settings the more lag you will have.

Making the changes in the video settings of the game will have great impact and it will make the game to run smoother.

So, here follow what changes you have to make:

Launch Minecraft PE and go to Settings > General> Video and make these changes.

  • Turn off Screen Animations.
  • Turn off Render Clouds.
  • Turn off Beautiful Skies.
  • Turn off Smooth Lighting.
  • Turn off Fancy Graphics.
  • Render Distance: Set this to 6 chunks. Even better to set it to 5 chunks. The higher the chunks, the more lag. The lower the chunks, the lower lag.

Leave HUD, Camera Perspective, Paper Doll and Hide Hand at their default setting.

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Solution #2: Configure Your In Game Audio Settings

The louder the sound the more battery power the device will eat and it can become hot and hence the game will lag.

Therefore, make sure to set the volume sliders for Sound, Ambient/Environment, Blocks, Hostile Creatures and others according to your requirement.

Tip: The lower the sound the less will be lag and stutter.

Solution #3: Set Lightweight Texture Pack

In the Global Resources, you want to use the official Minecraft Texture Pack. Here select the lightweight texture pack, in order to make your game perform better with no lag at all.

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Solution #4: Free Up Some Storage Space

If your device has less storage space, then it is obvious your game will choppy, stuttering or laggy.

Whether you are having Android or iOS device, it doesn’t matter. When you play Minecraft PE, there are several files that get written and deleted and for this, the game requires space on the device.

Here, the required space is referred to storage space and not the RAM.

The low space means, the game will take more time to write and delete these files. And hence, the lags as this process is taking time.

Hence, it is recommended your device should have at least 3GB – 4GB of free space.

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Solution #5: Free Up Your Phone RAM

It is a sensible logic, the more free RAM, the better the performance.

If you have high-end phone that comes with 6GB or 8GB RAM, then you are already good to go. But if your phone has less RAM, then you can free it by simply closing the apps from your recent apps.

Here is how to clear recent apps:

On Android

  • On your mobile, press on the recent apps button. Or if you use swipe controls, then swipe and hold.
  • This will display all the apps that are running in the background or the app that you have closed.
  • Simply, clear the app by simply swiping them again.

On iOS

  • On your iPhone, double tap on the Home button.
  • Next, swipe and clear out all the recent apps.

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Solution #6: Check For Game Update

At last, you should always check for Minecraft PE update for the latest version.

There might be possibility that the lag you are experiencing was actually, due to some glitch or bugs. And because of this, the developer releases the updates frequently to improve the game and player’s experience.

Hence, look for the updates on your Phone’s App Store for Minecraft Pocket Edition. And if any available, then update it and then try to play the game. You will see less lag or no lag at all, if it was due to bugs or glitches.

Wrap Up

That’s It! This guide covers a few but effective solutions on how to fix lag in Minecraft Pocket Edition (PE) on Mobile (Android/iOS) and play it smoothly by improving the overall game experience.

If you have found this guide helpful and useful, then please share it, as it can help other players.

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