How To Delete Call Logs Permanently From SIM Card On Android

How To Permanently Erase Call Logs From SIM Card On Android

Learn Easy And Effective Ways To Permanently Erase Call History From SIM Card On Android Phone!

Overview: Do you want to delete call history permanently from SIM card on your Android smartphone? If “YES” then don’t get worry about it because here I have shared some working solutions that will help you to delete call history permanently from SIM Card on Android. Just go through the post and follow any of the solution as per your requirement.

Expert Tip: One of the easiest methods to erase call logs permanently from SIM card on Android or from Android phone’s internal storage is to use Android Data Eraser software.

By using Android Data Eraser tool, one can:

  • Permanently delete call history from Android phone from both SIM card and phone’s internal memory (not recoverable by any data recovery software).
  • Also allow users to erase other types of data like SMS, pictures, social apps, contacts and all private data.
  • Allow users to view the call details within the preview screen of the software before permanent deletion.
  • Available for both Window and Mac computer.
  • 100% read only program. Safe, secure and easy to use.

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There are many users who want to erase call logs from their Android phone due to their personal problem or work or due to several other reasons.

For example just check out the below real user practical scenario!

Practical Scenario: A User Looking To Delete Contact From Call History Permanently

How can I remove a number from my call history permanently so that nobody can detect it?

Source: Quora

Just like above example, there are many users out there want to permanently delete call logs from Android phone’s internal storage or SIM card.

So, now let us learn the effective solutions to permanently erase call history from Android phone’s SIM card/internal memory.

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Solution 1: Delete Call History From SIM Card On Android Manually [Recoverable]

In this method you can manually erase call history from your Android phone. You can delete all or single received calls, missed calls and dialed calls from the call history menu of your Android phone.

Follow the below steps to erase multiple call logs from SIM card on your Android phone:

Steps To Erase Single Call history From Android Device

Step 1: On your Android phone open Phone App from Home Screen.

Step 2: After that go to call logs.

Step 3: Now choose the contact detail from the call history that you wish to erase.

Step 4: To erase single call at a time, you need to tap “Call details” menu.

Step 5: Then to delete single call history, tap on “Delete” button.

How To Delete Call History On Android

Now, follow the below steps to erase all call logs on your Android phone.

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Steps To Delete All Call Logs On Your Android Phone

Step 1: On your Android device open Phone App from the Home screen.

Step 2: Then visit to “Call history” tab.

Step 3: To delete multiple entries, tap on “More”, located on the top right corner and tap on “Delete”.

Step 4: Now simply select all the call history that you want to delete or select “All” to select them all and tap on “Delete” to confirm.

Step 5: Now a dialog box will display on the screen.

Step 6: Finally tap on “OK” button.

How To Delete All Or Multiple Call History On Android

That’s it! This will completely clear the call history from the phone.

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Solution 2: Erase Call History On Android Phone By Doing Factory Reset [Recoverable]

Factory reset is a process that restores the device to its default factory settings. This process will delete all your data that you have stored in your phone including your call logs.

Note: Since it deletes all the data, hence it is suggested that you must first back up your phone’s data before performing this solution.

Anyway, follow the below steps to factory reset your Android phone in order to delete call logs.

Step 1: On your phone go to “Settings” and then “Backup & Reset”.

Step 2: After that tap on Factory Data Reset > Reset Device/Phone > Erase Everything.

Factory Reset Android to get rid of insufficient storage available

Wait for few minutes for process to get complete; when the process gets completed your device will automatically get restarted. Now you will see that all data has been deleted including your call logs.

Important Note: Above-mentioned two solutions will erase your call logs but it is not deleted permanently. It can be recovered by using Android Data Recovery software. The above solutions are not the safe method to delete call history if you want to sell, gift or donate your phone.

So, now the question arises – How do I permanently delete my call history?

Well, below is the solution available learn it – How to permanently delete call history on Android?

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Solution 3: Permanently Delete Call History On Android By Using Android Data Eraser [Unrecoverable]

You can permanently delete call history from Android SIM card or internal storage with the help of third party software popularly named as – Android Data Eraser which is perfect Android Call History Eraser software. Let me tell you that deleted call logs are not recoverable, not even by any type of data recovery software.

The best part about this Call Logs Eraser software is that it is available for both Windows and Mac computer. This Data Eraser for Android also helps you to erase your contacts from other apps that records your call logs. And it clears your call history permanently from phone’s SIM card and internal storage.

By using this tool you can also permanently delete other types of data from your Android phone like messages, photos, contacts, calendar, emails, videos, browsing history, personal app data, saved username and password, private information and so on.

It supports all types of Android phones like Oppo, LG, Xiaomi, Motorola, Huawei, Samsung, OnePlus, Google, Lenovo, Sony, HTC, Vivo, etc.

Below follow the complete steps by step tutorial on how to delete call history permanently from SIM card on Android by using Android Data Eraser software.

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Steps To Permanently Delete Call History From SIM Card/Internal Storage On Android

Step 1: Connect Your Android Phone To Computer

First of all download, install and launch Android Data Eraser on your computer and select “Erase” among the available options.

Now connect your Android phone to your computer with the help of data cable. Make sure you have enabled USB debugging on your Android device.

If your phone is running above Android OS version 4.2.2, then there will be a pop-up message on your Android phone asking you to allow USB debugging. Simply tap on “OK” to proceed further.

Step 2: Start To Erase Your Android Phone Permanently

After this, the software will automatically detect and connect your Android device. Now click on “Erase All Data” button to start wiping all data from your device.

Note: Since data deleted are gone forever and are not recoverable. So, it is suggested that you must backup all important data that you need, before you proceed further.

Now type “delete” in to the box to confirm the erase process.

Now, Android Data Erase will start erasing all data from your Android device. Just wait for few minutes and all data on your Android phone will get erased permanently. Make sure that your device is connected to your computer until and unless the process complete.

Step 3: Factory Data Reset Your Android

After all data such as photos, app data and personal data have been deleted permanently, Android Data Eraser will ask you to perform factory data reset on your phone. So, simply tap on “Factory Data Reset” or “Erase All Data” on the phone. This will erase all the settings on the phone.

Well, now all data on your Android phone has been wiped permanently and it’s just like a brand new phone. You can now sell or donate your phone to anyone as device does not have any kind of data of yours.

Wrap Up

I hope from the above solutions you were able to permanently delete call history from SIM card on Android.

But as I mentioned that Solution 1 and 2 does not delete call logs permanently as it can be recovered with the help suitable data recovery software. Hence, it is highly recommended that you must try Android Data Eraser as it permanently erases call history from SIM card/Internal storage on Android is which is 100% unrecoverable.