How To Recover Deleted Data From Samsung A35, A34, A33

How To Recover Deleted Data From Samsung A35, A34, A33

Can I get my data back on Samsung A35 phone if deleted?

Yes, you can get back your deleted data on your Samsung Galaxy A35 phone.

Many users are asking this question recently and looking for a solution to retrieve files.

So, we decided to help you with this and provided this guide on how to recover deleted data from Samsung Galaxy A35, A34, A33.

But before moving to the solutions, let’s check out the reason behind this problem so that you don’t repeat the same mistake.

Reasons Behind Data Loss On Samsung A35, A34, A33

Broken/Smashed/Cracked Screen: If your phone’s display gets broken or cracked, then there are chances that your data will be deleted or lost.

System Crash/Black Screen: In case, your system crashed, then there are high chances your precious data will get erased.

Accidental Factory Reset: Many users don’t know that factory reset can erase all your data and they did it to restore the default settings.

Malware & Virus Infection: Installing apps from third party websites is very unsafe for your device as it can infect your device with virus and your data might get erased.

ROM Flashing: ROM flashing can also be the reason behind your data loss problem.

These are some common reasons behind unexpected data loss.

Now, let’s start with the methods for Samsung A35, A34, A33 data recovery.

How Do I Retrieve Deleted Data on My Samsung A33/A34/A35?

Follow the below mentioned methods to retrieve/restore deleted or lost data on your Samsung Galaxy phone.

Way 1: Retrieve Deleted Files on Samsung from Recycle Bin

In Samsung devices, there is a feature called “Recycle Bin” that you can access from File Manager app.

When you delete files, it will be sent to this recycle bin automatically and the exciting part is that you can restore the deleted files from there.

The deleted data will be temporarily stored for 30 days, it will get permanently deleted within the given time period.

How to get back deleted data on Samsung phone from Recycle Bin:

Step 1: Open File Manager app and tap on 3 dots > Trash.

Step 2: Choose the files you want to restore on your device (Press and hold to select data).

Step 3: Tap on Restore.

How to get back deleted data on Samsung phone from Recycle Bin

It will take a few minutes to complete the restoration process.

Way 2: Restore Deleted Photos on Samsung from Google Photos

If you have used Google photos to manage, backup or view photos on your Samsung device, then you can restore the deleted or lost photos from the app ‘s Trash.

It is the best method for Samsung Galaxy A35, A34, A33 photo recovery.

How to recover lost Samsung photos:

Step 1: Navigate to Google Photos app and login to your account that you have used to back up the data.

Step 2: Go to Library > Trash.

Step 3: Select the photos that your want to restore and tap on the Restore option.

Restore Deleted Photos on Samsung from Google Photos

Wait for a few minutes to complete the restoration process.

Way 3. Recover Deleted or Lost Data Using Samsung Cloud

In Samsung devices, you will be given a storage feature that you can use to store data to the cloud and download it later.

In this method, we are using Samsung Cloud backup to restore the deleted/lost/missing data on Samsung A35/A34/A33.

Note: This method requires backup of your previous data, in order to restore it.

How to recover lost Samsung data:

Step 1: Navigate to Settings > Accounts and backup > Restore data.

Step 2: Choose the backup files, then select the data type you want to restore.

Step 3: Lastly, tap on Restore option.

Restore Samsung Galaxy Device Data From Samsung Cloud Backup

This will take a few minutes to complete, wait until then.

Way 4. Try Android Data Recovery Software to Recover Deleted Data from Samsung A35/A34/A33

“How can I recover permanently deleted files from Samsung?”

This is the most asked question from the users.

Well, you can recover permanently deleted files from Samsung Galaxy A35, A34, A33 using Android Data Recovery Software.

It’s the most popular and widely used data recovery software among the users, it has a simply user-friendly interface that an intermediate can also understand.

Using the Samsung A35, A34, A33 data recovery tool, you can retrieve data such videos, pictures, documents, text messages, contacts, call history, audio, WhatsApp chats with attachment and others.

If you have lost your data due to physically damaged phone, ROM flashing, accidental factory data reset, malware and virus attack, or any other reason, it doesn’t matter to the software, it will recover all your data flawlessly.

Note: Make sure you don’t use your phone when you have lost the data, doing it will overwrite the previous data with the new one and there will be difficulty in data recovery.

Steps To Recover Deleted Data From Samsung A35, A34, A33 Using Android Data Recovery Software

Step 1 – Download, install and launch Android Data Recovery software on your computer and then go to Toolbox and select “Data Recovery” option.

Step 2 – In a new window, you will be asked to select your Phone System. Simply click on “Android” to recover data from your phone.

Step 3 – In the next window, continue to select “Recover Android Data” from the available options.

Step 4 – You will then be asked to connect your Android phone to computer to recover data from it. Connect your device with the help USB cable and allow the software to detect it.

Step 5 – In the next window, select all the file types that you want to recover from Android. Click on “Start Scan” located at the bottom right of the screen to continue.

Step 6 – The tool starts to recover data from Android device and displays it on the preview screen. Just wait until the entire device is scanned.

Step 7 – Once the device appears on the screen, you can select and view the data. You can also click on the filter options located at the top. Here, you can select any suitable option to change the viewing parameters.

Step 8 – Finally, select the data that you want to recover and click on “Recover” button. Continue to set the desired location to save the recovered data and click on “Recover” to begin the process to save files.

Wrap Up

Data loss is a common problem in every device, it can happen due to many reasons.

To prevent it, smartphone brands provide their built-in backup and restore features on their device.

You can use it to backup your precious photo, videos and important documents and pdfs.

However, if you have accidentally deleted or lost your data, then you can follow the above-mentioned methods to recover deleted/lost/missing data from Samsung Galaxy A35, A34, A33.

We suggest, try Android Data Recovery software (Mentioned in Way 4), as it can restore all your data without backup and has the success rate of 100% for successful data recovery.

I hope this guide was helpful for you.

Do share it with others, if you found it helpful.

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