How To Fix Pink Line On Samsung Phone Screen

Fix Pink Lines Issue on Samsung Phone Display

Many Samsung phone users are reporting a pink line issue on their phone display. If you are also a Samsung Galaxy device user and facing the same problem then don’t panic as there are some solutions that you can use to solve this issue.

This guide will teach you how to fix pink line on Samsung phone screen.

So, without thinking anything let’s discuss the methods to solve this error one by one.

How To Solve Pink Line Issue On Samsung Phone Screen

Here you will learn some possible ways to fix a pink line on Samsung phone’s screen.

Note: All the fixes that I am going to discuss below will work on all models of Samsung phones such as the Samsung Galaxy S series like S24/S23/S22/S21, Samsung Galaxy M series like M55/M15, Samsung Galaxy C series like C55/C7 Pro, Samsung Galaxy A series like A55/A15/A25 and other models.

Fix 1: Restart Your Samsung Phone

A simple and very easy method to remove pink line on Samsung screen is to reboot or restart your device.

When you restart a phone then it clears all the minor bugs and solves many types of issues including pink line issue on Samsung phone screen.

Follow the below steps to restart a Samsung phone:

  • Press and hold the Volume Down + Home/Side keys together for few seconds.
  • Then tap on the Restart option on the screen.
  • Now, your device will begin the restarting process.

Restart Samsung Phone

Once your phone gets restarted, check whether the vertical pink line issue on your display has been removed or not.

Fix 2: Update Your Samsung Phone OS

If a pink line issue appears on Samsung phone display after software update, then you must check the latest update for your Samsung phone OS.

If any issue appears on the phone after any update, then they launch a new software update to fix that issue. So, you should check it.

Here are the steps to update Samsung Galaxy smartphone OS:

  • On your Samsung phone open the Settings app.
  • Then tap on the Software update option.
  • Next, hit on system updates.
  • If you find any latest software update then tap on Download and Install button to install it.

Update your Samsung phone OS

Once the installation process is completed, use your phone normally to check whether the vertical or horizontal pink line issue is solved.

Fix 3: Remove Recently Installed Apps

If you have recently installed some apps and after this, your phone got stuck on pink line or it displays pink line issue then it means that the installed app is not compatible with your phone or it has bugs on it.

In this situation, what you have to do is to uninstall the recently installed applications to check the pink line problem on your phone screen is solved or not.

Fix 4: Boot Your Phone Into Safe Mode

If you are not sure that the recently installed apps on your phone is the culprit for the pink line issue or not then you can boot your Samsung device into safe mode.

This mode will disable all the third-party apps and you can easily check the vertical pink line is appearing on your phone or not. If it is not appearing then it means that the third-party apps are causing this issue. And to solve it you need to uninstall the recently installed apps.

Fix 5: Use Android Repair Software To Fix Pink Line Issue On Samsung Phone

If there are any bugs or glitches on your Android OS that is causing the pink line to appear on your phone then you can use Android Repair Software to solve this issue.

This tool will not only fix the issue on your Android OS but also solve other types of issues like white/black screen of death, stuck in bootloop, apps keep crashing, system update failure, etc.

It easily fixes the pink line issue or other in just a few clicks. And it has the highest success rate in the industry.

Here are the steps to use Android Repair tool to fix pink line issue on Samsung screen.

Fix 6: Factory Reset Your Samsung Phone

If the above-listed solutions is not working then you can factory reset your Samsung device. But this will erase all your device data, installed apps, and settings.

So, before you follow the steps to reset your device you must create a backup of your precious data.

Below, follow the instructions to factory reset your Samsung device:

  • Open the Settings app on your phone.
  • Then click on General Management.
  • Next, select Reset.
  • Now, tap on Factory data reset > Reset.

Factory Reset Samsung Phone

  • At last, tap on Delete all

Fix 7: Visit Samsung Service Center

If factory reset also doesn’t work then it means that there might be some issue with your Samsung phone screen. And to solve it you need to visit the Samsung service center.

When you visit the official service center then just tell them the issue that you are having now and they will try to solve the issue.

Wrap Up

Well, all these solutions will help you to fix pink line issue on Samsung phone screen. This issue can occur on any Samsung phone model.

So, whatever model of Samsung phone you are using all these solutions may help you to remove the pink lines on Samsung screen.

If this guide was helpful then do share it with other so that it can help them.

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