How To Retrieve Deleted Photos From QuickPic App

QuickPic Photo Recovery From Android

Here Learn Two Most Effective Solutions To Recover Deleted QuickPic Photos From Android Phone or Tablet!

Overview: Lost or accidentally deleted photos from QuickPic App on Android phone or tablet? Looking for effective QuickPic App photo recovery solution? Don’t worry! In this post I am going to share few, but very much effective solutions on how to retrieve deleted photos from QuickPic App. Just read the post till the end and follow the solutions.

Expert Tip: One of the best and recommended solutions to recover deleted or lost pictures from QuickPic App is to use Android Data Recovery which is the appropriate QuickPic Photo Recovery software.

With the use of Android Data Recovery software, one can:

    • Easily retrieve deleted, lost, erased, missing, disappeared photos/images from QuickPic app on Android phone and tablet.
    • Also extract QuickPic hidden photos from Android.
    • Retrieve photos from the app lost due factory reset, accidental deletion, screen broken, water damaged, formatting, rooting, ROM flashing, etc.
    • Also recover deleted videos from from QuickPic.
    • Restore photos from YouCam, B612, Xender, SHAREit, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Messenger, etc.
  • Support all Android phones and tablet such as Samsung, Redmi, Nexus, LG, Motorola, OnePlus, Panasonic, Lenovo, etc.

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As per QuickPic – Photo Gallery with Google Drive SupportQuickPic is best alternative gallery app designed for managing your beloved photos. It’s significantly smaller than other gallery apps, but packs more power than any of them”.

It also provides storage support such as Picasa, Google Drive, Dropbox, Flickr, OneDrive, Box, Amazon and more.

Below find out what reviewers says about QuickPic!

ANDROIDPIT: One of the best free Android apps of 2015

UltraLinx: Arguably the best gallery app for Android

Life Hacker: QuickPic is our favorite gallery replacement

Though this alternative gallery app QuickPic is amazing that is designed by Cheetah Mobile, but Android users have complained that they have been encountering with few problems with this app.

And one of the issues is  – photo loss from QuickPic app.

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For example just check out below users real scenarios!

Practical Scenario: Users QuickPic Photo Loss Issues

Practical Scenario: QuickPic Lost Entire Album

Quickpic lost an entire album

I installed the Quickpic app about 3 months ago without any issues until recently. I created a new album and had about 300 pictures/videos saved in it. As usual I save all my media to my SD card in case of problems with the phone itself. When I finally did end up with and issue with my phone, I did a factory reset without hesitation. When I got my phone back up and running, the entire album that I had created was no longer visible in either my stock album or quickpic once it was re-installed. I have tried everything I can think of from ASTRO file manager to asoftech recovery software. Unfortunately I have not been success on about 25% of my lost album. I did find with ASTRO that I not only have the normal sdcard1, but also TWO sdcard0 locations. My fear is that when quickpic created the new album it transferred all these pictures/videos to the phone itself and they are lost forever.

I have tried searches in ASTRO file manager, manual browsing, data recovery with asoftech software(which saved about 75% of the data), connecting my phone to my computer for searches, and am about to the point of throwing the phone against the wall to see if they magically burst out of it.

If anyone has any helpful hints I would be grateful. I am not as technologically advanced as some users and hope that maybe someone has a better idea as to how to recover these photos/videos.

Thank you

Source: DroidForums

Beside above two examples, there are many other users out there encountering with deletion or loss of pictures and videos from QuickPic app on Android.

Let us know what are some common causes for the loss or deletion of pictures from QuickPic?

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Common Causes For The Loss or Deletion of Pictures From QuickPic

  • Accidental or mistakenly deletion.
  • Uninstalling the QuickPic app.
  • Performing factory reset of Android device without backup.
  • Formatting SD card in which all QuickPic folder/album is saved.
  • Android device got water damaged, screen smashed or cracked, forgotten device’s lock screen password, infected virus.
  • And so on…

Now the question arises – Is it possible to recover deleted photos from QuickPic? Or is there any way to retrieve QuickPic pictures from Android after factory reset?

Find the answer by yourself!

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Is It Possible To Recover Deleted Photos From QuickPic On Android?

The short answer is “Yes”, it is possible to recover deleted QuickPic photos from Android with the help of suitable Android Data Recovery software. It is because the deleted or lost photos are not gone permanently, it just leave the space as empty so that you can add new file on that empty space.

But you have to consider few things such as – as and when you notice deletion or loss of photos from QuickPic then instantly stop using your Android phone and do not add any new data on it. Because adding new data will overwrite the existing data and thereby you may lose the chance to recover your important or crucial pictures/images from QuickPic.

After that you must immediately apply suitable QuickPic Photo Recovery software to get back those pictures.

Alright, so now let us find out what are the QuickPic Photo recovery solutions?

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Solution 1: Best Way To Retrieve Deleted Photos From QuickPic Without Backup

As I have already mentioned that one of the best, perfect and suitable QuickPic Photo Recovery Software is Android Data Recovery. This software is designed to recover deleted, lost, disappeared, missing or erased data, including deleted QuickPic Photos and videos from Android phone and tablet.

The best part about this QuickPic Photo Recovery software is that it is available for both Windows and Mac computer that you can download by clicking the button below.

This is the world’s first data recovery software for Android and it is very powerful. It doesn’t matter whether your QuickPic pictures are saved in phone’s internal memory or external SD card, the software extract files from both internal storage and external SD card. The software will also help you to restore QuickPic app pictures that are hidden or lost/deleted due to factory reset, rooting, ROM flashing, water damaged, screen broken, forgotten screen lock password, etc.

Okay, here learn the step-by-step tutorial on how to recover deleted QuickPic pictures from Android by using Android Data Recovery software.

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Solution 2: Restore Deleted QuickPic Photos From Android With Backup

As you know that QuickPic app offer storage support such as Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Amazon, etc.

So, if you have habit of backing/syncing or uploading photos to these cloud services, then you can easily restore deleted QuickPic photos from that backup that you have in Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Amazon respectively.

Simply log-in to respective cloud account and restore your photos back to Android phone or tablet. But in case if you do not have backup, then immediately apply Android data recovery tool mentioned in the solution 1.

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Bonus Tip: Backup QuickPic Photos/Videos With Best Backup and Restore Software

Though, QuickPic offer cloud storage service for backing up your important photos and videos. However, my recommendation would be that you must use Android Data Backup & Restore software. It is designed to backup almost all type of data of your Android to PC. And later, you can restore them back to any Android phone and tablet. It is very helpful at the time of data loss, including your QuickPic photos and videos.

Wrap Up

After going through the post I hope you have got the right solution that have helped you in recovering deleted photos from QuickPic – Photo Gallery app on Android. However, the best solution is to immediately try Android Data Recovery software in the absence of backup file.

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