OnePlus Lockbox Recovery – Recover Data From Private Safe/Lockbox

OnePlus Lockbox or Private Safe Recovery

Learn Possible Solutions To Recover Lost, Deleted or Inaccessible Files or Data From Lockbox/Private Safe On OnePlus Phones!

Overview: Accidentally deleted photos, videos, audio or other files from Lockbox on your OnePlus phones such as OnePlus 6/7/8/9/10/11/Nord and upcoming? Have you forgotten PIN of your lockbox folder and not able to access hidden files within it? Don’t worry! In this article, you will learn some effective solutions that will help you to perform OnePlus Lockbox Recovery to recover data or files from Lockbox on OnePlus devices.

Let’s start with real user practical scenarios!

Practical Scenario 1: A OnePlus User Forgot Lockbox Password And Can’t Access Files Stored Within It

forgot lockbox password

I forgot my lockbox password after not opening it for months i had some important files there and now i cant recover it. I think oneplus should add some type of lockbox password recovery so that everyone wouldn’t lose their important or personal files.

Source: Reddit

Practical Scenario 2: A User Performed Factory Data Reset And Deleted All Data From Lockbox

Lockbox recovery

So i did something stupid…i had many photos to lockbox and i did factory data reset.

And of course now lockbox is empty and all my photos are gone.

Is there any way to restore them?Or does anybody knows where lockbox folder is so i try to restore them via my laptop?

thanks for any help!

Source: OnePlus Community

That was just two examples. But there are many users out there who are encountering such types of problems and they are looking for a solution to retrieve deleted files from lockbox or Private safe in OnePlus.

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What Is Lockbox/Private Safe?

Lockbox In OnePlus

OnePlus phones have a feature known as Lockbox (now it is Private safe). It can be found in the File Manager/My Files app.

Private Safe In OnePlus

You can use this Lockbox/Private safe feature to hide photos, videos, audio and other files on your OnePlus devices. You can move files or folders that you do not want to show others in that.

It means that you do not need any third-party apps to hide/unhide files or folders, the feature is already available in your OnePlus phone.

Note: In older OnePlus phones the feature is “Lockbox” and in newer phones, the feature is “Private safe”.

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How To Recover Files/Data From Lockbox/Private Safe Folder

If you have hidden photos, videos or other files using the Lockbox/Private Safe on OnePlus and that you wish to restore, then you can easily do that.

Just follow the below-mentioned solutions.

Solution 1: Restore Files From Lockbox/Private Safe When You Know PIN/Password

At the time when you were hiding your photos or videos in Lockbox/private safe, then it asked you to generate the PIN/Password. This PIN/Password can be used to access your Private safe or lockbox folder and then you can hide/unhide files and folders within it.

You can use that PIN/Password to restore files. Here follow the steps.

Step 1: On your OnePlus Phone, go to File Manager/My Files.

Step 2: Tap on “Lockbox/Private safe”.

Step 3: Enter the PIN and Password to unlock.

Restore Files From Lockbox/Private Safe When You Know PIN/Password

Step 4: Once unlocked, you can see the files/folder hidden.

Step 5: To unhide the files/folder, just long press the file/folder and then tap on 3-vertical dots and select “Restore“.

Unhide and Recover Files From Lockbox or Private Safe On OnePlus Phone

That’s It! You can now view those files in Gallery.

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Solution 2: Recover Files From Lockbox/Private Safe When You Know PIN But It Is Not Working

Many OnePlus users are also reporting that they are not able to access their lockbox/private safe folder even after entering the correct PIN.

Actually, it is not working after the recent update. They are not able to open the lockbox folder with their 4-digit PIN or fingerprint authentication.

After the update, the lockbox/private safe only work on a 6-digit password and hence it is not working.

So, how to fix this issue? Well, below follow the steps to fix the issue.

Note: The solution is provided by one of the staff members from the official OnePlus Community.

Step 1: Download the OP File Manager APK and install it. Here is the LINK.

Unable to open Lockbox in file manager

(Source: OnePlus Community)

Step 2: Open File Manager app, enter your correct 4-digit PIN.

Step 3: You will then get the settings to change/reset the PIN. Kindly, change the PIN.

Step 4: Once you change the PIN, you will then be able to open the lockbox. Just remember to input the correct 4-digit PIN.

Important Note: The fingerprint authentication may not work. It might get fixed in the coming update.

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Solution 3: Recover Data From Lockbox/Private Safe When You Delete or Lost The Files/Folders

In some cases, users accidentally delete the photos, videos and other files from the lockbox/private safe folder and later they want to recover them.

User can lose their files due to: accidental deletion, factory reset, system file crash, ROM flash, damaged device, water damage and so on.

In such case, it is highly recommended that you must try Android Data Recovery which can be perfect and suitable OnePlus Lockbox/Private Safe Recovery software. It will scan your device’s internal memory and retrieve files/data such as photos, videos, audio, documents hidden or lost/deleted in Lockbox or Private safe folder from your OnePlus phone.

Here follow the steps to recover data of lockbox/private safe from OnePlus phone using Android Data Recovery software.

Related Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Question 1: How do I recover files from OnePlus LockBox/Private Safe?

Answer 1: To recover files, go to File Manager/My Files. Tap on Lockbox/Private Safe. Enter the PIN/Password. Select the files that you want to unhide. Tap on 3-dots and then tap on “Restore”.

Question 2: How do you unlock LockBox in OnePlus If you forgot the code?

Answer 2: If you forgot the code or if your 4-digit PIN is not allowing you to access your Lockbox, then in that case, you can reset your PIN. Just follow Solution 2 mentioned above.

Wrap Up

Lockbox or Private Safe is a part of File Manager app feature in OnePlus phone that allows users to password protect their personal files, photos, videos on their phone which users can hide and unhide anytime when they want.

But sometimes users forget the PIN/password, and sometimes they accidentally delete files from their lockbox/private safe folder and thereby are not able to access their personal files.

However, after going through this article, I hope all your issue has been solved and you were able to recover data/files from Lockbox or Private safe from OnePlus phones. Our recommendation is for you to try Android Data Recovery software for the highest success of OnePlus Private Safe/Lockbox Recovery.

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