How To Recover Deleted Data From Google Pixel Fold

Pixel Fold Data Recovery

Find Out Effective Methods To Retrieve Deleted Photos, Videos, Contacts, Messages & More From Pixel Fold!

Overview: Accidentally deleting or losing important data from Pixel Fold is something that nobody wants. But, if you have lost or deleted your precious data from your Pixel Fold that you wish to recover, then this article is for you! Here, you will learn the effective solutions to recover deleted or lost data from Google Pixel Fold.

Expert Tip: If you do not want to waste much time and want quick and effective results, then it is highly recommended that you must try Android Data Recovery software to efficiently recover deleted data from Pixel Fold.

With the use of Android Data Recovery software, one can:

  • Easily recover deleted, missing, disappeared, lost files such as contacts, messages, WhatsApp chats with attachments, pictures, videos, audio, call history and more from Google Pixel Fold.
  • Extract data that got deleted or lost due to mistaken deletion, factory reset, forgotten phone password, water damaged, virus/malware infection, screen cracked/smashed and so on.
  • View the recoverable files within the preview screen of the software.
  • Offer a high success rate in data recovery.
  • 100% read-only program. Safe, secure and easy to use.

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Google has launched its first foldable smartphone – Google Pixel Fold.

As per Google, it is described as – Whether open or closed, there are endless ways of having fun and getting things done. A thin, durable design. Multiple screens to keep you productive and entertained. Pixel-perfect camera, all around. With Android 14.

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Video Source: Made by Google

But just like any other smartphones, one thing is common in Pixel Fold as well and that is – Data Loss.

Data loss can occur anytime, anywhere and unexpectedly.

Hence, it is always recommended that you must regularly backup your important data, so that you can use that backup file at the time of data loss situations.

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Reasons For The Loss Or Deletion Of Data From Pixel Fold

Loss or deletion of data can occur due to several reasons.

Some of the reasons are:

Factory Reset: If you are performing a factory reset of your device for any reason, then before that take backup, as it will erase all data of the device.

Accidental Deletion: If you are selecting unwanted photos or videos to delete, but by mistake you have selected the important ones or deleted all.

Water Damage: If your phone falls into the water, then it can damage your device and thereby you can’t access data stored within it.

Forgotten Screen Lock Password: If you have forgotten your screen lock password, PIN, or pattern, even then also you can’t access your device data.

Virus Infection: If your device gets infected with any virus/malware, then it can corrupt the device data and you may lose your files.

Other Causes: Other causes can be screen broken, system crash, ROM flashing, or device damage.

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How To Recover Deleted or Lost Data From Pixel Fold

As and when you observe that you have accidentally deleted or lost your important data on your Pixel Fold, that you wish to recover, then you must act immediately.

You must recover them as soon as possible. So, here are those solutions to recover deleted data from Pixel Fold.

Video Guide: Recover Deleted Data From Google Pixel Fold


Solution 1: Restore Pixel Fold Photos/Videos/Other Documents Files From Google Drive Backup

If you have backed up your photos, videos or documents files to your Google Drive, then you can look for your files and restore them from the backup.

  • On your Pixel Fold, open Google Drive app or visit Google drive website.
  • Login to your account.
  • Once logged in, you will see all your uploaded/backed up pictures, videos and documents files.

Check Your Google Pixel Fold Deleted Photos In Google Drive

  • Simply select the files that you want and then click on Restore/Download icon or button.

Restore Pixel Fold Deleted Photos From Google Drive Backup

Similarly, if you have kept a backup of your Pixel Fold to your Google account, you can then restore data from your Google backup as well.

Also, if you have kept backups to other places such as computer, external drives, Cloud services like OneDrive, DropBox, etc, then you can restore your data from those backup options.

But what if you do not have backup? In such case, how will you recover files from Pixel Fold without backup?

Not to worry, follow the next solutions for that.

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Solution 2: Recover Deleted Data From Google Pixel Fold Without Backup

In case, if you do not have backup, then you must try and use third-party Android Data Recovery which can be called as Google Pixel Fold Data Recovery software. This tool will help you to recover deleted or lost data from Pixel Fold without backup.

This Pixel Data Recovery tool will help you to get back deleted files such as photos, videos, audio, contacts, messages, WhatsApp chats, call logs, documents and more from Pixel Fold smartphone.

It helps you extract data that got deleted, inaccessible or lost due to accidental deletion, ROM flashing, system crash, device damage, water damage, screen broken/cracked, factory reset, forgotten screen lock passcode and so on.

Note: Stop using your Google Pixel Fold smartphone and do not add any new files to it after loss or deletion of data and immediately act for recovering data. Because adding new data will overwrite existing data and you may lose the chance for successful recovery.

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Steps To Recover Deleted Data From Google Pixel Fold

Step 1 – Download, install and launch Android Data Recovery software on your computer and then go to Toolbox and select “Data Recovery” option.

Step 2 – In a new window, you will be asked to select your Phone System. Simply click on “Android” to recover data from your phone.

Step 3 – In the next window, continue to select “Recover Android Data” from the available options.

Step 4 – You will then be asked to connect your Android phone to computer to recover data from it. Connect your device with the help USB cable and allow the software to detect it.

Step 5 – In the next window, select all the file types that you want to recover from Android. Click on “Start Scan” located at the bottom right of the screen to continue.

Step 6 – The tool starts to recover data from Android device and displays it on the preview screen. Just wait until the entire device is scanned.

Step 7 – Once the device appears on the screen, you can select and view the data. You can also click on the filter options located at the top. Here, you can select any suitable option to change the viewing parameters.

Step 8 – Finally, select the data that you want to recover and click on “Recover” button. Continue to set the desired location to save the recovered data and click on “Recover” to begin the process to save files.

Wrap Up

Deleting or losing important data is really worrisome. But luckily there are options that you can follow to restore data.

If you have kept backup, then you can restore your data from the backup, but in a situation where you do not have a backup, then in such a situation, you must try Android Data Recovery software.

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