How Can I Recover Deleted or Lost Data From Oppo F11 Pro?

How To Recover Deleted Data From Oppo F11 Pro

Learn Easy And Effective Solutions To Recover Lost Or Deleted Photos, Videos, SMS, Call History, WhatsApp Chat History & More From Oppo F11 Pro!

Overview: If you have mistakenly lost or deleted data on your Oppo F11 Pro that you want to restore, then just relax. Here, in this post read and follow the solutions to recover deleted or lost data from Oppo F11 Pro.

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With the help of Android Data Recovery Tool, one can:

  • Effectively recover missing, lost, disappeared, erased, deleted files from Oppo F11 Pro.
  • Restore files such as images, audio, video, call log, WhatApp Chat history, voice memo, text SMS, notes, documents and much more.
  • Also retrieve data from broken, screen cracked, locked, ROM flashed, OS updated, virus attacked Oppo smartphones.
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Oppo Electronic Corp. is a popular company which is famous for manufacturing and marketing smartphones known as Oppo Smartphones.

The company has already made his reputation in the mobile market and to continue this reputation, they have been making   good smartphones frequently. And they launched another phone named as – Oppo F11 Pro.

As per Oppo, F11 Pro has been described as – “OPPO F11 Pro 48MP- Brilliant portrait in low light. Camera – Combining a 48MP+5MP dual rear camera setup, large image sensor, large aperture and AI image processing, capturing photos with professional results has never been so easy.

To know more about Oppo F11 Pro Smartphone, such as features and specifications, please visit: OPPO F11 Pro – Brilliant portrait in low light | OPPO Global

But just like other smartphones, deletion or loss of data still occur in Oppo F11 Pro.

There could be several reasons for the loss or deletion of data that can occur on Oppo F11 Pro. Some of the causes are mentioned below.

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Causes For The Loss Or Deletion of Data That Can Occur On Oppo F11 Pro

  • Mistakenly deleted data from smartphone.
  • Forgotten screen lock password/PIN/pattern lock.
  • performing phone factory reset.
  • Virus infection.
  • Water damaged, ROM flashing, black screen lock, system crash, OS upgrade, screen damaged/cracked, rooting, stuck at Oppo logo, etc.

In the above-mentioned causes, one can face loss or deletion of data in Oppo F11 Pro smartphone.

So, now the question is – How one can recover lost or deleted data from Oppo F11 Pro?

Just Relax!

You still have the chance to get back your deleted data from Oppo F11 Pro smartphone. The solutions are mentioned below, just follow them.

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Solution 1: Restore Deleted Data From Oppo F11 Pro With Backup

If you have previously taken the backup of your Oppo F11 Pro phone then you can easily recover your data back.

Steps To Restore Oppo F11 Pro Data From Local Backup

If you have backed-up your phone to local backup then follow these steps to recover data.

Step 1: On your Oppo phone go to Setting> Additional Settings> backup and reset> local backup. Alternatively, you can go to Tool> backup and restore. Here one can see the backed up data.

Step 2: Now you have to look at the data and size of the each backup file and then select the most relevant backup on your Oppo F11 Pro. Lastly start the restore process.

Recover Data From Oppo F9 or F9 Pro Using Local Backup

Step 3: Now wait and allow your device to complete the restoring process. And after completion of the same you will have all the lost data back on your Oppo F11 Pro.

Note: While doing the restoring process do not switch off your device. This method will help you to restore applications, your personal data like video, photos, messages, WhatsApp chat history, voice memo, call recoding, notification settings, clock and so on.

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Steps To Restore Oppo F11 Pro Photos & Videos From Google Drive

If you have previously backed-up your Oppo F11 Pro phone’s photos, videos and other documents to Google Drive, then you can easily restore the backed up data from the Google drive backup.

Here follow the steps to recover photos/videos & other documents from Google drive cloud backup:

Step 1: Open Google Drive app on your Oppo smartphone or visit Google Drive Web Page.

Step 2: Sign-in to your Google Drive account with your Gmail ID and password.

Step 3: Once you logged-in, you can see your backed files.

Step 4: Now you have to select files that you want to recover and download them on your Oppo F11 Pro phone.

Restore Photos From Google Drive Backup

Now another question arises – What, if you do not have backup of your Oppo F11 Pro? Then, how one can recover lost or deleted data from Oppo F11 Pro without backup?

Well, continue reading the article to find out the Oppo F11 Pro data recovery solution without backup!

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Solution 2: Recover Lost or Deleted Data From Oppo F11 Pro Without Backup

In case, if you have not backed-up your Oppo F11 Pro phone data, then you are highly suggested to try World’s most popular and widely used Android Data Recovery which is reliable Oppo F11 Pro Data Recovery Software.

By using this Data Recovery Tool For Oppo F11 Pro, you can directly recover lost, deleted, missing, erased or disappear files such as videos, photos, call log,  chat history, audio, contact, notes, calendar, voice memo, voice recording, text SMS and much more from Oppo F11 Pro smartphone without backup.

This software also recover unreachable  data from screen smashed, factory reset, ROM flashed, virus attack, locked, water damaged, rooted and broken Oppo F11 Pro Smartphone. This Oppo F11 Pro Data Recovery tool comes with preview feature that allow you to preview the recoverable files within the preview screen of the software so that you can see whatever files you want to recover.

Note: After deletion or loss of data on your phone, stop using your Oppo F11 Pro, because if you add any data on it then the existing data will be overwritten and you may lose the chance for successful recovery of files.

Here follow the steps to recover lost data from Oppo F11 Pro without backup by using Android Data Recovery Tool.

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Bonus Tips: Backup And Restore Oppo F11 Pro Phone

In order to avoid data deletion or loss of data, one must backup Oppo F11 Pro data to PC with the help of Android Backup & Restore Software.

This is reliable Oppo F11 Pro Backup and Restore software that allow you to backup data such as contacts, text messages, photos, videos, call/voice recordings, audio, WhatsApp messages, documents, apps and apps data.

Here find out steps to back up and restore Oppo F11 Pro data.

Besides that, you can also backup your phone data to cloud services like Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, etc. Or you can back up your device to phone local backup.

Wrap Up

So, in this post you have learned some effective solutions to recover deleted data from Oppo F11 Pro. It becomes very easy to restore data when you have backup. But, in absence of backup, it is highly recommended that you must instantly try Android Data Recovery software before it gets too late.