4 Ways To Fix Party Play Not Showing in Pokemon Go

How To Fix Party Play Not Showing In Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go Party Play is a new feature of Pokemon Go game.

Party Play is a mode that allows trainers to create parties of up to four trainers and earn rewards together.

You can team up with 2 to 4 trainers nearby and your trainer avatar will show up on each other’s map and your real-world map will also get updated as you move.

But the avatar for the kid’s account will not show on others’ map as well as they will not be able to see other trainers.

To use Party Play, you have to be at Level 15 or more, and guardians or parents can enable it for kids’ accounts.

Since many users have reported that the Party Play feature is missing or not showing up in their Pokemon Go app, I am writing this article.

In this post, you will learn how to fix Party Play not showing in Pokemon Go on iPhone or Android.

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How To Fix Pokemon Go Party Play Not Showing Up

To fix Party Play not showing up in Pokemon Go, you have to enable the feature for your kid’s or child’s account.

You should also update your Pokemon Go app and clear cache and data of the app.

Also, consider checking whether the feature is rolled in your region/area or not.

Fix #1: Enable Party Play For Your Child

If you have your child account linked to your Pokemon Go account, then it is likely that the Party Play feature will not show up as this feature is disabled by default for child accounts.

Hence, you need to manually enable the Party Play feature for your kids.

Step 1: Go to Pokemon Trainer Club or Niantic Kids Parental Portal website. (It depends where you manage your child’s account).

Step 2: Make sure you are logged in to your parent account. From the menu, select your child’s account.

Step 3: Go to Pokemon Go Settings > Permission for your Child > Party Play.

Step 4: Check the “Party Play” option and save the settings.

Step 5: Restart the Pokemon Go app and then you can see Party Play tab.

How To Fix Party Play Missing on Pokemon Go

Fix #2: Update Pokemon Go App

After enabling the Party Play feature, if it does not show up, then check for an update for the Pokemon Go app.

  • Open the App Store (for iPhone/iPad) or Google Play Store (for Android).
  • Search Pokemon Go in the search box and select it.
  • If any update is available, then tap on “Update”.

Now, open the app and check if the Party Play tab is showing or not.

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Fix #3: Clear Cache and Clear Data of Pokemon Go App

If still, Party Play Tab is not showing, then clear cache and data of your Pokemon Go app.

For Android Users: Go to Settings > Apps > All Apps > Pokemon Go > Storage > Clear Cache & Clear Data.

For iPhone Users: Go to General > iPhone Storage > Pokemon Go > Offload App.

Fix #4: Check If Party Play Has Rolled Out In Your Region/Area

If you don’t see Party Play option in the game settings or Party Play tab is not showing, then it could be possible that this feature has not yet been rolled out in your region/area.

In order to check Party Play feature has been rolled out in your area or not, you can visit the Official Pokemon Go website and check for any new announcements about the feature.

If you find out that Party Play has not yet rolled out in your area/region, then you have to wait until it becomes available.

Wrap Up

So those were four solutions that you can follow to fix Party Play is not showing up in Pokemon Go.

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